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TURNIGY Plush 6A /.8bec/6g Speed Controller

TURNIGY Plush 6A /.8bec/6g Speed Controller

Plush 6amp Brushless Speed Controller
Model: Plush 6A
Continuous Current: 6A
Burst: 8A
BEC: Linear
BEC Output: 5v/.8A
Lipo Count: 2cell Guarenteed (3 cell capable but not warranted)
NiMH: 5-6
Programability: Programming card or Radio Controller
Weight: 6g
Size: 24x12x6mm

A tight package, with plenty of features.

Our TURNIGY speed controllers come with a 14 month warranty. We guarentee these are the best Brushless Speed Controllers you can purchase at this price.
These speed controllers are sold in western countries under various names at triple the price.
We are certain you will find these to be the best BESC available from Asia.


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 Customer rated
Total of 148 discussions.
Abuhth  1 points - 9/3/2016
Graham  5 points - 2/6/2016
My BNF quad came with 4 of these and everything already programmed. I've just had to replace 1 ESC which failed. Now that motor does not start turning until half throttle, and with the other 3 motors working as expected it just f**ps over if I try to fly it. The quad is fitted with a KK2.1 controller, but I guess that I need to isolate this new ESC and set it the same as the other 3 ESCs. I've no idea how to do this or how the other 3 ESCs have been programmed as it was fully set up straight out of the box. Please could someone tell me exactly what to do. Thanks.
 ahronox 21 points
Hi Graham, I had the same problem with my Turnigy Micro Quad.... you need to c***brate the throttle on the new ESC to match the other 3 ESCs. I replaced the KK2 board with a Naze and its pretty simple to do it with the Naze. Not sure how to do it with the KK2, but you have to make sure the KK2 board is putting out full throttle (throttle stick all the way up may do it) before you power up the ESCs. The ESC will beep after ~2sec, then you move the stick to min throttle and your done - c***bration is complete! I hope this works for you.
Bélanger  1 points - 12/29/2015
Could I feed directly three mini servos through a R410x and a 180mah 25C Nano-tech 7.4 volt plug directly into it. Is there any regulation made by the R410x to reduce the voltage from 7,4 - 8.3 V to 5 or 6V that can accept those small servos ?
 RonRC 4450 points
Hi Bé*langer, This ESC has a BEC onboard so when it is plugged into the RX, the BEC (from Red wire) feeds 5V to the RX. This is how the servos get their power thru the RX from the onboard BEC. Hope this helps and Happy flying!
Johannes  1 points - 10/4/2015
Hallo hat das ding auch einen Retour Gang.
 CharlySub 19 points
Nein. Das Ding ist fü*r Flieger und Quadrocopter. Fü*r Autos brauchst Du ein "Car ESC".
kevin  1 points - 9/18/2015
can this be used for hobbyking donkey 1550kv with a 7inch prop on 2s
 kensy 26 points
hey kev, it takes 10amp at startup, so it'll be safer the 10amp plush
 RonRC 4450 points
Hi kevin, this ESC works well with the 1811 motor and no bigger than a 5x3 prop on 2S.
Customer Reviews
Overall Rating
Greg Holmes
35 thumbs up!
This little 6A speed controller is the perfect complement for the 10 gram 18-11 2000kv Micro Brushless Outrunner as it runs it up very smoothly....Also a very nice price! The 16 start up melodies are nice but be aware that there is about a 20 second long 120mAh current draw during this process according to my Astro micro meter.
Also note that current drawing melodies can be disabled.
B.T.W. The wire on this S.C. is a bit overkill so I installed Castle Creations
24ga. silicon wire and got the weight with the motor and battery plugs to 4.7 grams.
Greg Holmes 10/22/07

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Overall Rating
19 thumbs up!
If you need a little bit more from the onboard BEC then here is a simple solution that works great on this ESC! On the board you will find a LM1117 Regulator, this regulator provides the power to the circuit as well as the output for BEC. Buy one more of these LM1117 and simply solder it directly ontop of the other one, use heat sink compound between the two LM1117's. This will not give you 1.6A but it will give you 1.2A constant and 1.6A bursts!

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Overall Rating
Christopher Johae
17 thumbs up!
Very nice speedcontroller. It works very fine with the 18-11 2000kv brushless outrunner.
This controller is even programmable with my Dymond programming card.

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Overall Rating
Vaclav Petru
12 thumbs up!
Really 6 grams weight, I can't believe until it arrived.
Be careful when using 3S Lipos, use max 3 servos because the BEC is not so strong (0.8A) and can be easily overloaded (overheated) when using 3S Lipos and in case concurrent moving servos.
Super for indoor planes.

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Overall Rating
11 thumbs up!
This ESC is highly recommended. It's lightweight, works as advertised and flawless, at a very good price.
I use it with the Turnigy 2204 motor, GWS0843, 2S 300mAh on my Nexus F3P monoplane. Three servo's (HXT500) connected are no problem for this BEC.
Highly recommended.

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