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HobbyKing™ HK15178 Analog Servo 1.4kg / 0.09sec / 10g

HobbyKing™ HK15178 Analog Servo 1.4kg / 0.09sec / 10g
HobbyKing™ HK15178 Analog Servo 1.4kg / 0.09sec / 10g

Don't let the price fool you. This is a decent analog servo and the colour is, well, different.
No longer will you goose step to the blue or black servo crowd, get a HobbyKing HK15178!

Torque: 1.2kg/cm @ 4.8v, 1.4kg/cm @ 6v
Weight: 10g
Speed: 0.10/60deg @ 4.8v, 0.09/60deg @ 6v
Voltage: 4.8v~6v
Plug: JR




Weight (g) 10
Torque (kg) 1.4
Speed(Sec/60deg) 0.09
A(mm) 30
B(mm) 23
C(mm) 27
D(mm) 12
E(mm) 32
F(mm) 17
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  • Futaba/JR Connector caps (5pcs/set)

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ece31316  9 points - 3/1/2016
is this servo coreless?
 RonRC 4378 points
ece, No but they work quite smoothly in my flat foam F-22. Here is some onboard video showing how smooth it flies.
pilotox  85 points - 12/11/2015
Does anyone know the stall current? on this servo. Hitec servos place this important spec in their servo specifications. Would be nice if HK servos would include them also. It helps anyone seriously building rc and robotic projects.
 Claudio 1 points
100 mA
Daniel  2 points - 9/8/2015
will these work on the hk 250 with the tarot gyro (flybarless of course)
 hobbybrothers 31 points
they probably will work, please award best answer credit if this was helpful
Gajanand  30 points - 8/13/2015
James  3 points - 6/18/2015
I've had these in an AXN for sometime now, no problems! One of the better servos I've had in its class.
 RonRC 4378 points
Two of these work great in my 30 inch wingspan F-22 to control the elevons.
 ronnie 1 points
will this servo handle 7.4 volts even though it is rated at 6.0
 RonRC 4378 points
Hi ronnie, I wouldn't try it. Nothing worse than getting the magic smoke from a servo that's been cooked. I don't go over 5v with any of these little servos unless it specifically says hi voltage. However they work great at 5v (voltage supplied by the Electronic Speed Control's, ESC's, onboard Battery Eliminating Circuit, BEC, or a separate BEC, that takes the power from the battery to convert it to 5v). Hope this helps and Happy flying!
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Overall Rating
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This servo is very stressresponse and good looking becouse of it very nice colour! This is the best price!

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Overall Rating
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12 days from order to receipt and I paid the cheapest/slowest shipping, air mail non registered which was $2.99 shipping.

Received 4 of these and tested them all out.

You know what?
darn nice servos that come out to $2.64 each with shipping!

Each one was spot on 10g just as advertised.

The bag with the horns and screws weighed in at a wopping 2g and half of that was the bag.

Hooked them up to a little park futaba fasst receiver and ran these from a 5cell Nimh pack, so 6.6v for testing.

Ran the servo movement test and then the neutral test.

smooth, fast and centered perfectly well.
All four operate as smooth and quick.
Oh and each one responded to single clicks of trim.

The wire with the plug is 7 1/2 inches long and the wire seems to be very soft/flexible silicon.

If you are looking for inexpensive servo's for your foamy or small park flyer, I'd use these.

Next, I'll take one apart and have a look under the hood

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Overall Rating
RC rabbit
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Verry good servo for unbeatable price. Minimal consuption is 4,9 mA , maximal is 330 mA at 5 V. For examplle HXT 900 : 6,1/300 mA. Thanks HK !

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Overall Rating
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Bought 5 pieces, despite this color as the glowing orange. to try. The price is excellent, although the color I disliked.

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Overall Rating
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Just received my servos. I purchased 5 of them and the price including shipping was the same as purchasing 2 Hitec HS-55 feather servos. Comparing these with the HS-55 they weigh in about 2 grams more that the HS-55. The case feels tougher than the HS-55 and I think will be less likely to be crushed when screwed in. I like the orange color and will purchase more in the future. These are great servos for the flat foamies people are creating. I plan on building a flat foamy soon to give these servos a workout. These are also great for small park fliers. Expect more orders once I show these of to my friends at our RC Club. HobbyKing did great in bringing us these great servos.

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