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Turnigy Typhoon 450H 2215H Heli Motor 3550kv (450 class)

Turnigy Typhoon 450H 2215H Heli Motor 3550kv (450 class)

Turnigy Typhoon 2215H Brushless 450-Size Heli Motor 3550kv
Dimension: 35mm x 28mm, 51mm(with shaft)
Weight: 63g  (kv3550) (not including connectors)
Voltage: 2-4S
Max current: 20~28A
Diameter of shaft:3.17mm
Length of front shaft:16mm
ESC: 40A
Turnigy Typhoon 2215H for 450 class Helicopters.

PRODUCT ID: TY2215-3550

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Kv(rpm/v) 3550
Weight (g) 63
Max Current(A) 28
Resistance(mh) 0
Max Voltage(V) 15
Power(W) 0
Shaft A (mm) -
Length B (mm) 35
Diameter C (mm) 28
Can Length (mm) 19
Total Length E (mm) 52
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Weight: 85g
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Price  $15.25

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Total of 179 discussions.
MUNOZ TAPIA  1 points - 3/2/2015
le moteur est t il livre avec les connecteurs?
feroza11  42 points - 2/12/2015
Could anyone tell me the correct pwm frequency for this engine please
Vladimirs  31 points - 1/18/2015
Somebody actually did a is results: Turnigy Typhoon 2215H (3550kV) with 12T pinion 0 deg pitch 100% throttle: 3250rpm Hover 100% throttle: 3200rpm * 16A Climb-outs 100% throttle: 2900rpm * 33A (35A peak) Max power: 395W Ave. power: 159W Ave amps: 14A 30a esc still more than enough. 25a esc is appropriate for this motor
 WTWUK 3774 points
Get a 25A one then. Best of luck with that.
 Vladimirs 31 points
Ye i will. They are smaller and lighter as well
 WTWUK 3774 points
You will burn it out. You will touch that 34A figure and POP! will go your 25A ESC. When that ESC pops, you could kill your motor and all of your electronics. Is it really worth chancing it to save a few $ and some grams? The accepted formula for choosing the correct Amperage ESC is to allow a 15 to 20% overhead on the maximum Amperage the motor can reach. So, by your own post that shows the motor can run at 35A peak, the 'safe' option for the ESC is 42Amps. So as you can see, a 25Amp one is WAY under par. Is it really worth chancing using a 25A to save a few $ and some grams? But hey, I know nothing - I have only owned nine 450 helis. Oh - and burnt out a HobbyWing Pentium 30A ESC with one of these motors when doing a hard pitch pump.
 Rahul 25 points
I am going to use this motor with a 60A Hobbyking Blue series ESC. It's quite light weight, and I dont have to worry about it getting super hot. Secondly, this motor can go 4S, so in future if you want to use a 4S battery, it's a good choice to have a higher amp ESC. That's my opinion though !!
Vladimirs  31 points - 1/17/2015
40a recommended esc is an overkill
 WTWUK 3774 points
Better safe than sorry. I use a couple of them and can get them to pull 34 Amps. So maybe not overkill??? Works very well indeed with the YEP40A ESC.
Vladimirs  31 points - 12/29/2014
3mm shaft.3.17mm pinion!
 WTWUK 3774 points
This motor requires a 3.17mm pinion. Unless recently they have changed the shaft design, inside the motor the shaft is 3.0mm, but externally where the pinion fits it is 3.17mm. Stupid design as it causes a stress raiser at the step in diameter thus causing shafts to easily break.
Customer Reviews
Overall Rating
132 thumbs up!
This motor is 4000kv! NOT 3550kv!
On a 450 Heli the following results using the Eagle Tree V3 Logger and Optical Sensor for Head Speed.

12T Pinion Yields 3200 Head Speed
11T Pinion Yields 3000 Head Speed
10T Pinion Yields 2650 Head Speed

Hovering amps in all setup above is a tiny 12Amps

Full Pitch Full Throttle Pumps at 12 Deg Pitch yield 31Amps Drain with 11T & 12T pinions, 28Amps on 10T.

Tested With 2200maH 3 Cell 25C batts and TGY-40A ESC.

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Overall Rating
126 thumbs up!
This motor is 3550kv!! NOT 4000kv at the first Review. I bought thinking it 4000kv and repented!
3.550 kv
shaft 3.175 mm
cooling system(very good).
I recommend it to anyone 3550kv motor.
Este motor eh 3550kv !!!! Nao 4000kv, como no primeiro Review. Comprei pensando ser 4000kv e me arrependi!
eixo 3,175mm
sistema de refrigeracao(muito bom).
Recomendo para quem quer motor 3550kv.

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Overall Rating
42 thumbs up!
This motor is on my Mini Titan, and preforms exelent.
It much much better than the stock one as for power, as well as at battery and ESC.

Requires something like 15pcnt less mAh, BUT delivers more power.

I fly soft to hard 3d at 85pcnt flat curve throttle for 4 min, plus12 / - 12 , with a 40 A ESC and 2200 flightpower at 25C, and I use 1100 mAh of my lipo.
ESC , battery and motor after the flight are cool and ready to go for another round
5 stars

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Overall Rating
13 thumbs up!
The shaft of the motor goes up because unscrew the little hex screw that retain the shaft in the intake air side and destroy the cogs of the main gear of my HK450GT. Control this hex screw before install it and secure it with thread locker.

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Overall Rating
12 thumbs up!
After 6 min. flying, battery gets slightly hot, ESC is cool enough, motor is slightly warm. I was done mild 3D like roll, flip, pump action and stall etc. During the flight, the head RPM is constant and there's little down of head speed. I felt the motor have enough power and speed, also ability to keep the torque and speed.

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