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HXT 4mm Gold Connector w/ Protector (10pcs/set)

HXT 4mm Gold Connector w/ Protector (10pcs/set)

This is a great way to avoid power shorts.
Rated to around 93A

Gold connectors on their own are notorious for creating a short circuit and looking messy. Use these to keep your connections safe and looking neat!

An excellent replacement for Deans T-connectors!
Good for wire up to 10AWG thickness.

Easier to solder and a stronger connection than Deans T-plugs


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 Customer rated
Total of 102 discussions.
Rob  1 points - 7/26/2016
Do these connectors fit to the Turnigy batteries like this one (Turnigy nano-tech 2650mah 3S 35~70C Lipo Pack) (EU Warehouse).?? There are lots of different versions!!
 Christ 906 points
hello Rob, yes they fit as they are 4mm bullet conncetors like on the batteries Enjoy flying
 anikeev 1548 points
Yes, they fit. But I want to warn you if you didn't choose battery and connector for your model. These connectors have some issues: 1-it's hard to solder wires on this connector, 2-kids can connect two batteries to each other (that's deadly dangerous), 3-it's hard to dissconnect these connectors fast. I would recommend XT60 instead unless you're going to extremely high amperage.
James  2 points - 6/3/2015
I want two batterys instead of one
 anikeev 1548 points
Good for you :) Now can you please be more specific?
 Christ 906 points
did you get them?
 QuadPapa 10 points
I want three batteries instead of two! Do I win the prize?
John  58 points - 2/3/2015
Why should I use these 93 amp connectors which weigh 10 grams (2.4 g plastic housing) and hold more solder than a 120 amp rated smaller EC5 does making them weigh about as much because they are so big and long when I can use an EC5 instead?
 Simomax 265 points
Because they are red? On a serious note, you don't have to. Use the EC5's if you prefer them. I used these because my Zippy batteries have those connectors on and I'm not too fussed about a couple of grams here and there (I know they all add up, but still there can be weight savings made elsewhere). If you are pushing close to 90 amps then you should use a higher current rating connector anyway regardless of weight. Safety and reliability are paramount with spinning knives in the air *-)
 John 58 points
LOL.. Yea that's why I am just getting ready to solder the 4mm HXTs on a Wattsup watt meter as Gens Ace uses them and I have them on everything without Deans. IMO they are the 2nd best connector out of all of them... and there are too many! After soldering the Deans and the HXT's I never got near the XT60's. The design of both the EC's and HXT's allowing heat to only be applied to the metal is a major benefit especially when soldering charged lipo battery leads. But now that the EC's have come down in price I'll be switching over to them not just because they are lighter and perform better but because they are smaller and the length of the HXT's is a pain to deal with sometimes. We need a standard and here it's easier than with props and shaft sizes that need a standard as well but probably will never have one .When it comes to things like fire hydrants they should all be red but having the same size hose is more important than having them blue because it's a better color*-)
Sol  2 points - 12/21/2014
how do you know what I'd female and what is male? Thanks
 anikeev 1548 points
It's male and female at same time. On one connector you have male and female pins, on the other is same.
 Jean-jac 27 points
How old are you Sol....its obvious...the male goes into the female...*-)
SkyLe  956 points - 7/15/2014
How is the bullet fixed in the housing? I've only ever bought these pre-assembled...
 anikeev 1548 points
It fits good and looks reliable. Pass wires through housing, solder connectors, pull wires back not so toght and use another pair of connectors to insert em on just soldered - it will increase lenght and connectors will be longer than housing. Then face connectors down the table and push housing to click. After that you can remove 2nd pair of connectors.
 SkyLe 956 points
Great, thanks! That's not the way I'd figured how to do it :-)
 VerreyckenGerd 7 points
Keep in mind to not leave any tin remaining to the outerside if the copper bus. If not clean they will not click in place
Customer Reviews
Overall Rating
56 thumbs up!
These are good connectors. I use them with the following set up:

EFlite power 46 BL motor
Castle Creations Phoenix 80 ESC
APC-E 13x8 prop

The tested current was:

28A @ 14V
38A @ 16.6V

The connectors did not increase in temperature. Plus, connecting in reverse polarity is impossible. Notice that one round cavity is bigger than the other. I put the male pin in the smaller cavity and the female one in the larger cavity. They fit snugly too

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Overall Rating
20 thumbs up!
Great connectors! Use it for my Savage Flux and found one interesting thing. Flux has Y-like ESC-battery connectors for two batteries, but if you want to user one pack, you can connect one connector from one side and one connector from oher side! You can't do it with XT60 for example.
I'm very satisfied!

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Overall Rating
19 thumbs up!
top notch these , easy to snap together and pull apart . much better than deans in my opinion.

hopefully at this price they will push the deans out of the market or stop them charging far to much for an average plug

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Overall Rating
19 thumbs up!
I couldn't get a 10AWG to fit in the casing without shaving off a bit of the insulation, but 12AWG should be ok.
It's much easier to solder than the Deans connector, easier to connect and it can take more Amps.

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Overall Rating
12 thumbs up!
I found the best way to insert the connectors into the housing is to take an unused opposite gender connector, push it into your newly soldered connector so you have some extra length then, using your bench vise GENTLY press the connector in until it clicks (you'll know when it is seated properly.) No need to yank on the wire or smack it with a hammer!

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