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Digital Servoless Retractable system (1pc) 54g

Digital Servoless Retractable system (1pc) 54g

The easiest way to put retracts in your plane. No need to install a control box, messy wiring or a complicated air system. Just screw in the retracts, connect to your Rx and youre ready!
Reliable servo mechanism with metal gearing and a high torque motor ensures trouble free flying!
Why bother with air systems when you can now have a realistic and reliable electric unit at a fraction of the price?!
Landing gear not included with the servoless retractable system.

Robust landing gear strut and mounting bracket
Built-in 10 seconds over current and jamming protection
Integrated electric motor with a micro PCB
Double shock absorption design, completely protect the gears
Auto 90 degree twist when retracted 

Working voltage: 4.8~6V
Speed: .08s/60deg 4.8v - 0.6s/60deg 6v
Angle limit: 90 degree when retracted
Operating temp: -10~50C
Dimensions: 73.5x44x28mm
Weight: 54g
Shaft size: 5mm
Mounting area size: 44mm x 41mm
Length: 74mm
Not suitable for a plane heavier than 4.7kg


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cumbernauld  9 points - 4/8/2014
Can anyone tell me what sprung oleo's will fit this retract?
beauman  18 points - 2/2/2014
HELP: Got a set of these with sprung Oleos and 90 mm tyres-I am well into building a 1800mmm w/s JU88 as a C/G version with retracts work these work fine (but not on a 6v servo teste)r,fine when hooked up to 3s 2200 Turnigy LiPo -I need these to travel to 85 DegreesThey will have their own dedicated LI-Po so what damge will ensue if I glue a 6mm block at rear of retract box-will the auto shut off work regularly or quickly put out magic smoke.??..Help
keith  2 points - 1/27/2014
I would like to know if this retract would work in the eflite hurricane.and if this part would not work,which retract would fit
FRED  1 points - 1/24/2014
are these different from the "0.46 size" ones that come with struts and all screws that Hobby King sellls? Concept looks the same, but this picture shows riveted parts, other is visually different. Reason I ask.....I have those, and while they do work, they also have a mind of their own. They retract, or extract on their own. While taxing, while flying....most annoying, and damaging. SO I hope the electronics in THESE is different, .....are they?
Michael  5 points - 1/3/2014
Retracts for 1600 mm A1-Skyraider. Is your part number HKD-514 the correct main gear retract for this airplane?
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Servoless Retractable system
Overall Rating
4 thumbs up!
These are quite nice. Case is quite hard (for plastic), it should be able to withstand landings with planes around 4 kg. But, it does not come (at least mine did not) with 90 degree twist mechanism, neither it twists by itself. Quite a disappointment for me and my .40 Corsair. As a modeler I'am able to make my own mechanism, but they simply don't keep what they promise in description. 4 stars because of it.

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Overall Rating
1 thumbs up!
good produckt to bad u do not sel the legs for it
the are 5 mm and hard to get so have to make them
your selfs

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Overall Rating
1 thumbs up!
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Try to include as much data as possible.Unfortunatly only four stars. units work perfectly, no problems. However no grub screws to hold landing gear included in the package, I have to wait to install the gear until I can obtain grub screws. ( no good going to the local hardware store). Should be made clear in the specs Etc. that these are not included, better still include them in the package and charge a little more. If anyone is interested, I have two units, one coupled thro a servo speed controller, does not control the speed but delays the action of one unit. One unit almost retracted before the othe starts to move, very scale on Hurricane & Spitfire

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Overall Rating
1 thumbs up!
Main Body
Height=25mm (loading plate is additional 3mm)
loading plate hole pattern=36mm wide x 33mm long (4 3mm holes retangle spacing)
the main body has a short hump for two of the load plate/main body attachment screws. the brass pivot for the landing gear leg block/holder is threaded m2.5 for 1 or 2 set screws for securing the landing gear leg, wire or carbon rod. The hole in the block for the leg is 5mm. Transit is 90 degrees / less with slack from wear allowance, and with locational clearance fits, and movement allowance fits. It is fairly precise, not less than 89 degrees when new. I suspect, as with all model accessories, the transit will come into 87 to 88 degrees after some wear.

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Overall Rating
1 thumbs up!
These new servoless retracts are pretty good. Having an issue with the set screws not holding the struts in place. That is with both set screws in place.

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