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EDF64 with ADH300 Motor Assembled 252W(4300kv)

EDF64 with ADH300 Motor Assembled 252W(4300kv)

EDF64 with ADH300 Motor Assembled  252W
This unit has the ADH300 motor, producing more power, yet drawing more current.
If your plane can take a larger battery (2200mAh+) then the ADH300 motor would be a suitable option.

Test Voltage: 11.1~14.5v (3-4S)
Test Current: 16A
Thrust: 540g
Power: 252W
Motor: ADH300L


Weight: 197g
International Warehouse
Price  $19.99

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Total of 40 discussions.
christopher  135 points - 9/23/2015
Have just got a couple of these for an F22 project that will be built from Depron sheet and was concerned about the current rating of these fan units after reading some of the comments below. a bench test run showed the fans will draw nearly 30 Amps on a fully charged 3s 2200 Ma lipo after the initial startup surge it settled at 27.5 Amps and gradually falls off as the voltage reduces, so the quoted rating of 16 Amp ESC is way off for the new motor in this fan. I will use a 30 Amp to be safe
wmurray  7 points - 6/9/2014
This will NOT handle 4S. Flew for 3 minutes and motor in unit burned up.
Richard  20 points - 5/21/2014
This unit should only be used with 3s battery. Using a 4s made my SR71 go like a rocket for about 20 seconds then both motors burnt out. The 4s version has a 3900 kv motor.
namadigan  46 points - 2/3/2014
I have tried A 30 amp added a heat sink and it still heats up, even tried the esc at the outlet of the jet and still heats up.Gavin how can a 25 ESC run cool Have you tried it? I have looked at several planes sold by HK with 64 mm as above and they run a 30 amp ,so why does mine give me trouble any suggestions would be a help. noel madigan
 omar13 25 points
I burnt a simple series 30 A esc when using this EDF ,after that i measured currant and guess what? this beast draws 36 amperes ,now I use 40 A esc slightly worm but perfect .
namadigan  46 points - 1/6/2014
When you fit a edf do you use the same rules to fit eg tilt down and 3deg offset ?? would like to fit to a glider .
 F100CUFFLINK 1078 points
no its all internal no need for that , set it on odegree best you can
Customer Reviews
Overall Rating
37 thumbs up!
I have 2 of these. Both draw around 30 amps on a decent 3S 2200 lipo. Thrust is well over 500 grams. Probably approaching 600 I'd say. One in a little Gaui Tigershark Delta and one in a Winsky F-86 Sabre. Both run very nicely and have heaps of power on a 3S 2200. I have told a friend to get one also. Any plane that needs a nice 64mm fan for a good price- these are great.

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Overall Rating
Malcolm Reeson
26 thumbs up!
Put the EDF through some testing last night (bare fan on test stand, no exit tube). Results:

2S: 8V, 6.6A, 53W, 188g thrust, 3.56 g/W

3S: 11.1V, 11.4A, 126W, 350g thrust, 2.78 g/W

Overall a great little fan for the price. I have used GWS EDF 64's with a much higher kV on 3S (up to 5100 kV) - it would be good if a higher kV motor was offered with for 3S use.

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Overall Rating
12 thumbs up!
I got two for a GWS 262 after having trouble with the stock motors. The ADH300's are tiny but put out a ton of power. Both of mine are well balanced and seem to generate equal thrust. The plane just screams. I am using supersimple 30A controllers.

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Overall Rating
Frans Raaijmakers
9 thumbs up!
16 Amps and 540 Watts don't go together.
Mine draws 35 Amps at a 4 lipo.
That's about 520 Watts.

This EDF came well ballanced, almost no vibration.
Motor wil turn hot on a 4 lipo, but I've orderd a spare one, for this price you can't get an other type of EDF that is ballanced.

I'll try to use it in my T33 Shootingstar, heve not it flown yet.

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Overall Rating
Malcolm Reeson
8 thumbs up!
This unit is either a GWS 64 mk 2 or identical to one.

Have only done minimal testng so far, but the thrust figure above must be based on 4S - it was giving much less than 540g/16A on 3S.

Will do more bench testing amd post my 3S thrust figures shortly.

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