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Hobby King Onboard Auto Glow Plug Driver

Hobby King Onboard Auto Glow Plug Driver
Hobby King Onboard Auto Glow Plug Driver

Is your engine running rich, difficult to start or just faultering?
No problem! The Hobbyking on board glow driver offers peace of mind and could not be more simple to fit or operate, featuring both manual push-button operation and/or remote transmitter switching via a spare channel.
The power supply comes from your RX battery and if you use the START switch on the Hobbyking Glow Driver it will power off after the engine has started (10 seconds) to ensure no excess battery drain. If you use a spare channel on your TX the glow driver will stay on for as long as you want.

Weight: 24g Complete with all leads
Dimensions: 35mmx30mmx14mm (control unit)
Operating Voltage Range: 4.0v~6.8v
Output Voltage: 1.2v~1.6v
Current: 3A~4A
Includes Instruction Leaflet


Weight: 46g
International Warehouse
Price  $13.60

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Buy-N-Fly  7 points - 5/7/2015
I installed this item in a .40 size glow engine airplane. The unit worked flawlessly for a couple of months and around 20 flights before failing. I opened the case and saw some resistors/diodes loose inside. Vibration probably caused these electronic components to come off the circuit board and thus the failure. The lesson is - ISOLATE all electronic devices from vibration for longevity.
 emrecubuk 5 points
Not the vibration, solder is melted.
urso2000  6 points - 7/22/2014
Funciona, tanto con el boton como conectado a un canal de la emisora, buen cacharro...
Andrew  7 points - 6/21/2014
Can you use this glow driver in a plane
 fantasiiio 137 points
Why not, if there is a glow plug in your plane, you can use it. I used it in car, plane and helicopter.
Alessio Del Prete  1 points - 4/27/2014
__dill - poderia dar mais detalhes do poque nao funcionar? qual o motor que instalou, quais as dificuldades? de que estado vc eh? sou de sc.. me interesso se tiver ainda... quero por em um kyosho infreno... responde ai manin... abraç*o!
Ashish Paul  19 points - 3/5/2014
should the glow plug driver stay on as long as driving the car, or is it just used to switch on the engine and later turning off ?
 LepuaMag 23 points
This is simply for starting your engine. After the engine is running normally (usually after 5-15 seconds, and after you rev the engine a little bit) this can be switched off. Also, if you have an old quirky engine like my SuperTigre, you can use this to start it, and then if the engine starts to cut out, you can turn this on using a spare channel to prevent the engine from cutting out and you having to go grab it and start it again. Now if only they had an Onboard glow engine starter like they do for large gas engines... Hands-free starting!
 Brian 1 points
i have been thinking of a way to do onboard starting in a rc boat build im thinkng traxxas ez start system with this just need a way to trigger the starter motor
 LepuaMag 23 points
Bingo. At the time I didn't know about ez-start, and that is the easiest way to do it. I certainly hope you can get something like this working, as boats that cut out are a little bit harder to retrieve than cars. Been there, it's not fun.
 Brian 1 points
i just ordered a r.o.s.s starting system for one of my boats along with the giant motor for it nowto wait and see how it works
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The Glow Plug drives I had were of poor, at 4 volts was the glowplug completely white and I expected that it would break. With 6 volts feeding it happened as I guessed, the glowplug burned up and unfortunately also the glowdriver broke, now gives 5 ??volts all the time. Rubbish, and worse yet is that my first comment on this page just disappeared, can not tolerate hearing the truth. ? Dag L. Sweden

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not installed yet, seems promising, work at bench as described.
wait ant see if it hold in time.


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This unit started my plane one time and after that there is no voltage at the glow plug. The LED stays lit all the time but there is no voltage regardless if I push the button on the driver or if I use my transmitter. I have contacted Hobby King and I'm sure they will make it right. There are problems at times with all electronics so if I get another one I will post a review of it. As for now, not real impressed with it.

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Have been using this for a few weeks now and it works great, just flip the switch on your remote or press the button on the box and you're good to go. I'm just using it to start the engine, not as a glowdriver, and for this purpose it works very good. Very practical if you have a difficult access to the glowplug on your plane.

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I am very angry about my last two Orders. First a Quanum Application has THE BEC Error on Board. So I take another RX Batterie 4,8V to fix that mistake. So it is trash for my money. Than I bought that 2way glow system which is a shame to sell it! Every normaly RRCEIVER Akku break down. Also the glow POWER is continiously working. If you disconnect the glow plug, than the system from your RX and switch is working perfectly. SO also the 1,2V are not working through the output. It brings 4,8 V and damage all my GLOW Candles. If you want warranty. you have to pay more money for delevery back, as for the product. ´That is the easiest way to sell trash for a good money!!!! I think I buy never again here. Ans alos only 30 days warranty for LIPOS. If you buy by Go-Market you get 1 Year of all products, and a very good Service and FREE REPLACEMENTS!

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