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FrSky TFR6 7ch 2.4Ghz Receiver FASST Compatible

FrSky TFR6 7ch 2.4Ghz Receiver FASST Compatible

FrSky TFR6 7ch 2.4Ghz Receiver FASST Compatible

FASST 2.4G: Air Systems (7CH Mode/Multi Mode)
FrSky TF Modules: TF-8M, TF-14M

Light weight and small size
Two selectable failsafe setting options

Number of Channels: 7
Operating Voltage Range: 3.5V~10V
Operating Temperature Range: -10C~60C
Dimension: 37*22*8mm
Weight: 7.8g


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Alex  1 points - 9/17/2014
Great substitute for Futaba receivers. I have 8 of these and none have failed so far.
John  1 points - 9/10/2014
Have read the posts on ways to bind, incl. going to power-down on the 7C and. also holding button down on the FRSKY while connecting battery - all to no avail. Any further suggestions/tips appreciated. (Note: on one attempt, on plugging servo Iead to ch. 4 -rudder - the servo jittered but. that was all ).
Frank  3 points - 9/3/2014
I just tried to add a ORANGE 3axis V2 to my TFR6 receiver but it will not work. The servos are jittering and not centering. The elevator will not went up or the servo will stay in the high position. It am using a Futaba F7 radio. I had these problem when I`ve activated the 3axis with my receiver and also when he was deactivatet with the AUX channel. What is the mistake? And the led of the 3axis is not blinking when I switch on the system.
philip  1 points - 8/26/2014
i have a few TFR6 receivers bound to a futaba 6ex, i tried to bind them to a futaba 7c , with no luck. is it that once you bind them to a particular radio they can not be used on any others. help thanks
 Tuomas 203 points
You are making some mistake in the bind process. Keep F/S-bind button pressed and after that connect battery, then it should bind. This works perfectly with Futaba controller! My pizzabox provably using it!
 bcolici 126 points
You ne3d to have your 7c in the power down mode to bind to this rx.
 Brian 2 points
Works great. Bind first time with my 7c
Joseph  1 points - 8/10/2014
thanks a lot man!
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Confirmed to be working with Futaba 6EX, binds in seconds and works perfect. Make sure you connect the ESC with bec correctly. (if you reverse the BEC (servo) plug, the unit will not work/bind but the LED lights up so you think you are good but you got it plugged in wrongly :)

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Really a great receiver, I am very impressed, links perfectly to 7, MULT and MULT2, very good reach. Maybe he misses a version with horizontal pins Realmente un excelente receptor, enlaza perfectamente en 7, MULT y MULT2, muy buen alcance. Tal vez se echa de menos una versión con los pines horizontales

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Good value for the prize, for me better than orange ones.

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Maybe some cheaper plastic use than on 617 which is original and I think this is copy of it. <Binded in 5 sec. Easy and solid link. For 22$?? Just buy them and use them!!

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Got two of these gems last week. Still to maiden on my swanky Glider (Glider was bad so couldn't fly last week). This Rx is substantially smaller than 617F and almost size/weight of 6106H Rx. I am going to replace the Original Futaba Rx from my Funjet and use these. I already have Orange FASST Rx from HK and they are Rock Solid. Great job HK for selling these at almost half the price elsewhere!!!

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