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ZIPPY Flightmax 2200mAh 3S1P 25C (AU Warehouse)

ZIPPY Flightmax 2200mAh 3S1P 25C (AU Warehouse)

Zippy Flightmax batteries deliver full capacity & discharge as well as being the best value batteries in the market! No matter the application you have in mind, zippy lipoly batteries are an ideal choice.

Capacity: 2200mAh
Voltage: 3S1P / 3 Cell / 11.1v
Discharge: 25C Constant / 35C Burst
Weight: 173g (including wire, plug & shrink wrap)
Dimensions: 104x36x25mm
Balance Plug: JST-XH
Discharge plug: XT60

PRODUCT ID: Z22003S-25

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Capacity(mAh) 2200
Config (s) 3
Discharge (c) 25
Weight (g) 173
Max Charge Rate (C) 2
Length-A(mm) 104
Height-B(mm) 36
Width-C(mm) 25
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Weight: 215g
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Price  $12.70

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Total of 5 discussions.
brad  2 points - 4/11/2014
What voltage should I charge this battery to. When I charge it to 11.1v it doesn't last very long?
 hydrogenmonoxide 7 points
You can charge Lipo cells to 4.20V each. This is a 3 cell battery, so charge it to 12.6 Volts (3x4.2V). 11.1 is when the pack is almost empty, so it is given here as the minimum voltage you should expect. It is safe to discharge lower than that, but generally batteries last for more charge cycles if you don't discharge them all the way. My preference is to not go below 3.7V per cell, although some people go to 3.5 or even 3.3.
Remko  736 points - 11/16/2013
I took the "Alula-Eva" for a little bit of slope soaring.... And the 3s 2200mah lipo kept it running for more than 6 hours that day...!!! :) The "Alula-Eva"whas still a little bit to light with these wind conditions, so i had to add about 40 more grams to make it more stable.. so a bigger lipo would not be a problem at all... I got a lot of questions about the "Alula-Eva", So... if anyone likes more info on the "Alula-Eva", Please read the description of this video on YouTube..!!!.......>> Thank You <<......
Remko  736 points - 10/21/2013
These lipo's would be great for my new scratchbuilt "Alula-Eva"
Andrew  5 points - 2/18/2013
How long before these will be back in stock in the ausie warehouse? or can i choose another product instead?
 Sugna 201 points
I think it's better to go for another battery...
drflogalot  46 points - 3/4/2011
was wondering if anyone else has purchased these batteries and how well theres balance .. i purchased three and the best i can balance mine using several different charges is about 1c 4.12 2c 4.13 and the third cell best i can get is 4.32 .. all batteries seem about the same after charging .. i havent discharged yet only charged and balanced so unsure if i should test now or try a third charger .. charges used were a swallow lipo charger with balancer and a rc power bc6 with balancer.. at all times there were charged with balancer connected then balanced also after charging .. is it my chargers or something to do with the batteries as i have old and new rhino 2200 25c that balance to within .05v nearly every time .. any help or info would be great .. cheers
 drflogalot 46 points
mmmm well i really hope so
 mark 5 points
i only bought one,and it balanced perfectly,first charge,ive since used it 4 times,still with no balance probs,fit perfectly in esky,seems to be great little batt
 ezarc 146 points
I have 2 of them, I havent used them yet though and I have had them for about a month.
 THEBERK 2 points
well somtimes when in storage at the warehouse they discharge differently but what i do when that happens make slits in the balencerplug from the battery get alagator clips and charge each cell its self its perfect garenty it will work done it so many time and when done balancing them manuele just cover the slits with eletrical tape and srry for the spelling errors i type fast
 THEBERK 2 points
 THEBERK 2 points
the third cell is over charged so put the batery to low voltage and then balece it and at the end all cells should be at 4.20 each per cell hope you didnt through them away cause there fine. hope every one see's this so they know how to rebalce there battery*s in stead of throughing them away
 Mikoyan_CN 91 points
Turnigy is much better than Zippy since I bought 2 Zippy batteries which were all faulty. I have finally come to the conclusion.
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Have used one of these on my 450GT. Cell balance was accurate and seems to hold discharge rate quite well.

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Overall Rating
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wanted to try are few flightmax packs. they are ok but nothing special

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Overall Rating
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Great battery, Great Price. Not much more to say. Thank you!

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This is a great lipo for the price. I use the lipo with a 40A Brushless and it goes a little bit warm, but not hot! Perfect size for me airplanes.

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very good batteries i bought 4 all were perfect no DOA's

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