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Turnigy Park300 Brushless Outrunner 1380kv

Turnigy Park300 Brushless Outrunner 1380kv
Turnigy Park300 Brushless Outrunner 1380kv

Designed to provide reliable and clean power for 3D parkflyers. This brushless outrunner will provide more power and with its high efficiency, long run times.
A quality motor, built specifically for planes designed to fly with a 77 watts brushless outrunner.
Battery: 2~3 Cell /7.4~11.1V
RPM: 1380kv
Max current: 7A
No load current: 8V/0.4A
Current capacity: 9A/15sec
Internal resistance: 0.33 ohm
Weight: 24g  (not including connectors)
Diameter of shaft: 3mm
Dimensions: 37x28mm

2S~3S Li-Po / 6 ~ 8-cell Ni-MH/Ni-Cd
6x5 ~ 8x3.8 prop
Suitable for sport and scale airplanes weighing 8 to 12 ounces (225g–340g).

PRODUCT ID: Park300-1380

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Kv(rpm/v) 1380
Weight (g) 24
Max Current(A) 7
Resistance(mh) 0
Max Voltage(V) 11
Power(W) 77
Shaft A (mm) -
Length B (mm) 25
Diameter C (mm) 28
Can Length (mm) 9
Total Length E (mm) 37
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Weight: 73g
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Price  $15.45

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Total of 57 discussions.
Charles  1 points - 3/15/2015
what prop, in the 8x4.3 range, will fit the 6mm prop saver properly?
Matthew  1 points - 2/23/2015
Does a 20A esc work with this motor or do you need to get a 10A ESC? I was thinking of getting this one-
 José 6 points
It should work well with a 20A esc. I use a 30A ESC and works perfect :)
Dreamsarefragile  1 points - 11/18/2014
any one know the baring replacement for these?
Michael  1 points - 11/13/2014
Would this be a suitable replacement and/or slight upgrade for my ******** Mosquito (the bigger one, 49 inch wing) ??? The stock motors were 370-sized, 1300KVA Thanks!
Daniel  3 points - 11/5/2014
So,do I need 4 of this
to attach the props to this motor? And how do I attach the motor to the frame? Thanks
 robert 1 points
the set comes with propsaver and adapter, so its easy. And the motor you can attach with the alu frame, which is included as well
Customer Reviews
Overall Rating
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The motor has a well engineered look ,it has a output shaft and a prop saver mount . The true weight including 2mm bullet connectors is 29 Gr. The output shaft is 3mm not 3.17mm and looks like it can be reversed .
My motor test run was performed using a Turnigy 3s1p 2200 11.1v 20C battery , the prop I used is a GWS HD 8x6 cut down to 6.5 inches and balanced . The test run gave 10k RPM and 9.6 Amps and 120 watts ,in burst and a steady 80 watts at half throttle . The motor is a single wind and handled the watts without overheating , altogether the 77watt rating is very conservative .
The ESC I really like and used is a HK blue series 12 Amp that can up to 4S batteries with ease and is very smooth . Ampmister

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Overall Rating
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tres bon petit moteur, leger et robuste, j'en ai commande 4 pour me faire un quadrirotor avec une carte kkMultiCopter Controller Blueboard pour un poids de 660 grs avec lipo 11,1 de 2200 Mah, tration enorme, et bonne finition equipe avec des esc H-KING 20A, convient parfaitement et vole du tonnerre

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Overall Rating
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Overall good performance...just connecting cable length is 9cm...comes with no connectors...I am using it for depron Extra 300 (RC

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Overall Rating
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I bought this to use on my eflite 4-site f3p. I started using the 2s 500 mah batteries which worked fine, but then I bumped up to the 3s 360mah rhinos and this thing is full 3d on an 8x4 prop and 224g UAW. I would definitely recommend this product. I got 3-4 min flights on the 3s 360mah and 8-10 min flights on the 2s 500mah. the wires coming out of the back have their own little slot in the motor housing which helps the stability of them to keep them from getting broke off. I am very pleased in the quality and value of this motor.

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Overall Rating

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This is a well crafted motor. Out of the box the motor comes with 9 cm cables with no connectors so you can match the connector type you use in your ESC. The motor comes with a prop saver and a colet type adapter so most propellers in the recommended 6x5 to 8x3.8 range can be fit. I tested this motor with different propellers on a 280g foamie with a 12A ESC and 3S1P 1300 mAh 15C LiPo. I found the 7 x 3.5 propeller works the best producing optimum thrust at half throttle while leaving enough power to get you out of trouble at full thrust.

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