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Hobby King 2.4Ghz 6Ch Tx USB Cable

Hobby King 2.4Ghz 6Ch Tx USB Cable

Hobby King 2.4Ghz 6Ch Tx USB Cable 
Drivers can be downloaded via the files tab


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Thomas  4 points - 1/25/2016
I have allowed my computer to update to windows 10 and now I cannot get my controllers to connect to the programming software. I have downloaded the latest driver update for the CP210x chip from Silicone Lab and also the latest programming interface from the SGR website. Anybody have any other ideas? This all was working when OS was windows 8. Thanks for any help.
 Thomas 4 points
Anyone? Beuller?
Troy  3 points - 12/21/2015
Have had no luck with this so far. Have tried both PC, (XP), and Mac. I've downloaded all the software in the file tab but they either don't do anything or they are demos and don't recognise any inputs. When plugging into a usb port, should it auto detect the device? Do I need to install the software first then connect, tried both anyway. Does the transmitter need to be connected and turned on when connecting to computer? Is there any instructions, I always love fumbling around trying to learn how to use this sort of stuff. Has anyone had similar issues, is it possibly just faulty? Any suggestions? Thanks. Troy.
 ArduinoFlyer 76 points
try using a usb port. one of my computers needed a usb port for it to work for some reason
 NewToHobbyKing 16523 points
Troy please let us help you. What Tx are you using? On a PC you must download the drivers and install them for the USB Port. Make sure the drivers are installed correctly. Yes the Tx must be on and have the batteries in it to use this Cable.
 Troy 3 points
Hello again. I'm using the HK-T6A V2 Tx. I'm pretty sure I have downloaded the drivers, but I'm not sure how to check. I have managed to download the T6 config programme but my computer will not detect the device when I plug it in and none of the bars move when the controls are deflected.
 NewToHobbyKing 16523 points
Troy you must install the USB drivers. I am sure that at this time if you "List your Devices" you will have an unknown or not working device. You need to fix that and you will be on the way for it to work!
Josh  3 points - 11/27/2015
How do I get it working with Mac? Anyone know?
 NewToHobbyKing 16523 points
Josh go to the Rc System listing. There, go to the "Purple File Tab" and you will find the software for Mac. Last time I used it I did not need any drivers, just the software.
Keith  4 points - 11/23/2015
Where do I find drivers and software for this
 meadowhay 999 points
HiKeith. If you click on the "Files" tab above they're listed there
 NewToHobbyKing 16523 points
Keith go to the Rc System listing. There go to the "Purple File Tab" and you will find the software and drivers. Get the correct one for the Windows you have.
Alex  4 points - 11/9/2015
Hello, will work with the Orange T-six?
 NewToHobbyKing 16523 points
Alex sorry NO. This is not DSM 2 / X compatible.
 NewToHobbyKing 16523 points
Alex sorry this cable will not work with the Orange T-six.
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Click on the "files" tab on this window to see and download the driver and programming software for this cable.


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Overall Rating
49 thumbs up!
Save a buck or two.
This cable works on vista as well
Just use this updated Programming software (Don't use the included old

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Overall Rating
45 thumbs up!
This thing is not working I have two of them
and one of them burned.

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Overall Rating
39 thumbs up!
not working item
in usb is very hot ..........................

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Overall Rating
29 thumbs up!
Just cant get it to work. Have installed the Silabs PL210xdriver. Measured the Tx TTL RS232 output Set the correct COMM settings But the software wont communicate with the Tx

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