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Turnigy 9X 9Ch Transmitter w/ Module & 8ch Receiver (Mode 2) (v2 Firmware)

Turnigy 9X 9Ch Transmitter w/ Mo...

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With v2 firmware update, correcting many flaws of the previous 9X, plus inbuilt 2.4Ghz (no daggy second antenna) this is a quality, reliable 2.4Ghz system suitable for beginners and pro pilots alike.
Get that locked-in feeling that only 2.4Gh...

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With v2 firmware update, correcting many flaws of the previous 9X, plus inbuilt 2.4Ghz (no daggy second antenna) this is a quality, reliable 2.4Ghz system suitable for beginners and pro pilots alike.
Get that locked-in feeling that only 2.4Ghz glitch free technology can provide.
Ultra fast reaction times and interference-free control of your model is only achievable with this 2.4Ghz technology.

Without a doubt, the best value 9Ch system available!

Number of Channel: 8ch ppm/9ch pcm
Display: 128*64LCD
Support Type: Heli/Acro/Glid
Support user: 8
Stick model: 4
Encoder type: ppm/pcm
Subtrim: Yes
Simulator Interface: Yes
Buzzer: Yes
Low Voltage Show: Yes
Turnigy 9x 9Ch Transmitter
Turnigy RF9X-V2 module
Turnigy 9X8C-V2 8-channel receiver
The TURNIGY 9X has been reflashed with the new v2 firmware, fixing previous menu and mixing issues. This firmware flash is only available from our TURNIGY 9X system as we flash each unit in our office before it is shipped.
Purchases of any other rebranded version of the TURNIGY 9X will not have the latest firmware and patches (even the OEM factory does not have these updates).
NOTE: "SWITCH ERROR" means you have one of the switches in the wrong position when you turn the radio on. It is not a fault.

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I think I have to balance out the good reviews that I think must be old I think this transmitter is outdated and not worth the money if your not going to mod it. I just askd customer service at HK if there was a receiver available with a ppm/cppm output they said NO. I'm shocked that it doesn't have at least two 3 positions switches I mean it did get 5 unbelievable stars. I does seem to have a good feel to it. Its like pulling teeth out of customer service to get he details of the transmitter so I can figure out if it will work with some of flysky receivers.
This Transmitter is a great DIY platform. Check out the available mods.
I bought this TX in July 2016 and it looks like this batch is not using atmel atmega processor, but some clone - it works with original FW, but be carefull if you plan to use it with openTX FW - flashing is ok, it is atmega265 clone, so you have to use FW for this processor. With openTX my TX restarts all the time and the trims are working strange - it is completely useless with this FW. I know about another one TX with the same issue from this batch. Hope it helps someone...
I bought this 9X TX back in 2014 .... IT ROCKS ! ! ! You're looking at this TX because of price, right ?? Do yourself right, get this TX and add a 'SmartieParts 9Xtreme' solderless control board and you'll get improved firmware plus Telemetry& Voice plus a RGB Backlite and still be under $150. You can't get more bang for your buck than the Turnigy 9X SmartieParts.
Nice transmitter for beginners who want a 9ch remote. It's also pretty good modifiable
I bought this product to flash it to opentx or er9x. Also mine came with a 'green' chip, as written on the chip. I tried to flash it but it does not seem possible. As long as I find no solution I give this product a very low score. Why mess up a good product like this?
I bought this as a first radio for my 12 year old. Great product at a great price! It has plenty of features for a beginners transmitter. Very pleased with this!
Mine didn't come with an Atmel microcontoller, but with some cheap clone manufactured by "Green" so can't use it with OpenTX. Buyers beware! And the original firmware still sucks and have "some" limitations.
I dont know if other people have had the same problem as me, . I find that there are no instruction manuel and i am haveing trouble binding the transmitter to the rx. Also i find it hard to get a model name to stay on the face screan when i turn the tx on.

I used these radio about 3 years, first of all it is a good radio and no problems just the boton trim elevetor I need to fix.
... but last week I missed my plane when I was landing, at this time the antena was pointed to the left directaly to plane so I instinctively turned my body to the side of the plane and returned the signal again. It was a big scare... and I lost the confidence in this radio.
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