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NEO-6M GPS Module

NEO-6M GPS Module
NEO-6M GPS Module

This is an updated GPS module that can used with ardupilot mega v2. This GPS module uses the latest technology to give the best possible position information, allowing for better performance with your Ardupilot or other Multirotor control platform.

You may require to configure this module for use with your flight controller (MultiWii Copter I2C GPS board requires 115200 baud). You will require a USB to FTDI adaptor board to do this.

Please note that this module ships with defualt settings and a buad rate of 38400.

• Standalone GPS receiver
• U-blox NEO-6M GPS module 
• Under 1 second time-to-first-fix for hot and aided starts
• SuperSense ® Indoor GPS: -162 dBm tracking sensitivity
• Anti-jamming technology
• u-blox 6 50 channel positioning engine with over 2 million effective correlators
• Timepulse
• 5Hz position update rate
• Operating temperature range: -40 TO 85°C
• UART TTL socket 
• EEprom to store settings
• Rechargeable battery for Backup 
• Build in 18X18mm GPS antenna 
• RoHS compliant

Dimension: 22mmX30mm
Height: 13mm
Hole dia.: 3mm  
Weight: 12g

PRODUCT ID: 387000004

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John  3 points - 4/18/2014
Is this 3.3v or 5v?
 tricopterY 871 points
This module operates at 3.3V. You supply 5V to the molex connector, and the onboard 3.3V voltage regulator (Low Drop Out) runs the board. I guess the LDO is capable of higher input voltages, say up to 12V, but I have not tried that (too risky - it may fry it).
 John 3 points
Thanks, Thats what I thought looking at the picture you can see it, just wanted to make sure.
Ermanno  6 points - 4/17/2014
Anyone tested this gps on NanoWii ???
 cyborgkuro 29 points
nanowii is not good enough memory
debdaS  27 points - 4/10/2014
can anyone give me gps fix of this ???after i had done gps fix and WHEN i made it to loiter it is moving after few secs...please hELP!!!!!!!!!
 Lorenzo.93 52 points
you need at least 6 sats for better precision, if your quad moves in loiter you need to tune the P value, if you're using APM it's suggested to flash your GPS with 3DR ublox file...
michel  18 points - 4/8/2014
Will it work with the Naza Lite ?
 Lorenzo.93 52 points
No, naza works only with naza gps!
Candraman  2 points - 4/6/2014
very diaspointed with this NEO-6M , my copter today crached into my car................. Mediatek MT3329 is much better than this UBLOX
 SGnice_ 31 points
So... Can tell us what happen?
 Candraman 2 points
I've set configurations with ublox, installed 3DR-ublox.txt config, then connected to my Arducopter, connected the battery and was waiting for 10-15 minutes to get satellites, the first problem was that could not get satellites, found 8 satellites and thed dropped to 4, several times was like this until seemed to be ok at 8 , then started my Arducopter, flyed in position hold for 1 minute and then swithced to loiter, so i've lost control in loiter. It was at 10 meters from my car until I switched back to stabilize it went directly to my car.... with mediatek is loitering in a radius of 5 meters stable..... next time I will grab my desktop to show, maybe my UBLOX is defective.........
 Arang 4 points
ardu 3.1 has some problem. During the loiter, Copter will be in circule and lost control. I don't know the reason. But many user know this problem...I am still have this problem.......ummm
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Works fine. Came setup w/ 38400baud,5Hz, NMEA. Set mine to binary UBX with U-center using 3DR-Ublox.txt. Runs fine with MegaPirateNG2.8r3. Hotstart fix < 2seconds. Good value for it´s price.

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Realy good quality. install the Neo-6M on my multiwii board. Install the newest software and it works :-) im realy happy :-) cant wait to fly with my quad

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I got 2 of these and one just stopped working -_- Also take note the wires supplied are not coloured to normal standards.

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Overall Rating
Seckin Onur
Like it?
Fixed 9 satellites less than 2 minutes. Kept working indooors. 5Hz gps module for this price is amazing. Thanks HK.

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Overall Rating
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I got mine and was excited about it. Installed it on Multwii AIO-2560 and defined UBLOX and buad-rate 57600. The power LED stayed on for few minutes and I got a Blinking Red LED (GPS LOCK on the NEO - Wow, the damn thing works - in Sydney Australia) and FC yellow LED started blinking a sequence, and I was indoors. After a power down and following days, I have been unable to get a GPS Lock. I have done absolutely nothing to it, just a simple cycle down. I have tried it outside and still nothing.....Just steady Red LED. Very unreliable.

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