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Turnigy 2-3 Cell Lipoly Balance/Charger

Turnigy 2-3 Cell Lipoly Balance/Charger

The Turnigy 5011 Balance/Charger can charge and balance 2-3 cell lipoly packs.
A snap to use, simply connect this unit to any 12v battery (car battery) with the supplied aligator clips or use a 12-16v power supply such as;


Input: 12-16v DC
Output: 1.2A Maximum
Balance Plug type: JST-XH (Zippy, HXT battery packs)
Cell count: 2cell or 3cell charging.
Auto cut off and auto current rate.

*Includes detailed instruction sheet.


This product is no-longer available. CLICK HERE TO SEE A WIDE RANGE OF SIMILAR ITEMS

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Steel  11 points - 12/12/2011
With charger is better. Hobby king sells two different chargers that are close to the same. They sell this one and Turnigy balancer & Charger 2S-3S /
.asp?idproduct=7637 So
I'm wondering what one is better to use and buy. Thankyou
 Alexander 635 points
It looks like this one has a bit more power (1.2A) than the otherone (800mA).
 Humbo7 6 points
Ive used this charger on new packs and it is very good, ive also used it on old packs and they have got alot better. will be getting a couple more.
Allison  1378 points - 11/20/2011
So how do I know when the battery is charged when I use this charger?
 Kellyann 16853 points
Allison this is quite a nice little charger. Unlike most low end charger it has a light for each cell. So is you plug a 2 cell battery you get 2 red light and if you plug a 3 cell battery you will get 3 red light. As it charges the light will go green when that cell is charged. I hope this helps.
Oliver  34 points - 11/17/2011
What else do i need to be able to use this from the wall socket
 mtb4nz 119 points
A wall adapter that can supply about 1 amp at 12 volts DC and the correct connector to plug into the charger with the right polarity.
 Humbo7 6 points
Ive used this charger on new packs and it is very good, ive also used it on old packs and they have got alot better. will be getting a couple more.
Dinukap4  279 points - 7/24/2011
So the stock ? When is it gonna be back!
 icahone 86 points
It is already :-)
 FPVking 536 points
If You want some quality and care about Your lipos add another 6 buck for HobbyKing E4 Charger. Then You can actually control the process and choose the charging power 0,1 - 4,5 A! E4 can charge 1-4 cell with precice voltage detection. This 5011 thingy is only constant 1A and 2-3 cell.
Istvan  10 points - 7/18/2011
Hi! Can I charge the lifope battery with this charger?
 Istvan 10 points
sorry lifepo! :)
 Carlos 20 points
if your battery has a balance plug yes! :)
 Francesco 10 points
No le LiFe hanno una tensione più bassa e questo carichino è previsto solo per le LiPo
 AeroEscolaFly 88 points
This charger is for LiPo only.
 Allison 1378 points
Sir no you should not charge LIFE batteries the are 3.6 volt. This charger is for LIPO which are 3.7 volts. PRODUCT ID: IMAXB6-FAKE Will do both plus Discharge. Also does NI-CD and NIMH. It is under $17 and comes with leads. I hope this helps
Customer Reviews
Overall Rating
Walt Bankes
59 thumbs up!
Got two and bench tested them to resolve 2 unanswered questions:
1. What is the smallest mah battery this charger will work with? Answer - If you want to strictly adhere to battery mfg. recommendations - 1000 MAH BATTERIES - because the charger is set to maintain a constant current of 1 amp until the max voltage is reached - this is not adjustable - I will probably charge my 900 mah batteries (close enough). Larger batteries will charge at 1 amp, also, resulting in a slower charge proportional the the size of the battery.
2. Will a voltage supply of only 12 volts be high enough for a 3 cell (12.6 volt) charge? The advertisement says to use a 12 to16 volt source causing this question to arise - Answer - YES - I connected a well regulated 12 volt power supply to the charger and the output with no load measured 12.6 volts - therefore the charger has a voltage step up circuit in the design - impressive for a $6 charger.
I will use these easy to use chargers for my biggest batteries and continue to use the harder to use power supply for my little ones. Thanks Turnigy and UH.

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Overall Rating
56 thumbs up!
fantastic charger!!!
cuts of at a voltage of exact 4,2V per cell...
turn it on, connect the battery witt the ballancer-cable and wait until the rad lights turn into green!
you can´t use it in a wrong way!!
50 stars, its cheap, very simple to use and very save, recommend it!!!

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Overall Rating
Igor Rodrigues
54 thumbs up!
This charger operate with 1.2A. Can charger a 1200mAh battery on only 1 hour!!
It´s fantastic!!
And have the best price!!
I´ll reccomend!!

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Overall Rating
Garry Poulton
34 thumbs up!
Fantastic addition to any electric flyer's kit. At this price I wish I'd ordered two.
It balance charged my 1800mh 3 cell pack in about 90 min.

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Overall Rating
16 thumbs up!
I have charged 3S lipo batteries with the turnigy balancer - charger and I got 12,49 v and 4,162 / 4,166 / 4,169 and then I charged with E-SKY balancer charger and I got 12,55 and 4,182 / 4,184 / 4,184. So the turnigy is charging well and is balancing as well the battery but with the E-SKY you get a little bit more voltage.
I did that on several batteries and got the same results.
Turnigy is good but E-SKY is better.

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