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ZIPPY Compact 2700mAh 3S 25C Lipo Pack

ZIPPY Compact 2700mAh 3S 25C Lipo Pack

Zippy Compact, the latest addition to our Zippy battery series offers excellent performance and high quality in a "Compact" size. These packs provide the same capacity and discharge rate as our Flightmax line, but give you alternative sizes for applications that require a specific shape.

Great for models with limited battery compartment space!

Zippy batteries deliver full capacity & discharge as well as being the best value batteries in the hobby market today!

Voltage: 3S1P / 3 Cell / 11.1V
Discharge: 25C Constant / 35C Burst
Weight: 203g (including wire, plug & case)
Dimensions: 137x15x44mm
Balance Plug: JST-XH
Discharge Plug: HXT 4mm

PRODUCT ID: ZC.2700.3S.25

Capacity(mAh) 2700
Config (s) 3
Discharge (c) 25
Weight (g) 199
Max Charge Rate (C) 5
Length-A(mm) 137
Height-B(mm) 15
Width-C(mm) 44
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wim verleyen  419 points - 4/6/2015
The Quanum Nova's battery compartment is 45mm wide and takes the 30mm height of the Multistar 4000mAh when doing some little mods as described on the Multistar battery page. If you don't mind batteries sticking out a bit you can place 2 of these Zippy batteries on top of each other in the Nova's battery compartment and have 5400mAh in total without having 2 battery packs hanging out of the body...
 waterlogged 3852 points
So what is the actual length of a battery suitable for the Nova? Mine came with a Turnigy 2700Mah 3s, but It was never available on it's own. I didn't fancy buying a Nova every time I needed a new battery :-) Which one gives the best performance, stock standard. I purchased the optional dual battery tray for it, but never got around to trying it. Actually, I hate to admit it, but I purchased the Nova 2 weeks after it was released and I still haven't put a battery in it. I've been preferring to use my home built, because I don't fancy losing $300. They did tend to drop out of the sky for no apparent reason. But life is short, and I can't take it with me, so she's being maiden-ed within the next week,... ... ... .... maybe. :-)
krea3333  24 points - 5/29/2014
good, i like more fly
Exias  8 points - 4/29/2014
hm.... strange, my last reading in my charger after i charged it are 4.10, 4.25, 4.22, 4.0?? is this normal or what?? from when i got from HK i immidiately cheched it with my voltage buzzer and also the cell readings are not ballanced too. I purchased 2 of this battery and same unbalanced storage reading
 Electric Power 732 points
I know you posted a while ago but it is funny how I have used Zippy compact in several sizes and no problem First charge at a 1 to .1 ratio, 2700 changes at 2.7 . Also plug in the balance plug for every charge. Some batts take a few cycles to get up to top charge
 Electric Power 732 points
also never run them down to 3.3 I like to cut it off a little safer at 3.6 or 3.8 per cell. You should be able to set you ESC for a soft cut off so you notice a drop in power and should land right away
Jackster22  6 points - 4/4/2014
What is the "low voltage" on these cells? Most of the alarms go off at 3.3v.
Christopher  6 points - 1/17/2014
Hi all, Ok so will it fit the DJI Phantom... NO :( Will it fit the Walkera qrx350 YES but the door will not close, you will have to use Velcro as I do to use larger batteries. Point! 1- although it is called compact, it simply is not :( I have another 2700 and it is a fraction larger than a standard turnigy 2200 3s 20c battery. 2- it's too big and heavy in my opinion compared to my Black Magic 25c 2700mah 3s 29.97wh which is a little larger than the standard turnigy 2200 3s. Hope this helps guys :)
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Nice and compact. Almost the size of regular 2200mah packs but holds 2700mah =)

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These compact zippys are smallr than their normal sized zippy counterparts but not so significantly that I would be super impressed. They are pretty impressive though.

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Gewicht 200g inkl. Kabel und Stecker,
Kabel inkl. Stecker 10cm
Balancer inkl. Stecker 9cm
Abmessung 139x45x17,3mm
gleichmaessige Spannungslage der Zellen

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Bought 2 (25C) of these and HK sent me a 25C and a 35C battery... great ! I'm getting an upgrade for free I thought... not so fast unfortunately, both batteries are barely performing like 2200 Mah as far as capacity goes, most of my 2200 are regular Zippy 25C and 30C and these 2700 are not giving me any more flight time than a 2200... They both arrived here with good balance so I do't think they were faulty, just not giving me 2700 Mah it seems though ! I'd say stick with the regular Zippy 2800 Mah (which I have) that will give you a real boost in flight time... I have other "Compact Zippy" which perform much better though, just not these ones... :-(

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güzel bi pil biraz uzun helikopterlere uygun

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