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Nylon XT60 Connectors Male/Female (5 pairs) GENUINE

Nylon XT60 Connectors Male/Female (5 pairs) GENUINE
Nylon XT60 Connectors Male/Female (5 pairs) GENUINE

Excellent W.S. Deans T-connector replacements.
Made from high-temp Nylon and gold plated spring connectors, both included in the injection mould at the time when forming the connector. The XT60 ensures a solid high-amp connection, perfect for applications up to and beyond 65A constant.
Hobbyking will begin to include the XT60 on all batteries up to 3,000mAh in capacity in the near future!

XT60, Designed by hexTronik to be more reliable and a better quality connection than Deans T-Connectors.
There is no patent on the XT60 connector, we hope this product is sold everywhere in the world and dominates the market, reducing customers dependency on the over-priced Deans T-connector.
Say 'No' to the Deans Connector profiteers, and use XT-60's!
These are not cheap copied XT60 plugs. These original Nylon XT60 plugs can handle over 60A current for extended periods without exceeding 80DegC thanks to their better contact surface area. The plug is also less likely to deform or melt in comparison to copied non-Nylon XT60 plugs.
Genuine Nylon high-temp XT60 connectors.
XT = heXTronik.
60 = 60A constant.
We're the guys that designed this plug!


Weight: 39g
International Warehouse
Price  HKD30.96

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GOKULAKRISHNAN  3 points - 12/10/2014
Is this connector is suitable for this ESC HobbyKing 70A BlueSeries Brushless Speed Controller. IF not then suggest me one please
 handyjap 557 points
I would prefer "Nylon XT90 Connectors Male/Female (5 pairs)" PRODUCT ID: 015000023
Doyle  12 points - 11/27/2014
awesome works greats.
Baskakov  1 points - 10/28/2014
Orkhan  3 points - 10/19/2014
Bought these after i received my XT90 connectors which i ordered by my stupidity =D they are quite heavy and for more powerful setups. But these xt90's are very light and very useful for almost any project can handle even more power than stated in description. P.S. despite that they dont have big difference in size, i'm surprised how they are lightweight compared to Xt90's. Must have stuff!
 Orkhan 3 points
I mean XT60's are lightweight... sorry my mistake )
BrykMantis  18 points - 9/12/2014
If are ordering this product for the FIRST TIME, I have 3 pieces of advice for you... 1) Order 2 bags ( 10 pairs )... You will likely ruin the entire First 5 pairs learning how to solder them correctly. 2) Do not use them on your project until you figure out the proper heat and time. I melted, warped and cracked the First bunch trying to finish a simple project.(screaming frustration) The Video makes it look easy...It is once you know how!!! 3) When actually making you real solder connection, make sure the plug you are heating is plugged into its counterpart (male/female)(Note: Never Never Never a LIVE BATTERY..The solder, once in a while, creates a bridge which would be a disaster.). This will eliminate the shifting pins caused by HEAT warping. Now that I have gotten past the intial leaning curve I am ok with these connectors. Likely I will continue. Hope this helps you. Paul
 Miguel FP 1529 points
Totally agree. One more thing, even if you use a fluxed core solder wire, use a little flux to get better results.
 Yeswecan 307 points
Spot on,especially having them plugged in to their counter part to stop pins warping out of alignment. Done a few and the were so hard to connect/disconnect, then I realized where I went wrong.
 TiagoArantes 5 points
And don't forget to place the shrink tube before soldering as these are not so easy to de-solder as other connectors. But still doable.
 Obamjur 36 points
I have a solution : Tamiya Connector (male and female). No soldering required!
 Miguel FP 1529 points
I have herd that Tamiyas are good only at less than 10 amps. I don't know it for sure. Can anyone confirm?
 Yeswecan 307 points
There abouts, The pins have to line up to plug and not very good contacts. My first use with them was in the 80s with a tamiya fox,we've advanced since then. Just get the variable heat soldering station from HKing ,some solder paste and a little practice,you'll be a pro in no time. Took me a little longer though.
 Sawdust 1881 points
All good advice from everyone, except Obamjur that is. Just one thing though Bryk. " make sure the plug you are heating is plugged into its counterpart (male/female)(Note: Never Never Never a LIVE BATTERY ". Ideally I agree, when it can be avoided, if it's a battery you're soldering one onto there's no choice. Just need to be very aware and extra cautious.
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XT60 connector. The SUPER connector!
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Overall Rating
160 thumbs up!
Very Good connectors. However you still need to use heat shrink with them and use heavy guage wires. be carefull while soldering as the plastic will start to melt if you keep the iron on for too long. Suggest: use high wattage soldering iron.

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Overall Rating
Zaney Waney
40 thumbs up!
I bought two sets and I should have bought more to change over ALL my Deans plugs. They are very easy to solder since you can push the wire into the connector while heating. I changed over a few batteries with 12 Gauge wire and it fit nicely. They are easier to connect and disconnect than the Deans plug and the pin tension and connection is strong. I flew two planes yesterday (Mini Funtana and a Fun Jet), one pulling up to 45 amps for 5 minutes a

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Overall Rating
35 thumbs up!
Dimension :
Female side : L 20mm x W 15mm x H 8mm
Male side : L 20mm x W 15mm x H 8mm
Total Length when conneted together : L 33mm

plus no possibility of wrong polarity
plus it's a very tight fit when connect together
plus the design for the heat shrink tube placement is very good, making it a perfect seal for the wire (so there's no exposed wire/connector like the one that can happen with deans conncetor)
plus/- Possibility of re-useable (disassembly), ONLY IF the plastic cover doens't metl during assembly/disassembly. But it's not as cheap compare with other type of connector
- Be careful not to give the connector too much heat when soldering, the plastic cover can still melt
- Still need some heat shrink tube
- It's size is a little larger than Deans/T-connector

* Tips for soldering is same as soldering the deans conncetor, connet the female-male side together for easy assembly

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Overall Rating
Cesium Candy
33 thumbs up!
This is my favorite product from HK. I switched my entire hanger to XT60 because they are so much easier to solder and plug and unplug. Best thing since LiPo batteries. Well worth the time and money.

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Overall Rating
30 thumbs up!
Bought a few of these to test and am more than impressed, they're very very easy to work with... Much easier compared to deans plugs and much quicker. They are well thought out as there is space for heatshrink to slide down well over the contacts and they go together well enough to hold on to a battery in an emergency! There is a nice grippy area to pull em apart as well.

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