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HobbyKing 10A ESC 1A UBEC

HobbyKing 10A ESC 1A UBEC

Constant Current: 10A
Burst Current: 12A
Battery: 2-3S Lipoly / 5-8s NiXX
BEC: 5v / 1A
Motor Type: Sensorless Brushless
Size: 26x5x18mm
Weight: 8g

Programming Functions:
Battery Type: Lipo /NiXX
Brake: On / Off
Voltage Protection: Low / Mid / High
Protection mode: Reduce power / Cut off power
Timing: Low / Mid / High
Startup: Fast / Normal / Soft
PWM Frequency: 8k / 16k
Helicopter mode: Off / 5sec / 15sec (Start up delay)

PRODUCT ID: 261000002

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Weight: 20g
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Price  $6.95

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 Customer rated
Total of 39 discussions.
Theodore  1 points - 10/21/2014
The motor I am using with this only turns on when the stick is at full throttle, how can I fix it?
 v_max 4342 points
You need to calibrate ESC control range. Check under files tab for programming manual. It's for other ESC type but procedure is the same.
Bastien  14 points - 9/21/2014
I have take this forme The hobbyking mini saturn and it's work very good !!
herolsen  20 points - 8/10/2014
Is it possible this esc got a true switching bec? just got one. its buzzing all the time, and the sound seems to follow changes in bec load. even the blinking led on my tiny reciever is enough of a load change. If this is not the result of a switching bec then i dont know what is causing it. the esc seems to be working ok.
 fjmb58 484 points
No, it definitely has two linear 7805 regulators, I would return it as it shouldn't buzz.
 herolsen 20 points
Is it worth the trouble though? $6.55
ALESSANDRO  8 points - 7/16/2014
I refleshed with simonk firmware but it have a sync and timing problem with rcx 1806 2400 kv motor...Have Anyone the same problem? Thanks.
 fjmb58 484 points
Firstly did you use Simonk_2013-5-15? Secondly test them with Props on not off. Otherwise google "Warning: Certain ESCs can destroy Sunnysky 2204" Lots of info there
 ALESSANDRO 8 points
No i try on the last firmware because i presume that is better! Yes the issue is with props on, infact the mini 250 flip alone into the ground and somtime the motors gitteri at the take off. I'll try Simonk_2013-5-15...i hope it is ok .....i have the same problem with blue series 12 amp....thanks
 kent 7 points
did it work??
 ALESSANDRO 8 points
Not working the 2013-5-15 Simonk for this esc's...but working perfectly with 12 Amp blue series! Thanks.
 chly3001 595 points
how do u flash these? they are so small
 fjmb58 484 points
There are photos in the files section
 ALESSANDRO 8 points
Yes there are the photos but there aren't the description on can find this in google. Yes the pads are very small but is too easy to flasch it!
 chly3001 595 points
the pads are so tiny, how are they flashed?
Charles  1 points - 5/14/2014
There is no way the BEC is capable of 1A output on these at 3S! I had one start smoking with just a receiver plugged in. ESCs work fine though. BECs will probably do OK on 2S. But the regulator is a 'current sink' type. So on 3S, it's dissipating 7V as heat and passing along the other 5V out the BEC. So even at 500mA it is easy for these to overheat...
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Excelente produto, recomendo a todos os clientes a comprarem. Super leve

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Overall Rating
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work really well, highly recommened, using them on my quadcopter

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Cheap and reliable, using them for small foamies. Weight was about 8g each, bought four and glad I got the programming card too.

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nice as other 30a esc, good for update to 400hz

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i replaced the stock esc of the micro f86 which is 6A with this esc in order to use 3s battery and it flies great i just cut the wires to save weight and will stay in the recommended flying weight specs.thank you hobbyking.

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