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Hobbyking G-OSD 3 Mini OSD System w/GPS Module

Hobbyking G-OSD 3 Mini OSD System w/GPS Module

This is the Hobbyking G-OSD 3 Mini OSD System specially designed for use with small electric powered models. Its light weight and compact design makes it ideal for use on micro planes or any other model where saving weight is crucial.

• GPS Coordinate Display
• Time Display 
• Airspeed Display
• Graphical GPS Signal Status Display
• Super Light, High-Sensitivity GPS Module w/High-Speed 10HZ Refresh Rate
• Distance to Home Measurement
• Home Direction and Distance Display
• Temperature Measurement (w/optional temperature module)
• High Accuracy Current (Amps) Measurement (w/optional current measurement module)
• Supports Anti-Glare Shade Control Signal
• Supports Manual Calibration

Weight: Main Board - 5.7g / GPS Module - 11.6g
Dimensions: Main Board - 40x26x6mm / GPS Module - 28x16x8mm
Working Voltage: Main Board - 7~25V / GPS Module - 5V

PRODUCT ID: 9074000220

Weight: 27g Quantity: 

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timothy  57 points - 7/21/2014
here's a tip, i got a defective mainboard. however the gps unit works just fine with my hobbking osd system and it costs more to buy alone. so its a few dollars cheaper to keep the defect for the gps unit. (product number "APAC-KIT-GPS")
David  6 points - 7/20/2014
Long story, but I fried the GPS module. Everything is working great. Does anyone know where I could get JUSTt the GPS module? I have an extra u-blox with i2c, but I don't want to mess with moding it. I would rather just buy a new one if possible.
 Markmi 4 points
You will find it in acchobby store on aliexpress.
 timothy 57 points
APAC-GPS should work... i used the gps from this kit inplace of the above item and it works fine. (see next post above)
 timothy 57 points
pic shows THIS gps installed on APAC-KIT-GPS. i think they're the same thing maybe?
krashNburn  433 points - 7/19/2014
Very happy with this purchase. Simple to install and it works as advertised. Strapped it to my F550 and hooked up to GoPro3 plus. Link to video
Ricardo [PT]  164 points - 7/12/2014
Can i use the FrSky amp sensor FAS-100 with this? is there i change i can put the RSSI on it?
 adam 20 points
hello there is only one amp sensor i have found that works with this and no rssi sorry hope this helps
 Markmi 4 points
adam, this will not help us until you write which amp sensor works with this OSD.
 adam 20 points
Sorry my bad my computer didn't past it but it is the AEO G-OSD3 amp sensor if you do a quick eBay sreach you will find it. Sorry for the miss hap.
Daniel  27 points - 7/12/2014
Anyone know where the current sensor is? I hope this get back in stock soon, it looks awesome for the price.
 Ricardo [PT] 164 points
works amazing. really need that sensor too
 adam 20 points
Hello. If you would like the amp sensor it is called the AEO G-OSD3 amp sensor do a quick eBay sreach for it hope this helps
Customer Reviews
Overall Rating
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zero complaints, silly cheap for what it does. ive hacked it into my fatshark attitude system and had no probs what so ever and its installed on a dji450 flame wheel with naza m v2. im lucky here as i live at 5> than sea level and i know others want a zero point at take off but its no biggy for me. just remember what altitude you take off im just about to purchase another for my 450 deadcat with kk2 for fpv and cant wait. putting a 600mw fatshark on it for improved distance. all in all i would say a nice piece of kit at a great price.

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Overall Rating
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Well it does what it says, is remarkably cheap, but be very careful hooking it up. In particular the voltage monitor #2. I had hooked up the video along with the power and then plugged in a battery to the monitor v1. This burned out the power supply for the GPS. Instructions for wiring are very poor in that they do not explain the voltages and more importantly what NOT to do. It is not intuitive!

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In general its a waste of money. Text is white without black boarder so its very poorly visible. Altitude is displayed as above see level - cannot set it to 0 at current ground level. Home direction icon (actualy letter B ?!!??) inaccurate. Need to manualy set home point every time. Just hope to be able to use the gps itselve in other applications

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Overall Rating
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initial lock took some time, OSD is simple and nice, let me know if you need some pics

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Overall Rating
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I got a quick 15 minute flight with the OSD, so far I like it. The OSD acquired 6 satellites very quickly, set the "home" location via button-C, and took off. The display got washed out against the gray overcast sky, but against the green ground it shows very clearly in my FatShark Aviators (RCV922 AE 5G8) which have a 46 degree filed-of-view. The CLOCK displays wall-clock time, it is not a "flight-timer" clock. Too bad, to me that would make more sense. Under SETUP you can select speed as KPH or MPH, however the ALTIMETER and RANGE are meters only. I’d expect if you selected MPH it would display imperial units vs. metric, I’ve got some more checking to do on this. The altitude does meters, again I wish it did feet. It also displays above-sea-level, so my "home" position is at ~350 meters, so I have to subtract that out as I fly if I want to get my above-ground-level altitude, which is what I really care about. The "home-pointer” is unusual in the it uses a “B” as the “base” locator, but once you get used to it, it works fine. This is my first OSD, I enjoyed seeing the “B” and the plane-indicator as I went from directly overhead to ~1/2 mile out flying in a big circle. I love the speed indicator, my 5' PeaceDrone idles along nicely ay 16-22 MPH, and I hit 50 MPH in a dive from 600’, with a tail wind, approaching m

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