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RCG 50cc Gas Engine 5.2HP/7500RPM

RCG 50cc Gas Engine 5.2HP/7500RPM

RCG quality engines have proven themselves the world over for quality and reliability.
The RCG-50 comes with the DA style ported head, giving plenty of power and easy tuning while still maintaining a smooth idle.
Don't bother with other over-priced engines. The RCG-50 is a high quality motor with more than enough power.

• Easy starting
• Low maintenance
• High quality and reliability
• DA style ported head
• Walbro diaphragm carburetor with butterfly valve
• CDI Computer controlled auto advance ignition system

Displacement: 50cc
Max Power: 5.2HP @ 7,500RPM
Bore/Stroke: 44x35mm
Compression ratio: 7.5:1
Weight: 1360g
RPM: 1,350~7,500RPM
Ignition: DC-CDI computer controlled auto advance system
Spark Plug: CM6
Carburetor: Walbro with manual choke
Suggested Prop: 22x8~22x10 2 blade
Fuel: Oil/gas mix (25:1 for break-in 30:1 for general use)
Please note:
HobbyKing has a very good relationship with RCG, ensuring all our engines are top quality and well machined. Warranty repairs and returns are also resolved swiftly.


Weight: 2389g
International Warehouse
Price HKD1,603.53

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 Customer rated
Total of 63 discussions.
David  1 points - 11/12/2014
What oil do I need to mix with petrol for my 50cc. Gas engine?
Rafał  1 points - 10/17/2014
hi, as large is motor shaft thread?
Sergio  6 points - 10/14/2014
Si Davide, l'ho aperto perchè* c'era uno strano rumore....non l'avessi mai fatto. Albero sfilettato nello svitare il dado, è* tutto incollato. Gabbia a rulli sullo spinotto del pistone, è* cascato un rullo. Ho cambiato i cuscinetti, sto aspettando albero, biella etc nuovo....boh speriamo bene. La cosa positiva è* che costa molto poco e con un canister diminuiscono le vibrazioni. Con i barilotti parti col minimo alto per atterrare che quasi si spegne. Che palle!! Ne ho tre e francamente finchè* vanno lasciali andare, non aprirli se no devi sostituire il 50% dei pezzi. Vorrei provare un DLE per vedere la differenza
Davide79  211 points - 9/20/2014
Io non capisco come si fa a dare 5 stelle ad un motore che ne vale perchè* costa poco allora va sempre bene tutto...vibra di brutto che ti apre in due il banco prova immaginarsi sul modello..scampanella di gabbia a rulli di biella e pistone come un martello..pressofusione pietosa con un buco che nel mio dallo scarico non arriva per poco al pistone...cdi pegasus differente dalla foto....poi ne ho ancora ma non mi va di scrivere...dovrebbe costare 100 euro spedito un coso così*...spero che queste recensioni servano per migliorare queste boiate.
 Davide79 211 points
Ah dimenticavo cosa carburatore non è* walbro ma una copia...ahahahah..5stelle....:-D
tacob2  2 points - 7/6/2014
I have a giant hotts which had a g-62 the engine is no longer serviceable, this engine is just as powerful.But Ill need nose weight on my A/C so what i was thinking about an electric starter installed under the cowl. Any one know of an electric stat setup for these engines?
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Overall Rating
38 thumbs up!
arrived within 4 days to australia. No tools were included but thats no biggy.
engine = 1380 grams
Exhaust = 98 grams
Ignition = 119 grams
Screws and bits = 139 grams.

Standoffs are 72mm long.

It is different from my mates RCGF. the carb is at 90degrees to his. needle are accessed from the side.

running a 22x8 i got 6000rpm = 2.7HP on 1:30 run in fuel. 120 degrees C.

started after 3 flips with full choke. then run on the second flip after that.

really impressed get them while they are hot.

15 comments. Reply..

Overall Rating
32 thumbs up! here's the video of it's first starting and run! to add my review on 23/8

3 comments. Reply..

Overall Rating
19 thumbs up!
Great engine.I have them in Yak -54 2,2m.It was a great power.Engine has 7200-7300rpm by 22x8 Vess propeller.There is a 15kg thrust!!!Wow! My flying altitude is 106 metres above
sea level,for that reason engine is so strong.Fuel 98 octan.Video from first run is here

2 comments. Reply..

Overall Rating
7 thumbs up!
il motore e' perfetto, secondo me e' un DL travestito

No comments. Reply..

Overall Rating
7 thumbs up!
WeLL after 6 flights on an old BLING 3D I am ordering another motor today...
All I can say is it has more power breaking in
than my old D-s have broken in on sinthetic oil..

3 comments. Reply.. here to see all reviews
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