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Quanum RTR Bomb System 1/6 scale Plug-n-Drop

Quanum RTR Bomb System 1/6 scale Plug-n-Drop

Ready to drop!
The Quanum R/C bomb system can be installed in minutes and is triggered by a spare servo channel in your receiver.
The bomb release mechanism uses a double hook system with a taper to positively release the bomb each and every time! The bomb is made from a super tough nylon so it will not break easily.
The kit also includes a spare release plate so you can make your own bomb of any shape/size.
You can fill the bomb with fine powder such as chalk to create that perfect explosion effect on impact.
An excellent addition to any .25 size or larger R/C plane.

The Quanum R/C bomb has become so popular it has been reviewed on many non-r/c sites and forums as a cool 'must-have' gizmo!
Take a look at gizmodo's blog:
Scale: 1:6
Servo: 9g
Dimensions: 235 x 81mm (Bomb),  85 x 64 x 20mm (Base)
Weight: 103g
1 x Bomb
1 x Release base (with servo installed)
1 x Foam nose
1 x Spare release plate 
Do not use this product in the vicinity of houses or other people. Always use rubber safety nose (included). Bomb now made of Nylon/fiber mix for longer life. Replacement nylon bombs available.


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Weight: 209g
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Total of 74 discussions.
phattZz  54 points - 3/28/2015
what is the maximum weight this can hold and release?
Kwok Ching  1 points - 2/28/2015
I am waiting for your reply, thanks kwok ching
Kwok Ching  1 points - 2/27/2015
any special discount or sales for the following items 1/ 3 pcs. item#Q-002 release bomb 2/ 3 pcs. item#Q002-sp bomb 3/ 3 pcs. item# 9107000190 machine gun sound system 4/ 3 pcs. item# 9107000181 machine gun LED light 5/ 1 pcs.. T2200.3C.30 - 2200 battery 6/ 1 pcs. T2200.3C.25 - 2200 battery Please give me the 6 items in each price plus fright charges to Toronto, Canada. thanks
Tero  1 points - 1/19/2015
If you go on rcgroups and type in Modified Quanum Bomb you will see a modification I did to this bomb that provides much more talc or powder dispersed in the air after it hits the ground. I changed the tip of the bomb with a silicone egg separator and when it hits the ground the air pushes out the backend. Works very well and hopefully HK might want to make a version of this. Good luck
Coolstuff55  14 points - 12/15/2014
Can I connect this straight to my receiver? Where does it get its power?
 |TAB| 88 points
It is powered by the receiver. Yes it connects directly to it. Remember to award best answer credit or say thanks but don't leave me hanging if I helped!
Customer Reviews
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Overall Rating
12 thumbs up!
A cheap solution to custom bomb drops. The bomb itself is well made and painted and looks the part. The release is mechanical and is driven by a turnigy micro servo that has been pre-installed. One handy feature is the inclusion of a separate mounting plate that you can install on any other custom bomb that you design. The rubber nose attachment does not fasten properly and will require some form of adhesive to keep it in place.

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Overall Rating
4 thumbs up!
Positive mechanism and a blast. Its a little big for most of the smaller planes, but thats a good safety feature. If you have room to fly a larger model, you probably have the room to drop this baby without any problems. 4* for the weak plastic on the bomb, but i was more interested in the mechanism anyway.

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Overall Rating
Crazy Pilot
2 thumbs up!
Really cool!
I got one under my warbird. It looks so scale, and works well. All fiends are jealous. So I have ordered 2 more and 3 spare bombs.

Cool, works well and cheap also...

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Overall Rating
2 thumbs up!
Gadjet original. L'ouverture lors d'un choc au sol n'est pas garantie par le systme utilis pour solidariser les deux demies parties de la bombe, il y a mme un risque de casser les ttons plastiques. En bricolant un peu, a doit pouvoir le faire. Servo turnigy l'intrieur de la base.

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Overall Rating
2 thumbs up!
A big big for my application but looks great. The pins that hold the halves together needs shortening, otherwise the halves are stuck and wont come apart on impact

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