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TURNIGY 1:4 Scale Brushless GoKart (KIT)

TURNIGY 1:4 Scale Brushless GoKart (KIT)
TURNIGY 1:4 Scale Brushless GoKart (KIT)

The TURNIGY 1:4 scale gokart is a real blast to drive, with it's low center of gravity and ultra sticky TruRubber* tyres which keep the kart turning sharply. A powerful full size servo is included with kart to keep the steering precise and quick, while the non differential rear tyres lay rubber on each corner!

The entire floor pan is made of 4mm Carbon fiber sheet with very little suspension travel at the rear giving the gokart very realistic handling.

You will need a 35A ESC, an inrunner motor around 3900Kv, a tansmitter and receiver and 2S LiPo battery.

Stickers are included, but the driver is unpainted so you can create your own race livery on the driver.

Length: 450mm
Width: (F)262mm / (R)305mm
Height: 201mm
Ground Clearance: 5~12mm
Top Speed: 45~60km/h
Tyres: 56×30mm / 58×45mm
Pinion: 13T (Required)
Gear Ratio: 13:2.37
Drive/Main Ratio: 13:47
T-Tube/Main Ratio: 20:30
Driving Weight: 2,100g (approx.)

35A Car ESC (TR35A-V2, 60A-SL or HK-45A)
Receiver/Transmitter (HK-GT2 or other 2~3 channel Tx)
LiPo: 2S 4000~5200mAh Hardcase Lipo (140x48x50mm max size) 
13T Pinion gear.

TruRubber: TURNIGY's very own super-soft rubber compound that sticks to road surfaces better than standard street tyres.


Weight: 2165g Quantity: 

  • Hobby King 35A Sensored/Sensorless Car ESC (1:10/1:12)

    Combo Price: $22.22   IN STOCK

  • Turnigy Brushless ESC 35A CAR ESC

    Combo Price: $26.95   IN STOCK

  • S2848-3900 Brushless Inrunner 3900kv (11.5T)

    Combo Price: $21.02   IN STOCK

  • S2848-4370 Brushless Inrunner (4370kv) (11T)

    Combo Price: $21.02   IN STOCK

  • ZIPPY Flightmax 4000mAh 2S1P 20C hardcase pack

    Combo Price: $17.29   IN STOCK

  • ZIPPY Flightmax 5000mAh 2S1P 20C hardcase pack

    Combo Price: $17.19   IN STOCK

  • Turnigy 3800mAh 2S1P 7.4v 25C hardcase pack

    Combo Price: $14.76   IN STOCK

  • Turnigy Accucel-6 50W 6A Balancer/Charger w/ Accessories

    Combo Price: $22.95   IN STOCK

  • HK-300 3 Channel 2.4ghz FHSS Ground Radio

    Combo Price: $19.76   BACKORDER

  • Wind Shield - Go-Kart

    Combo Price: $0.78   IN STOCK

  • Drive Shaft - Go-Kart

    Combo Price: $1.98   IN STOCK

  • Steering Knuckle Holder Set - Go-Kart

    Combo Price: $6.56   IN STOCK

  • Drive Gear Bottom Set - Go-Kart

    Combo Price: $3.43   IN STOCK

  • Bottom Plate Assembly - Go-Kart

    Combo Price: $14.95   IN STOCK

  • Front Bottom Plate - Go-Kart

    Combo Price: $9.95   IN STOCK

  • Back Bottom Plate - Go-Kart

    Combo Price: $6.38   IN STOCK

  • Linkage rod - Turnigy Go-Kart

    Combo Price: $0.95   IN STOCK

  • Linkage rod (short) - Turnigy Go-Kart

    Combo Price: $1.03   IN STOCK

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 Customer rated 5 crowns   
Total of 29 discussions.
da king  60 points - 1/14/2014
so what happened when the tires wore out? when they don't have every single part for this thing in replacement parts.
 ccalebhall 131 points
well you could put electrical tape around them it will nslow them from wearing out and you can also use drift tires of even touring car tyes.
 Mar11 2530 points
are the wheels 17mm hex ?
RC_JONO  80 points - 9/18/2013
why would you buy this when the atr one is $20 cheaper and is the same thing
 lewdog 32 points
lol i know right. wtf hk
 ccalebhall 131 points
because you get more enjoyment building one and you wouldn't have the esc reciver of battery
Manuel  7 points - 9/7/2013
Witch servo can i use on the kit?
 Raphael 8 points
It comes with a servo.
 Manuel 7 points
Rafael, my kit did not came with servo.
 ccalebhall 131 points
you can use a 9g/15g servo
rustynail1  25 points - 7/17/2013
what is the tires that i can put beter then this ,with this tire i can not full power always sliping
 cset-racing 8 points
Hi,I am useing 10th scale world GT foamys,you need to do a little bit of machining but than you just buy them at about $25 a set and bolt them on.Here are some photos of my>Chris target=_blank>Chris target=_blank>Chris target=_blank>Chris target=_blank>Chris
 winchi 8 points
Looks awesome. Do you have any video of the actual modification process? And a parts list for the mod. I liked this.
 Mar11 2530 points
are the wheels 17mm hex ?
 cset-racing 8 points
The wheels are not 17mm hex,they are 10 scale world GT wheels available at most onroad RC shops.If you PM me your email address I will send you the drawerings to modify you axles.
 Mar11 2530 points
thanks my email is

marwan . alaywe * G M A I L . c o m
 cset-racing 8 points
I also can do the sticker sheets in many different colours and designs.
 winchi 8 points
Can you send me the drawings too? Email wantonia*hotmail****
FROM SANTA  1 points - 4/8/2013
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Overall Rating
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I made some mods on this Go-Kart ...
and indeed i have troubles ...
i can't go straight forward any more
because i put a 3650 motor with
10500 KV !!!
The thing is like a rocket , when moving backwards . ( I will post some evidence ...)
One more thing to mention is that the steering servo saver
is a total failure as it broke without even an impact ...

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Overall Rating
Like it?
Ok, first just place your order for one and get all the stuff they offer for it like the bec and lipoly get a radio from em too, these karts are going to blow you away, I just got mine running and a small test drive with the stock motor and it jams,,, I got the upgraded motor but wont be using untill I get this thing under control, I have a gyro to use if needed, but if you looking for something to make your neighbors wake up get one. way cool

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