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Outrunners by size

Outrunners by size

Need exact specs? Use our motor finder
Stocking a huge range of brushless motors, here you will find the perfect motor to suit any need, use and budget. Our range is so large you almost have too much choice. That is why we have created the motor finder to help you make your decision.
  • Micro (Below 22mm)

    Micro (Below 22mm)
  • 22 to 27mm

    22 to 27mm
  • 28 to 34mm

    28 to 34mm
  • 35 to 44mm

    35 to 44mm
  • 45 to 50mm

    45 to 50mm
  • Above 50mm

    Above 50mm
  • Bell Type

    Bell Type
  • Specialised Motors

    Specialised Motors