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TURNIGY Transmitter Strap

TURNIGY Transmitter Strap

The new 2010 summer fashion edition of the TURNIGY transmitter strap has arrived!
Now with an even stronger buckle and more adjustability; you will be proud to dangle any sized radio from this trendy strap.
Strap is built with a quick release clip for those 'oops' moments that require dodging or running after a lost model, and an adjustable length suitable for 5 through to 7ft users.

PRODUCT ID: T-Neckstrap

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Weight: 69g
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Price  $1.15

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kirk  29 points - 8/5/2015
This is the best strap I have ever used. Hard to belive its so cheap. Really well made, mine is over 3 years old now and still looks new.
 Miguel FP 1824 points
Now that I read your post, I realize that mine is more than 2 years old, I have washed it around 3 o 4 times (put it into a pilowcase tie it and throw it into the washing machine), and it also loos like new, as you say best buy for the value.
 Ral fRotten 2279 points
I replaced my old one with a new one, the buckles are different, not interchangeable, and when you carry the 9xr or pro with half the strap still on the Tx the metal buckle that holds the strap to the Tx brush's on the glass screen, just something to be aware of. I cut he silly twist out of mine both the old and the new, just hot glued it back together, never been a problem since.
deathruler  14 points - 2/28/2015
Please send in Russian warehouse
 GODLESS-FLYER 56 points
HK restock period is very unpredictable. Hope you get it soon! Cheers
Felix  2 points - 11/25/2014
Can u send them to South Korea? If can, let me know price of shipping. Thank you.
 Miguel FP 1824 points
Hi Felix. This board is for costumers interplay. If you want to communicate with HK staff you must do it thru support centre or live chat. Althoug, HK ships worldwide. If you want to know the shipping costs to your country, just add item to cart and follow all the steps before check out. You can drop out cart without any sanctios or penalties.
Arrowman  1 points - 10/5/2014
Best transmitter strap I ever had, quick release is perfect!
 MayhemNKMC 322 points
I love them so much, I bought 2 of them.
Reimir  8 points - 8/3/2014
 Liam 10 points
I bought this strap and personally I regret it, it's really wide and it doesn't feel nice to wear.
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Overall Rating

2 thumbs up!
Super cheap!
Great quality!

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Overall Rating
1 thumbs up!
For 5 years I've been flying without a transmitter strap and thought it was OK. Had no reason to buy one for 5-7 bucks for a loosy designed one, as they usually cost on ebay.

But this thing is just great! The clip can be conveniently disconnected if you need to detach your transmitted on the field. Lenght fully adjusted.

And the price! The price!

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Overall Rating

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Great deal for this price! I'm very happy with the quality

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Overall Rating
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Good produc for a good price

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Overall Rating
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Looks well made! The detachable quick release fitting makes it convenant when at the flight field.

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