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Solo PRO 100 3G Flybarless 3D Micro Helicopter (US plug) (RTF) (US Warehouse)

Solo PRO 100 3G Flybarless 3D Micro Helicopter (US plug) (RTF) (US Warehouse)
Solo PRO 100 3G Flybarless 3D Micro Helicopter (US plug) (RTF) (US Warehouse)

The Solo Pro 100 3G Flybarless 3D Micro Helicopter has arrived! This is a flybarless collective pitch 3D micro helicopter that is sure to please. Weighing in at only 45g flying weight, this is one small yet very capable heli!

The Solo Pro 100 3G features a high quality flybarless system that makes this heli stable yet extremely agile. The flybarless system allows for 3D aerobatics with precision and speed and give the feel of a much larger helicopter.

The J6 PRO 6CH 2.4gHz radio also comes included with this package. This is a high quality radio that allows for binding with other Solo Pro helis such as the Solo Pro 180, and with many great features such as:

Model Type Selection
Channel Reversing
Dual Rates
CCPM Mix Setup
Swashplate Type
General Wing-Mix
Adjustable Throttle/Pitch Curve
Gyro Sensitivity Adjustment
Throttle Hold Function
Memory Trim
Transmitting Power
Mode 1 or Mode 2 Selection Swith (located on back of radio)

This package comes ready to fly with the included J6 PRO 6CH 2.4gHz radio, battery charger, 3.7V 200mAh lipoly, and a spare set of main/tail blades. Charge the flight battery, and you are ready to fly!

Rotor Diameter: 9.69" (246mm)
Overall Length: 9.45" (240mm)
Weight: 1.6oz. (45g)
Battery: 3.7V 200mAh 30C lipoly
Radio Type: Mode 1 or Mode 2 (user selectable by swith on back of radio)


This product is no-longer available. CLICK HERE TO SEE A WIDE RANGE OF SIMILAR ITEMS

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Jamie  12 points - 8/1/2014
All, I just received this today, looks great and seems sturdy. Problem is that all three (linear) servos hold their last position even when the sticks are relaxed when the head is at speed. It takes a solid ***p on the stick in the other direction to get them to move. When throttle is off, as in preflight check, they return to center as expected. Any ideas?
Jerry Evans  1 points - 2/23/2014
Can I bind a FS-TH9X transmitter to this Solo Pro 100 . If I can then how do I do that?
william  44 points - 1/3/2014
Now you can use you Nine Eagle devices with other radio's. The new (NE480192) General Link RF Adapter Module with SLT Secure Link Technology for FUTABA, Hitec, JR, Spektrum and WALKERA Transmitter - 2.4GHz Just do a search for Nine Eagle part number NE480192
 wienguy 764 points
HEY I like that. So now I can use my Futaba
wienguy  764 points - 1/2/2014
Lots of people say you can't get parts but if you go to the nine eagles web sight you can get all the part numbers. Remember that nine eagle calls this the Solo Pro 280. Once you get the part numbers you can come back to Hobby King and look them up or just google them. One place I found is rchelicoptershop and another is HELIPAL. The the skid is a little different as it has two tiny holes for tail boom supports and the tail boom fin has two tiny holes for the supports as well.
wienguy  764 points - 12/26/2013
Im looking for Anyone in Arizona USA that can check out my Solo Pro and it's radio and can teach me about it and see if I need any parts. just look at my name and add y_a_h_o_o
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This heli is a bargain for the price. Very similar concept to the blade mcpx. The Canopy and the landing gear are somewhat fragile, but the heli flies well and the flybarless system makes it a breeze to fly in the wind. I bought this heli hoping I could also use the transmitter with my Nine Eagles Solo Pro II, but it doesn't bind to the Solo Pro II. I was leery after reading the comment that these are on sale because of radio problems, but mine works fine, as I suspect the rest will, it's just a good price point.

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Overall Rating
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For $80 this thing is a steal. I ordered two and both came with spare main and tail blades and some linkages. Flies remarkably well. It is not an EXTREME 3D machine, but it loops, rolls and flies around inverted no problem. A great way to learn and keep the thumbs nimble. Maybe not quite as crash-proof as some of the "other" choppers. I have already broken a knob off a swashplate and stripped a bunch of teeth off a main gear. It would be nice if HK kept these parts in stock. I don't understand why the US RTF version is $80 (with Tx), and the BNF costs more (No Tx)? In the international warehouse it's $135 for the RTF? The Tx alone is $80 in the parts listing. Weird. I suspect the $80 deal will not last, jump on it while you can.

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Lets see, this is not as easy to fly as my solo pro 328! I am having to learn to hover all over again. The hardest thing to unlearn is mashing the throttle to zero when you are in trouble. Overall it is a good heli, just need HK to get those skids in stock, i broke mine already :)

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Ihave 2 hk 450 thats been in the closet for about a year now because of crashes o i wanted something to practice on and this baby is a hand full. If you can fly this you can fly anything. It is a good heliand i really like it. Bounced it off every wall in the house and finally snaped the tail boom at the mount. I snaped off the broken piece, pushed it back in and back to flying yeaaaa. The swash plate pulls apart in a hard blade hit so i just pushes it back together, seem llke a safety feature to save the ball joints. Order the nano 300 batteries for better flight times and HOBBY KINGS doesnt even offer many of the parts like tail boom and motor, not good.

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just received mine today, trans.antenna broken but no problem to repair. THIS COPTER ROCKS flies perfect.for $79.00 you can't go wrong. flies as good as my HK450 GT PRO good job H.K.

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