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Electric Fiberglass Pylon Racer 930mm Red (ARF) (USA Warehouse)

Electric Fiberglass Pylon Racer 930mm Red (ARF) (USA Warehouse)
Electric Fiberglass Pylon Racer 930mm Red (ARF) (USA Warehouse)

Do you like fast planes? Then you will love the new HobbyKing Pylon Racer! 
Built from Fiberglass, laser cut plywood and balsa for a rigid, slippery, fast and furious model, the Pylon Racer takes a high Kv 29mm diameter motor for extreme prop driven airspeed and
Included with the kit is basic hardwear and a 6x4 foldering propeller and spinner.

Wing Span : 930mm
Length : 830mm
Flying Weight: 1100~1300g
Servo pockets (elev/rud:30x40mm) (ail:16x30mm)
Motor Max Diameter: 29mm (not Included)


Your own 4 Channel TX & RX
3 x High Torque mini Servo (9g or slightly larger)
1 x High Kv 29mm Brushless inrunner or outrunner Motor.
1 x 25~35A ESC w/BEC
1800mAh~2200mAh 3s Lipoly Battery


2 1:IC/2:Elec 4 Channel 930mm (36.61in) 830mm (32.68in) 1300g (2.86lb)

This product is no-longer available. CLICK HERE TO SEE A WIDE RANGE OF SIMILAR ITEMS

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Total of 2 discussions.
GhiaMonster  53 points - 3/3/2012
Is the recommended motor (TP 450-size 2415-09T HELICOPTER) really the best motor to use? I'm relatively new to the electrics and am confused about firstly, does this motor come with mount/prop adapter? Secondly in browsing motors I rarely see one that shows the mount/adapter - do they normally come without and if so, how to I go about finding the right parts?
 Kellyann 16853 points
GhiaMonster all HK motors come with MOTOR mounts but not prop adapters. You can buy the prop adapter you need under the hardware listing in the International Warehouse.
jocke1963  32 points - 2/29/2012
Is the wing in 2 halves? Do they have to be glued or is it detachable for easier tranporting?
 David L. 15 points
From what I have read in other post regarding this plane, it will accommodate a motor 28 mm in diameter and approximately 40-50 mm in length. If you are wanting performance from this plane, such as blazing speed, then you want to consider a motor with the measurements given that will provide upward to 500 watts of power. However 350 watts of power is not bad.
The wing is one piece and it is detachable. However considering that wing is roughly 37" long, transporting it should not present much of an issue even if one was driving a subcompact vehicle.
The motor is mounted to the front former from the inside of the fuse. It has however been mentioned by other that additional glue may need to applied in this area to prevent the motor mount from detaching from the fuse. Depending on the motor used, you can find a suitable prop adapter at your local hobby store. You simply need to know the diameter of the motor shaft to find the right adapter for your motor.
I am currently want delivery of this particular model, which should be by the end of next week (March 16,2012), and can provide more specific information at that time to all that are interested.
 GhiaMonster 53 points
Yeah, I got mine yesterday, came in a plain brown box...and NO INSTRUCTIONS!
Also got the 2836 3200kV EDF mounting screws so now I schlepp over to the hardware store osee if I can get the screws.
Customer Reviews
Overall Rating
David L.
Like it?
This plane is a lot of fun to fly and it has the potential, with the right powerplant and some minor attention to it construction, to be fast (125 mph range). For the money, you can't go wrong if you are on a budget and into fast prop plane. I received this plane just bit more than a month ago from the USA warehouse. It arrived well packaged with no damage. The fiberglass fuse was light, strong, and paint finish was good. The main wing is of a form core/ balsa sheeted construction which is also strong and quite capable of handling moderate speed/stresses, IMO. The only negative I found on this less than $80 USD plane, was the filmsy construction of the horizontal stab and elevator which was easily addressed by sheeting the top and bottom of both with 1/64 ply. I also added a bit of carbon fiber cloth to the bridge that joins the elevator halves to minimize the chance of the elevator halves twisting.

For anyone just getting this plane, I would suggest that you not be too aggressive with the movement on your control surfaces, or you will have your hands full just trying to get the plane back on the ground in one piece. The rates I used for the ailerons were 1/8" low, 3/16" med, 1/4" high. The same rates were applied to the elevator. The plane general flown with the ailerons on low rate and the elevator at med rates. IMO, it's a good plane for the money.

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