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HobbyKing™ HK15178 Analog Servo 10g/1.4kg/0.09s

HobbyKing™ HK15178 Analog Servo 10g/1.4kg/0.09s
HobbyKing™ HK15178 Analog Servo 10g/1.4kg/0.09s

Don't let the price fool you. This is a decent analog servo and the colour is, well, different.
No longer will you goose step to the blue or black servo crowd, get a HobbyKing HK15178!

Torque: 1.2kg/cm @ 4.8v, 1.4kg/cm @ 6v
Weight: 10g
Speed: 0.10/60deg @ 4.8v, 0.09/60deg @ 6v
Voltage: 4.8v~6v
Plug: JR




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Weight (g) 10
Torque (kg) 1.4
Speed(Sec/60deg) 0.09
A(mm) 30
B(mm) 23
C(mm) 27
D(mm) 12
E(mm) 32
F(mm) 17
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Weight: 19g
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Price  $2.29

  • Futaba/JR Connector caps (5pcs/set)

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Shrizt  2 points - 4/1/2015
not a best choice, already thrown couple of them away...
CDC444  45 points - 3/22/2015
Read about some servos drawing high current and causing brownouts... I plan to use these in my bix 3... 4 total (no flaps) Would a 2 amp bec be good? Or what would you suggest?
 NickS 19 points
A 2 amp bec should be good for you situation as long as your not "working" the servos to hard. I would say 3 amp, but as long as you are not doing flips, rolls, etc, you should be fine with 2 amp. Nick
Andrew  13 points - 9/25/2014
I have a similar servo to this from a plane that I have salvaged parts from. However, 2 of the servo arms were chopped in the factory to fit inside the hull. I can't find any replacements for this! Any chance someone can help me out here?
 LasseK 1681 points
Can you measure the diameter of the servo arm shaft on the servo (the diameter of the spline shaft) and also count the number of splines?
 Andrew 13 points
Thanks for help LasseK! I found the manufacturer specs here and it seems as if it is 4.82mm in diameter and has 20 teeth/splines. It's a PZ-15178 but has hobbyking branding/sticker. Is this enough info? Your help is really appreciated. Thanks!
 LasseK 1681 points
OK, thanks for the credit! I checked one of my HK15178 servos and its output spline shaft is 4.8mm, and it is a 20 spline shaft. So I would say it's very likely that the HK15178 arms fit your servos. If I were you, I would simply buy a few HK15178, because you will have a hard time finding servo arms much cheaper, and you can view it as getting the servos for free! :-) Also, and on a slightly more serious note, these servos are quite good in my opinion, they might serve you as spares for the ones you have (if the space allows it, as I understand it the HK15178 is a few mm taller than the ones you have, but you might be able to accommodate them). But you will get the servo arms anyway! HTH
RonRC  4118 points - 9/8/2014
If you want to know how smooth these servos can make an aircraft fly, take a look at the onboard video from my plane. Nice and smooth.
Dan  1 points - 7/10/2014
I am new to dlg. Is this Bixler good for beach flying in 10 to 20mi wind? What is a servo? What is this reverse servo? Does it bring the plane back to me? Thanks, Dan
 glenn_mech 566 points
servo is used to move ailerons elevator and rudder. with 10 to 20 mi wind per hour your bixler most likely well not come back to you for now.. try to read more before buying a plane...and practice flying with simulator first..
 crazycarmaniac 500 points
by the sounds of it the guy doesnt even know what the rc hobby even is
 LasseK 1681 points
Correct observation probably, Crazycarmaniac, but in what way do you think your comment helps? :-) Dan, I have flown the Bixler 2 and AXN in strong winds, and there is really no problem with it as long as you are proficient with landing the plane against the wind. A servo is a small piece of electronics and mechanics that moves the control surfaces according to the stick movements on your transmitter, i.e. ailerons, rudder and elevator. A reverse servo is either one that you have modified to move in the opposite direction to the transmitter stick, or you have inserted a piece of electronics between receiver and servo to reverse the movement. You can mount electronic equipment on the plane that returns it to the launch position when control is lost, or when a switch is flipped on the transmitter, but this is quite advanced stuff. If you haven't flown anything before, listen to glenn_mech and get a simulator, it is such a god investment to avoid simpler mistakes when flying. Google for ilEBoTtGqhE on youtube for a tutorial on RC basics. HTH
 crazycarmaniac 500 points
I recemend getting the bixler 2 rtf as lassek suggested as its very stable and a good plane to start off eith it then can be later upgraded for live video ( fpv )
 RonRC 4118 points
Hi Dan, Glenn gave you some good advice. Get some time on a simulator before you try to fly a real plane. Especially if you intend to fly in hi winds (10 - 20mph) I'm pretty sure the Bixler can handle the wind but it may be a bit difficult to control. For hi winds, I like taking out my F-22 flat foamy. It handles hi winds great and is the only plane I fly in such conditions. Hope this helps and Happy flying!
 crazycarmaniac 500 points
Iin the vid it doesnt look windy st sll Ive flown my bix 2 in 50 kmh winds with loaded fpv gear only thing i noticed was it wouldnt bank to easily and it would rise insanly fast without notifacation. It kept going steaight and didnt turn on its own though
 LasseK 1681 points
I too perceived poor aileron authority, especially at speed, so I modified my Bix 2 ailerons in this way: Replaced the servos with XGD-11HMB (metal gear, quite high torque), cut the ailerons loose and put in proper hinges, connected the servo horns to 60mm x 42mm x 0.6mm thick glass fiber plates epoxied to the aileron surface, epoxied 3mm carbon rods to the trailing edge of the ailerons with good contact with the GF plates, and for last I maxed out the throws, with some expo (30%). After these changes I perceive that the Bix always obeys me aileron-wise. I also use a stabilizer (9171000238), and this made the Bix a lot less nervous elevator-wise. All in all I perceive very good stability now with this combo, also in strong winds (haven't measured the wind speed, so no info on that). My 2 cents
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Overall Rating
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This servo is very stressresponse and good looking becouse of it very nice colour! This is the best price!

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Overall Rating
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12 days from order to receipt and I paid the cheapest/slowest shipping, air mail non registered which was $2.99 shipping.

Received 4 of these and tested them all out.

You know what?
darn nice servos that come out to $2.64 each with shipping!

Each one was spot on 10g just as advertised.

The bag with the horns and screws weighed in at a wopping 2g and half of that was the bag.

Hooked them up to a little park futaba fasst receiver and ran these from a 5cell Nimh pack, so 6.6v for testing.

Ran the servo movement test and then the neutral test.

smooth, fast and centered perfectly well.
All four operate as smooth and quick.
Oh and each one responded to single clicks of trim.

The wire with the plug is 7 1/2 inches long and the wire seems to be very soft/flexible silicon.

If you are looking for inexpensive servo's for your foamy or small park flyer, I'd use these.

Next, I'll take one apart and have a look under the hood

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Overall Rating
RC rabbit
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Verry good servo for unbeatable price. Minimal consuption is 4,9 mA , maximal is 330 mA at 5 V. For examplle HXT 900 : 6,1/300 mA. Thanks HK !

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Overall Rating
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Bought 5 pieces, despite this color as the glowing orange. to try. The price is excellent, although the color I disliked.

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Overall Rating
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Just received my servos. I purchased 5 of them and the price including shipping was the same as purchasing 2 Hitec HS-55 feather servos. Comparing these with the HS-55 they weigh in about 2 grams more that the HS-55. The case feels tougher than the HS-55 and I think will be less likely to be crushed when screwed in. I like the orange color and will purchase more in the future. These are great servos for the flat foamies people are creating. I plan on building a flat foamy soon to give these servos a workout. These are also great for small park fliers. Expect more orders once I show these of to my friends at our RC Club. HobbyKing did great in bringing us these great servos.

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