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Skywalker X-8 FPV / UAV Flying Wing 2120mm

Skywalker X-8 FPV / UAV Flying Wing 2120mm
Skywalker X-8 FPV / UAV Flying Wing 2120mm

This is the X-8 FPV wing from Skywalker Technolog,. The BIG FPV wing!
The X-8 has been specifically designed for FPV and UAV, customised for F-Tek stabiliser systems.

An awesome looking and fantastic flying FPV / UAV platform, moulded out of EPO so it's nearly indestructible!

This model offers a huge amount of under canopy space, excellent glide performance, fast low power cruise speeds in the region of 80-90 kph.
The airframe was designed from the outset to take FPV and other video devices, the equipment bays have been laid out to suit FPV / UAV applications, there is a camera mount in the nose and there's a forward oblique mount to suit a Gopro. Transporting the airframe is easy, both the wing panels and the vertical stabs are bolt on affairs.

Nice design points are the moulded in wing reflex, removable vertical stabilisers, ventral launching grips, nose camera bay, canopy retained via strong magnets , moulded battery and FPV trays and 2 through fuselage spars - plus a moulded in spar in each wing panel.
It's an impressive airframe that spans 2120mm and has a rather imposing silhouette!

Wingspan: 2120mm
Motor:  400 - 800watts dependant on payload
Prop: 12x6 - 13x8
Battery: 4s 3000mah - 6S 5000 mah
Esc: 40-70 amp
Maximum AUW: 3500g

3 or more channel radio system
2 x std size servos
Propellor and adapter
Brushless outrunner
Brushless ESC
Lipo battery
FPV or UAV system

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2 1:IC/2:Elec 4 Channel 2120mm (83.46in) 0mm (0.00in) 0g (0lb)

Weight: 2910g
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Total of 173 discussions.
RON  1 points - 6/17/2015
thanks for the response Thomas
RON  1 points - 6/3/2015
hi guys can anyone tell me where the c of g is for this model thanks
 Thomas 23 points
There is a general rule for the CG: the CG is approximitly at 1/3 of the lenght from the top of the wing.
juan  2 points - 4/15/2015
para cuando llega?
 Dbtchrman 2435 points
Ahi esta en cantidades industriales! Tienen mas de 35 en este momento!
michele  1 points - 3/18/2015
purtroppo l ho comprato e me ne pento amaramente in quanto per dei servi che ho preso anche da loro l ho distrutto al primo volo si bloccava a fine corsa e non sono riuscito a salvarlo , peccato neppure l ebrezza di un volo . loro non ne hanno voluto sapere nulla , quindi non penso comprero piu da loro avevo preso da loro tutto compreso motore esc e servi elica e stavo prendendo anche fat shark v2 va bhe pazienza
fraile  2 points - 3/14/2015
Greetings friends I am from Colombia , I would build my own airplane radio control and would like some help me with it ,, because they do not know how to start , or how , it can cost each piece, something that would sugun see above would be the extrutura polystyrene , which is not costing
 nihil 191 points
Nobody can help you in few words. Buy some aeromodeling books and reed.
 gary 9 points
Look in there are hundreds of videos that can show you everything you need to know and here at for all the parts and extras you need also :) If there is something specific, feel free to ask me. If I can help, I will. Good luck
 JOHN J 3 points
fraile tambien estoy en Colombia (pereira), si aun necesitas asesoria contactame en jotalink arroba yahoo punto com Saludos
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Hola a todos. Quiero comprar una X-8 para FPVpero antes me gustaria saber que motor , helice y bateria son las mas recomendables para una larga duracion en vuelo. Gracias. Paco

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Perfeita asa para fpv longa distancia. Estável e com otima rasão de planeio veja video Perfect wing for FPV long distance. Stable and optimal glide Reason see video

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Overall Rating
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Looks cool and carries and lot. Quality is bad and foam is bent and needs to be heated and bent back. Also it stalls really easy if you try turning sharp.

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Excellent FPV platform. We use it for our photogrammetry UAV Check the video Skywalker X8 Mobius front cam / Sony Nex 7 w/PixHawk in full auto mode and our DJI Phantom V2

3 comments. Reply.. here to see all reviews
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