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Turnigy DS480 Digital Servo 1.85kg / .068sec / 10.9g

Turnigy DS480 Digital Servo 1.85kg / .068sec / 10.9g

DS4X0 series servo designed to use in small glider and helicopter and all R/C hobby, the coreless motor servo features excellent resolution and centering.The metal gear contain two gem bearing. The case top has been improved with a brass axial bushing for greater strength and stability to insure longevity and smooth rotation!

Operating Voltage: 4.8~5.0V
Torque: 4.8V/ 1.85
Speed: 0.068s/60°
Size: 22.5x10x23.5 mm
Gear Type: All Metal Gears
Weight: 10.9g
Glider Digital servo (Apply to the 10mm slim wings of glider)
Apply to the 12~18 cm Robot


Weight (g) 10.9
Torque (kg) 1.85
Speed(Sec/60deg) 0.06
A(mm) 24
B(mm) 23
C(mm) 24
D(mm) 10
E(mm) 31
F(mm) 15
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 Customer rated
Total of 58 discussions.
sunglasses  5 points - 10/24/2011
* Barracudaafly. Gibt es diese Diode auch im HK-Shop? Sie mü*sste 5,25V auf 4,8V reduzieren. Ist das dann ein kl.Zwischenstecker (mit Diode)im Servokabel? Danke!
 HellyFlyer 1313 points
No this diode is not availble with HK anymore
sunglasses  5 points - 10/20/2011
can I take the esc setting 6V (5,5V or 6.0V)for this servo? It´*s my tail servo. Thanks!
 Dadorcp 17 points
well i wouldn't recomend it, this servo is 4.8V.
 HellyFlyer 1313 points
Not required as this servo is fast enough to work at 4.8v and give you 0.8sec response which is what required for a good tail response.
 Barracudaafly 58 points
Don't use a higher voltage than 5V!! To reduce the voltage from 5.5V to 5V simply use a diode and all will work fine.
javipons22  71 points - 10/1/2011
will it work with spartan quark?
 HellyFlyer 1313 points
yes definately this works well with Spartan Quark Gyro, very nice combo
 birdcage 6 points
Together with MKS(just the same servo)DS 480 it worked perfekt in my HK 450 Pro, the toughest tail my helicopter ever had. All FBL Systems (Align 3g, 3GX) were not that stable.
Very recomended!
__ZZZ  331 points - 8/25/2011
yes u can use it with 1520/333 but its know that that rate can fry servos, if you are begginer i would suggest 1520/250 if u manage ti get it working.
 HellyFlyer 1313 points
I agree
 Francisco 7 points
Otimo Servo, muito rápido
Csomi3  10 points - 8/23/2011
Which is the best servo frequency, 1520/33?? Thanks
 HellyFlyer 1313 points
For analog servos the frequency is 30-50 Hz, and for digital servos it is 300 to 400 Hz.
 DanielW 48 points
1520/333 is correct frequency
 Francisco 7 points
Servo bem rápido.
Customer Reviews
Overall Rating
28 thumbs up!
Will it works with align gp750 gyro?


I bought this - I tried 4 different servos for my HK450 with a G401B (Fake Gy 401 servo). Nothing kept the tail before. But with this servo and the gyro the tail is amazing. Better than my SEV2 with Futaba 9254 and a real GY401. Keeps the tail ROCK solid. Buying more!"


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Overall Rating
24 thumbs up!
Great tail servo for my Helicommand 3D, holds much better than my old Futaba s3114. Made the same experience with my GY401, the servo works wit DS mode on!!

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Overall Rating
22 thumbs up!
What can I say other than this servo rocks!

It's in my HK450 and I have given it full punch outs with a 700w motor and the tail holds perfectly, no other servo I have tried with the same gyro has even come close to holding with the 700w motor.

It's noisy but thats because of metal gears, no more noisy than others I have tried.

Really strong and suprisingly low amps, with my HXT900's and this servo I draw 1.4amps from the BEC under load.

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Overall Rating
17 thumbs up!
This is a very good tail servo. I use it with my telebee gyro. Note. The telebee gyro is the same exact item as the Align gyro. Align just rebranded it under their own name. When you combine this gyro with the MKS DS 480 you have a winner. During a hard turn the servo doesnt go out. It holds the copter straight. I use to use the Turnigy 9g HXT900 but that does not hold the tail straight. When I replaced it with the MKS DS480, It felt like I was using a Futaba 9254. I think the MKS is a clone of the JR servo. It even says propo on the box? Dont know what that means but JR uses the same lingo. The screw that holds the horn in is not a standard screw. I think it might be a M2.5 or something. I lost mine and had to look around for short replacement screw. That is tough. You might want to buy a couple servos as replacement parts or buy M2.5 screws from HK just in case. They are very cheap and you might just buy them for the price but I would highly suggest you buy a bunch so when you get in a crash you can just replace them. I would not suggest buying too many though. Maybe buying a whole new servo would be cheaper than buying parts from an aftermarket store. When buying this part, keep in mind weight. Shipping price for just this part can add up. So if you do buy this part make sure it is part of a larger order. In general the HK450 is a good copter but once you start buying replacement parts the price of the copter goes up to the price of a say a copterx. Makes you wonder. But i

6 comments. Reply..

Overall Rating
14 thumbs up!
I am very pleased with the DS480 servo. I am using it on my HK450 with the Telebee Gryo. The servo is very quick and the metal gears make it strong. It has survived a couple of tail hits and is still going strong.

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