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Hobbyking Sbach 342 Gas 50cc 2210mm (ARF) (US Warehouse)

Hobbyking Sbach 342 Gas 50cc 2210mm (ARF) (US Warehouse)
Hobbyking Sbach 342 Gas 50cc 2210mm (ARF) (US Warehouse)

This stunning looking Sbach 342 is a pure, mean, 3D machine! The superb Ultra-light construction, which features a sheeted spine fuselage for strength, keeps the flying weight minimal, couple this with a 50cc gas engine or Turnigy Rotomax 50cc equivalent brushless motor and you have unlimited vertical performance!

The wings and horizontal stabilizers are plug in for easy transport, the tailfeathers are not flat sheet but full aerofoil, the control surfaces are easily large enough for 3D maneouvers. Rudder is pull/pull and high quality ball linked control rods are used throughout for precision and reliability. The pre-applied covering is glossy and of a very high standard, the colour scheme is ideal for orientation and looks superb in the classic Sbach scheme. This is a high quality 3D model that is also an ideal everyday sport flyer when set up on low rates, either way, its a real performer and a real looker!

Plug in wing & horizontal stabilizer
Scale colour scheme pre-applied
Alloy re-enforced under-carriage mount
Ball link clevices with turnbuckle control rods
Comprehensive hardware including fuel system
Alloy anodised fuel dot included
Servo extension arms included

Wingspan: 2210mm
Length: 1980mm
Wing Area: 92dm2
Flying Weight: 6.6~7.2g

Your Own 6 Channel TX/RX
6 x MG High Torque Digital Std size Servo
50cc~55cc Gas Engine
Lipoly RX Battery

PRODUCT ID: sbach50cc

1 1:IC/2:Elec 4 Channel 2210mm (87.01in) 1980mm (77.95in) 7200g (15.84lb)

Weight: 10770g
USA West Warehouse
Price  $255.52
was $340.69

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Richard  2 points - 4/10/2015
never have been able to find out if it's actually in stock or not it still shows 10 plus at the USA West warehouse I'm just hoping for a straight answer yes Maybe going to eBay or just online you might be able to find a better deal never know it might be worth it just hate to give them my money and then they tell you that it's out of stock but still show 10 and they will refund your money but then you just have to keep looking good luck with your endeavor
 Joel 34 points
did you get yours????
Richard  2 points - 4/1/2015
Please Please Tell me when! Back in stock USA West warehouse 50cc Sbach 342
 Joel 34 points
did you figure out what was going on with this plane??? is it actually in stock? they keep changing the price. it was cheap for a minute and now... they added a bit to the price, I was gonna push the button but they monkeyed with the price and now its not such a good deal. I decided to buy a plane from ebay, lol better deals there it seems.
Richard  2 points - 4/1/2015
I ordered this plane from us west warehouse says 10 I paid then got a email said not in stock anyone tell me if in stock in USA West Warehouse???
 Joel 34 points
they are currently moving warehouses from washington to oregon and they have screwed up all their inventory, if you ordered it when it was cheap, tell them you want it when it comes in. they screwed up, its best to wait it out.
Ke  8 points - 7/2/2014
I would really love to buy this plane, pls restock - international or UK
albert  1 points - 5/31/2014
Hi guys can someone help me with the tested cg and control troughs for this model.
 jahatton 116 points
Hi Albert, I have this plane and is flying perfectly. Check out my thread on Flying Giants. HobbyKing's 50cc SBach 342 Review and Build.
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Overall Rating
1 thumbs up! is an awesome deal!!! Just like the Pilot SBach 342.


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Overall Rating
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I bought this ARF to replace my Pilot RC 50cc SBach that i had to sell. I was impressed with the pictures and it looked very similar in construction. I decided to save a couple hundred dollars and went with this Hobby King version. When I recieved it, I was convinced it was the same airplane. The quality is as good as any ARF I have built in my over 20 years experience. The hardest part on the build is getting the firewall angles setup correctly. Covering is top notch. It is very light for its size also. I did have to add a considerable amount of weight to the top of the firewall to balance with the DLE55, so it will take a heavy engine no problem without balance issues. Make sure to put a incidence meter on the stabs when bolting them on to make sure they are at 0 degrese to the wings. There is wiggle room and they will be off enough to cause trimming problems. My initial flight went problem free. This plane must have been built with helium infused wood. It flies soooo light. Knife edge flight is almost hands off. I was particular in wanting the proper red ultimate spinner, and after paying 80 dollars off of ebay for the only one I could find, it bridged the gap price wise to the Pilot, but it is still a good bit cheaper still, and you would not know the difference if you had them side by side. I highley recomend this plane to anyone looking for a 50cc unlimited/3D aerobat.

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I would have to say that I was amazed at how great this kit look upon receipt! The control surfaces are not hinged, though slotted and hinges inserted (except for rudder -typical). The landing gear is aluminum. The wing & stag fuselage tubes are CF but the tubes themselves are aluminum. For the price - it's a STEAL! I love that you have to assembly the firewall because I am going to go with a ZDZ60RV and its casing forces you to push the firewall back or put the carb inside the fuse. I'm going with Power HD 9150 servos on control surfaces except rudder. Its going to have a Hitec 7954 for rudder. Going to run 2 LiFe packs for receiver. Going to stat building it right after Xmas - I hope! I'll re-post after test flight.

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Overall Rating
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This is NOT the perfect kit like you would imagine... I had an original pilot-RC 50cc Sbach before this one and this hobbyking version seems like it's the old-version pilot-rc kits. There will be many bad & missing parts like. For example, they give you 4 X 80mm pushrods that is unusable because you need 2x 45mm and 2x 160mm. Missing many m3 screws and nuts etc'... Hobbyking didn't respond to my request for the missing/replacement parts. Also, you'll need to work really hard to make this kit fly. For example, both wing and elevator aluminum tube did not fit the holes. I literally spent 10 hours scrubbing the holes to fit the tube. It was very frustrating. Shipping was about $130 to Los Angeles... What a ripoff. I advice is get the real thing directly from the manufacture. Not through HK.

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