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TURNIGY 5-7.5A (8~42v) HV UBEC for Lipoly

TURNIGY 5-7.5A (8~42v) HV UBEC for Lipoly
TURNIGY 5-7.5A (8~42v) HV UBEC for Lipoly

Power your receiver and servos with the baddest of UBEC power solutions.
The all new Turnigy 7.5A UBEC  is an advanced switching DC-DC regulator which will supply a constant 5A or more with short bursts of up to 7.5amps. The Turnigy UBEC plugs into a 3 - 10 Cell Lipoly pack and supplies a constant 5 or 6v to your receiver.
The system includes an anti-short circuit and overheat function with a thin metal shield cover, reducing noise
Also included is an Output filter to reduce noise, an on/off switch and a step down regulator adapter.
Chip efficiency is 92%.

If you have a mid sized plane, with standard servos and want a solid UBEC which wont quit. This is an excellent option.

Output (Constant): 5v/5A or 6v/5A
Input: 8v-42v (3-10cell lipo) High Voltage
Size: 48x27x9mm
Weight: 37g
Quiescent current: 20mA
Type: Switching, however because of the noise reduction (thin metal case & filter) this unit gives the same noise as a Linear BEC.

Unit comes with full instructions.


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Total of 60 discussions.
Rabidbat96  14 points - 8/25/2016
Christ,could you please put that in layman's terms!
Rabidbat96  14 points - 8/23/2016
Is a bec really neccessary to use with led lights,even with a receiver controlled switch.Or is that just a weight saving thing.A bec should not be necessary even with only one battery.
 Christ 905 points
Hello Rabidbat96 a bec could be used to reduce the voltage of your battery from 4 or more cells to what can be used by the lights. It exist BEC of variable 5V and ones for 8V or 12V. It exist also a lot of "voltage reducer" on internet. Just use the primary voltge from you motor battery and reduce it to the other voltage needed by the lighting. Enjoy
harstrat  6 points - 7/17/2016
Hi, has anyone use this ubec with 12s lipo safely? Becouse it says 3s-10s lipo.
 kenkamm 17 points
12S lipo would exceed the 42V limit and would damage the device. A fully charged 12S lipo is over 50 volts.
 harstrat 6 points
Yes i know that, but my question is if anyone risk it and used this ubec with 12s lipo.. and his experience with that..
 Christ 905 points
hello Harstrat no body will try that. why should we destroy our device? if the spec says 10S do not even imagine going higher. And even if it works on 12s will you fly a plane at risk that the UBEC will fail during flight? I'll not do it. think at the risks of not controllable plane!!! Enjoy flying
William  1 points - 6/17/2016
Can the RT-UBEC7.5 operate with 36v input either Alkaline or NiMh batteries.
 meadowhay 1253 points
Hi William. It doesn't make any difference what type of battery supplies the input power as long as the voltage is within limits - in this case 8~42V
 Christ 905 points
Hello William yes you can use NIMH, NICD, LIPO as you want. I do not recommand Alkaline batteries as you don't know how good they are even if new and the current for this convertor could be too high for alkaline batteries. Enjoy your hobby
Guus  30 points - 9/21/2015
Two so called “*Futaba”* connectors on the output would be concerning the current (7,5A) better. This would discharge or unload the servo bank of the receiver. Of course it will be only short current peaks but still. If you install a power supply better than four NiMh batteries the load of connectors and cabling will be greater.
Customer Reviews
Overall Rating
40 thumbs up!
I'm using this BEC on a Logo 500 flybarless and it's not up to the job. After about a minute of flight it will overheat and drop belos the critical voltage on my Spectrum receiver causing a reboot, not good on a flybarless machine as it totally freaks out. I have managed to replicate the results on the bench so if you go flybarless I think this BEC is not up to the job.

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Overall Rating
40 thumbs up!
Cant really say if this is good or not. mine was delivered with parts broken inside, it does work but would trust lossing a plane with it.

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Overall Rating
12 thumbs up!
Ordered two of them. one works fine, the other UBEC was without funktion. 3 Stars anyway...

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Overall Rating
10 thumbs up!
Funciona con servos de regular consumo, sin embargo con servos digitales y receptor 2.4 MUCHO CUIDADO, NO PUEDE CON EL TRABAJO, POR LO CONSIGUIENTE DEJA SIN ENERGIA SUFICIENTE AL RECEPTOR, lo que puede provocar perdida de respuesta del receptor y bye.
recomendable para aviones de 4 o 5 servos estandar.

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Overall Rating
8 thumbs up!
bon produit normal quoi!!

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