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Wilga 2000 EPO 950mm w/Flaps (PNF)

Wilga 2000 EPO 950mm w/Flaps (PNF)
Wilga 2000 EPO 950mm w/Flaps (PNF)

The Polish built Wilga is famed for it's STOL capability and ruggedness, two features that this great little scale model also shares!

Manufactured from ultra-tough EPO foam, this Wilga is nicely molded with plenty of detail, assembly is fast, helped by the included brushless motor, servo's and ESC all being pre-installed. Considering it's price, this great looking Wilga is packed with features, including sprung main wheels and tail wheel, hinged side door with a latch for easy battery access, pre-fitted flaps and a scale prop that is secured by a practical O-ring saver.

This Wilga is the perfect scale parkflyer, it's combination of a light flying weight and toughness make the Wilga easy to live with and it's slow fly capability, especially when using the pre-installed flaps is impressive, this is a brilliant model for a relaxing days flying!

Plug and Fly - Simply add your own RX and Battery! (not included)
Tough Epo Construction
High Level of Scale Detail
Easy and Fast Assembly
Flaps Pre-Installed as Standard
Removable 1pc Wing for Easy Transport
Sprung Main Under-Carriage Wheels
Sprung, Steerable Tailwheel
Motor, Servo's and ESC Pre-Installed
O-Ring Prop Saver for Reliability

2 x Scale Prop

Material: EPO
Wingspan: 950mm
Length: 678mm
Flying Weight: 360g
Speed Controller: 15A brushless ESC w/BEC
Servo: 1 x 8g and 3 x 6g
Motor: 2226-2300kv Brushless Outrunner
5 Channel

Your own 5~6 Channel Tx/Rx
2s 7.4V 1000mAh Lipoly Battery

* ESC Uses JST style Connector

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2 1:IC/2:Elec 5 Channel 950mm (37.40in) 678mm (26.69in) 360g (0.792lb)

Weight: 1714g
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Price  $66.99

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Total of 44 discussions.
geordie  55 points - 10/31/2014
hey guys. no manuel with mine built with few problems, but not sure of the cg. anybody know? many thanks.
Nicholas  5 points - 7/29/2014
Wish I could tell you where to get spares. I had a motor burn up and had to make quite a rig to use the motor mount it comes with. very small diameter motor is great but burns up on a 3s haha
ken  73 points - 7/29/2014
how much is international postage to Brisbane Australia.thanks
 onur can 103 points
You can see at checkout.
 ken 73 points
thanks its in aus warehouse,more of an idea on cost.
Jostein  5 points - 6/25/2014
What size Are the props?
 ken 73 points
I think you can get them at superandcheaper.under model.
Paul  5 points - 11/10/2013
Can anyone tell me where to get spares. snoty.
Customer Reviews
Overall Rating
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Pros: Good packaging no damage in transit. Plane looks beautiful and well designed. Assembly was easy took about 2 hours. Landing gear and wheels are spring loaded. Very unique motor mount with springs to absorb head-on impact/crash. Flaps work perfectly. Motor has lots of power. Cons: The motor angle was inaccurate - check the motor shaft angle before flight. Instructions manual was useless. The prop-saver is useless... it is more of a prop adapter. The prop was brittle and broke upon a low impact landing. Shipping to USA was 14 days (standard ship). Summary: Not recommended as a first plane. Be prepared to assemble by seeing / guessing pictures on the box.

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Overall Rating
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Received yesterday.... I Like this little plane. Quality seems pretty good... very light, build is simple. Should be a real floater. Maiden this weekend.

As stated by others .... manual = useless ..... hey HOBBYKING step it up on the manual.... beginners will fail if they do not have some sort of build and set up info. This manual is as poor as poor can be.

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Overall Rating
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Got my Wilga today. Assembled, flew, broke landing gear off on rough landing, fixed, flew again. Assembly is no problem at all. Everything is in the box, including a glue and even a screwdriver. It took me no more than half an hour to put everything together. The plane requires some smooth ground to take off and land. Wheels are quite small, so pavement or a lawn mowed short would be good. Takes off after a very short run, steady climb. Plane is very stable and handles well. Loops and rolls, inverted flight are easy. Bank and yank rolls are tight, rudder rolls need some elevator assistance. Flaps make a pline to pitch up. Some forward pressure or mix into elevator is needed to maintain level. But with full flaps flight is really slow. Plane glides well both with and without flaps. Not a real glider, of course, but can return and land without an engine running. Landing is no problem. Don't hit the planet too hard or landing gear will separate with a peace of foam. Easy to fix, and better gear than wing or tail :) With a 950 mAh 2s nanotech I had 12 minutes of flight, half throttle with some full throttle bursts. The plane can accomodate a twice larger battery if needed. The only flaw I found is that there is a single servo on ailerons. So the push rods are quite tight in a sleeves. And You cannot do mixing of flaps to ailerons like real Wilga has. Overall the very plea

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Overall Rating
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My Wilga, he is very nice.

No instructions for assembly but it's very straight forward. Before glueing the tailwheel on, look for the two carbon rods connected with plastic, these actually glue under the tail wheel and onto the horizontal stabilizer as support struts.

I would pop the landing gear retainer and reglue if flying on grass, mine tore out after a few landings, I just duct taped it back on for now.

Excellent STOL capabilities, doesn't particularly like much wind.

Winner, winner chicken dinner.

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Overall Rating
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This by far the very best arf kit I have every bought and as soon as they are back in stock I am going to buy a spare. I have mounted a 808 Micro camera and the HD camera that HK sells and it fly's great with them mounted to the top of the wing. I fly off grass and take off with the flaps down and it jumps off the ground and make sure you put some down elevator or it will do a loop on take off. It has a lot of throw in rudder aileron and elevator so stay on your toes. I am using the HK 6 channel radio but it does not have dual rates. The USA warehouse need these in stock NOW..... Good flying to all.

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