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NEO-6M GPS Module

NEO-6M GPS Module
NEO-6M GPS Module

This is an updated GPS module that can used with ardupilot mega v2. This GPS module uses the latest technology to give the best possible position information, allowing for better performance with your Ardupilot or other Multirotor control platform.

You may require to configure this module for use with your flight controller (MultiWii Copter I2C GPS board requires 115200 baud). You will require a USB to FTDI adaptor board to do this.

Please note that this module ships with defualt settings and a buad rate of 38400.

• Standalone GPS receiver
• U-blox NEO-6M GPS module 
• Under 1 second time-to-first-fix for hot and aided starts
• SuperSense ® Indoor GPS: -162 dBm tracking sensitivity
• Anti-jamming technology
• u-blox 6 50 channel positioning engine with over 2 million effective correlators
• Timepulse
• 5Hz position update rate
• Operating temperature range: -40 TO 85°C
• UART TTL socket 
• EEprom to store settings
• Rechargeable battery for Backup 
• Build in 18X18mm GPS antenna 
• RoHS compliant

Dimension: 22mmX30mm
Height: 13mm
Hole dia.: 3mm  
Weight: 12g

PRODUCT ID: 387000004

Weight: 18g
International Warehouse
Price HKD136.96

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Gregory  1 points - 11/21/2014
I plugged this into an FTDI adapter I got here on Hobby King, but it supplies 5V and the manual for this thing says 3.6V max. I don't get an LED light or anything, but I don't smell any magic smoke either. Does it sound fried?
 v_max 3913 points
I power my one from FC 5v output... works perfect. 3.6v max is for neo6m chip. this assembly has onboard power regulator which provide 3.3v for chip. So do not worry. no led more likely mean NO power at all. Some ftdi boards require jumper (or pads pair) to be closed(connected soldered together) to provide power for connected device.
Jayakrishna  3 points - 11/10/2014
my naza v2 gps is broken so i want to replace the ceramic gps puck of neo 6 which is exactly the one which has broken in my naza, so my question is instead of desoldering and again soldering it to my naza can i connect neo 6m gps directly to my naza controller and also does the neo 6 has compass also or it doesn't have?.
 v_max 3913 points
1. no compass in this gps MODULE. On modules with integrated compass, compass is just a separate chip mounted on the same pcb together with GPS chip. no one gps CHIP has compass integrated. 2. soldering-desoldering antenna requires resonance tuning so this is not an option to replace antenna only when you have no equipment for antenna tuning. I'd suggest to replace whole gps module ... with this one for example PRODUCT ID: 387000047-0
Peter  1 points - 11/6/2014
Can anyone tell me what LEDs this unit has and what they mean? My neo-6m from HK has red LED blinking on the GPS when connected to ucenter, but I have no idea what that indicates? Is there a green LED I should be seeing instead? Thanks!
 v_max 3913 points
If I remember right there is only one led (labeled on backside as POWER & FIX) solid = just powered no fix , blink lazy = got GPS fix.
JAVIER  1 points - 11/4/2014
Jonathan  2 points - 11/4/2014
hello, Is this GPS plug and play for the Multiwii and Megapirate AIO Flight Controller w/FTDI (ATmega 2560) V2.0? Or is there a better choice, looking for someone how has done this. thanks - jdh
 v_max 3913 points
Yes. With both firmwares Megapirate and MWI it works just out of box. (Default baud rate 38400 and NMEA protocol match Megapirate defaut GPS baudrate). Multiwii firmware do autoconfig of this GPS when UBLOX set in config.h reconfiguring it to use UBLOX binary protocol at 57600 baud
 Jonathan 2 points
V_max, so what is the answer to the GPS having 4 pins and the controller having 8 pins - splice wires?? split the 8 pin wire harness? Thanks - JDH
 Jonathan 2 points
or does it plug in to the 4 pin I2C port???
 v_max 3913 points
nope.. gps is connected serial2 port (tx2/rx2) pins on S1-S3 connector. GND and 5V better to take from i2c connector. as vcc pin on s1-s3 is only powered when external power is connected. (from ESC or via Ext power pin).. Also note that VCC pins are DIRECTLY connected to Ext power pins, so if you power board with 12v or so via ext power pin then you have chance to fry periferials powered by VCC pins. Pins labeled as 5V are powered via internal 5v regulator and safe to use, but note it's not imtended to provide much power, but enough to power gps, rx and controller itself. There is a good manual under files , good place to start with.
 v_max 3913 points
I mean manual for "Multiwii and Megapirate AIO Flight Controller w/FTDI (ATmega 2560) " look under files tab on controller page
 Jonathan 2 points
Thanks again The board comes with 8 pin cables so I may modify that for the GPS and OSD or the telemetry radio 3DR I generally use Opto Esc's so I will add a UBEC 5V 3A to the power pins I think the jumper comes off in that case - have to check Thanks again and good flying JDH
 v_max 3913 points
I power my GPS from i2c port connector on AIO board. AIO itself powered from ESC bec (only one) connected to motor port. Case you have becless escs and separate 5v(! important) bec to power FC you can use any way of powering - through ext power port or through free esc port. Ext power in this case more convinient as you can wire GPS to single connector (s0-s3) In case of REAL opto you need to provide 5v to ESCs too feed input optic part.. then you need jumper to be closed (to connect internal 5v rail powered from ext source with motor connector 5v rail)... In case of fake OPTO which in fact just becless with no opto isolation or normal escs with BEC you need to have jumper opened
 Jonathan 2 points
They make an extension board that solves all this but it is not easy to find. Thanks and a the best JDH
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Works fine. Came setup w/ 38400baud,5Hz, NMEA. Set mine to binary UBX with U-center using 3DR-Ublox.txt. Runs fine with MegaPirateNG2.8r3. Hotstart fix < 2seconds. Good value for it´s price.

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Realy good quality. install the Neo-6M on my multiwii board. Install the newest software and it works :-) im realy happy :-) cant wait to fly with my quad

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I got 2 of these and one just stopped working -_- Also take note the wires supplied are not coloured to normal standards.

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Seckin Onur
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Fixed 9 satellites less than 2 minutes. Kept working indooors. 5Hz gps module for this price is amazing. Thanks HK.

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I got mine and was excited about it. Installed it on Multwii AIO-2560 and defined UBLOX and buad-rate 57600. The power LED stayed on for few minutes and I got a Blinking Red LED (GPS LOCK on the NEO - Wow, the damn thing works - in Sydney Australia) and FC yellow LED started blinking a sequence, and I was indoors. After a power down and following days, I have been unable to get a GPS Lock. I have done absolutely nothing to it, just a simple cycle down. I have tried it outside and still nothing.....Just steady Red LED. Very unreliable.

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