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OrangeRx R615 Spektrum/JR DSM2 Compatible 6Ch 2.4Ghz Receiver

OrangeRx R615 Spektrum/JR DSM2 Compatible 6Ch 2.4Ghz Receiver
OrangeRx R615 Spektrum/JR DSM2 Compatible 6Ch 2.4Ghz Receiver

Compatible with all Spektrum/JR DSM2 Air transmitters.

The OrangeRx R615 is sporting a stylish new case design and utilizes dual antennae to offer true signal reception diversity! This results in an even more robust signal link than the original R610, while providing the same quality, range and value.
OrangeRx receivers are built using original components, MCU's and with state of the art SMT automation to ensure a quality product each and every time.
All OrangeRx receivers are QC tested before leaving the factory.
The OrangeRx will work with ANY Aircraft Spektrum/JR DSM2 2.4Ghz transmitter.
The OrangeRx R615 is only 3.7g in weight and 19.5x30x10mm in size. Great for small planes, helicopters, parkflyers or even medium sized sport planes.
• Super light weight 3.7g / 9.8 grams with case
• Compatible with DSM2 1024/2048 aircraft radio and module systems
• 6 Channels
• Compact design
• Short 25mm antennae for mounting in almost any location
• Input voltage: 3.7~9.6V

Channels: 6
Input voltage: 3.7~9.6V
Size: 19.5x30x10mm, 43x22x13mm with case
Weight: 3.7g / 9.8g with case 

12 Month replacement guarantee!
OrangeRx R615 DSM2 Compatible receiver
Bind plug

1) This is not a Spektrum receiver, nor is it a copy of a Spektrum Receiver.
The Spektrum brand is a trademark of Horizon Hobbies USA.
2) Price of this receiver may fluctuate (up or down) due to cost of electronic components.
3) This is not an underground manufactured fake Spektrum receiver. OrangeRx quality is guaranteed.


Weight: 39g Quantity: 
International Warehouse
Price $6.45

  • OrangeRx Silicone Protection Cover for Non Satellite Receivers

    Combo Price: $1.75   IN STOCK

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Total of 701 discussions.
Mark  1 points - 8/27/2014
When will the R615X receivers be available?
jerryjpa  5 points - 8/11/2014
How soon do you expect shipment of this receiver R615?
 NewToHobbyKing 14122 points
Jerryjpa these are out of stock at all WH. The new R615X is out and I think it has replaced the R615. So do not wait get a R615X.
isaac  3 points - 8/4/2014
any idea when these r coming in to stock
 NewToHobbyKing 14122 points
Isaac I have this Receiver and the new R615X and I am with you. Please HobbyKing restock or drop the R615X this the same price as the R615. Hay at least you can get 5 R615X for one postage of 100grames. Very cool! But it is not going to happen!
 isaac 3 points
been waiting weeks for 2 i have already paid for
 NewToHobbyKing 14122 points
Isaac does your order say "IN STOCK" or "BACK ORDER" ! Please go to your order and check. Also if it say "BACK ORDER" then go to live CS and change your "ORDER". Buy 2 R615R instead. At least you are sure you will get them. If your order says "IN STOCK", then they will be coming to you soon!
 isaac 3 points
says back order trying chat now but am on hold as they r busy atm
 NewToHobbyKing 14122 points
Isaac you need Live CS help then. You just have to wait.
 NewToHobbyKing 14122 points
How did you manage to order them. Mostly once an item is on BackOrder you can not ORDER!
Andrew  7 points - 8/1/2014
 MishoIV 89 points
Just buy better and newer version of this R615X.
 Bryan 9 points
The 615X has major issues so be aware, go on you tube and search Orange rx 615x to see the horror stories, i should know i've had plenty of bad ones too.
 NewToHobbyKing 14122 points
Who do you really think you are talking??? Hobby King hardly ever reads these and the Hobby King Members who do read these COMMENTS have nil to do with STOCK. Get heard! Go to the Members Forum. There are topics just for STOCK! And Hobby King does read them!
mkomarac  21 points - 7/28/2014
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Gewicht 9,95g mit Gehaeuse mit Antenne
Gewicht 3,61g ohne Gehaeuse mit Antenne
mit Geaeuse:
Laenge 43mm plus 1,5mm Antennenausgang
Breite 21,6mm plus 1,3mm Antennenausgang
ohne Gehaeuse
Laenge 40,4mm inkl Servostecker
Breite 17,6mm
Hoehe 8,7mm
Antennen je 26,5mm lang
Gehaeuse abnehmbar und sehr stabil

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Overall Rating
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Cannot say enough good about this receiver...I belong to a large club with over 350 memebers. WE ahve at least 300 or more of these receiver in use..Not one failure or mishap..Range good price better..Wish they make similar type type for Futaba

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Overall Rating
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Dobra nahrada za original

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Overall Rating
Billy Shaw
Like it?
i have about ten of these and they work great, i have them from micro to about a .61 size plane and they are great!

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Overall Rating
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muito bom produto, atingindo a satisfação e coube certo no meu equipamento.

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