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ASP FS61AR Four Stroke Glow Engine

ASP FS61AR Four Stroke Glow Engine

Tired of all those electric planes infesting your local club?
If so, then Four-stroke glow powered engines should be ticking all the right boxes! And there is nothing like the smell or sound of a 4-stroke glow powered plane thundering through the sky.

Fly to the sound of your very own 4-stroke glow powered symphony and bully those little electrics off the airstrip with our new range of glow engines!
Full-Featured 4-Stroke Engine
One-Piece Crankcase
Rear-Mounted Updraft Carb w/Choke Valve
Right Side Exhaust
Dual Ball Bearing-Supported Crankshaft and Camshaft
CNC Machined Components
Iron Ringed Aluminum Alloy Piston
RFS (Ringed Four-Stroke) Engine
Overhead "Poppet" Valves with Cover

Displacement: 9.95
Bore: 24.80mm 
Stroke: 20.60mm 
Suggested prop: 11*7
RPM: 2,500 ~ 11,500
Weight: 450g 



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Weight: 784g
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Price  $131.54

  • ASP FS61AR Piston Ring

    Combo Price: $3.80   IN STOCK

  • ASP FS61AR - Piston

    Combo Price: $5.17   IN STOCK

  • ASP FS61AR - Cylinder Head Assembly

    Combo Price: $25.84   IN STOCK

  • ASP FS61AR - Muffler Assy

    Combo Price: $10.60   IN STOCK

  • ASP FS61AR - Cylinder

    Combo Price: $5.76   IN STOCK

  • ASP FS61AR - Carb Assy

    Combo Price: $15.33   IN STOCK

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 Customer rated
Total of 123 discussions.
Khayyam  1 points - 1/27/2015
Hello,who knows the balsa model of the Soviet fighter GP/EP 1570mm will go to the Mig-3 model this engine?
Clive  2 points - 1/11/2015
What glow plug do I need to order for this asp 91 engine thank you
 Mario Luiz 94 points
Dear Friend Clive can use a Glow Plug OS 8 is the best I use and have excellent result
 Mario Luiz 94 points
Caro Mark o combustivel idel é* com 15% de Nitro e 20% de Castor Oil eu uso a muitos anos com exelentes resultados
mark  1 points - 12/18/2014
Whats the lowest nitro % this engine will run on ?
 Mario Luiz 94 points
Dear Mark the idel fuel is 15% Nitro and 20% of oil beaver I use many years with excellent results
Alexandre  54 points - 11/25/2014
Must I have to touch to the throttle stop needle to set up the low speed (idle) , or just triming with the radio?? Thanks for your help!!
 albertomi 66 points
To set the low RPM you need to use the trimming, you have another stopper screw but this one normally is factory adjust so you can close complete the barrel , but if you have some smoke in the transition or the engine dies you need to adjust low valve.
 Alexandre 54 points
Ok thanks for information.i wasnt sure
chaz4jc  2 points - 10/19/2014
Has anyone run it mounted inverted or tilted 90 degrees (exhaust pipe down)? Will it stay running if it is not mounted straight up? I am thinking about using it in a Seagull Decathlon or Space Walker.
 __EMI 67 points
It works great at both 90 °* and upside down. Tested on macchi 205.
 Alexandre 54 points
Mine is inverted, and since impossible to have a low iddle :(
 albertomi 66 points
Alexandre you need adjust the low valve (reach side), this is normally what you need when mounted inverted
 Alexandre 54 points
Thanks for your reply Albertomi :) but i have tuned the low valve too and no difference..I have a big drop of rpm when I remove the glow igniter?! And my glow plug is an Os F..the tank is a bit high but impossible to set it lower..(1 or 2 cm above the carbu) .. My transition is very good. Just idle is bad..but with the glow igniter it functions perfect
 albertomi 66 points
Maybe you can up your engine, I mean instead of install your engine in the normal side of the mounting arms, you could mount the engine in the rear of mounting arms and you gain 3/8 up, we did that in a HK decathlon it works¡*¡*
Customer Reviews
Overall Rating
48 thumbs up!
I bought two of these engines , both started straight away and run perfect even down to a low idle using 10pcnt nitro - plenty of power using a
12 x 6 propeller and economical on fuel.
smooth transition from idle to full throttle.
i am very happy with the motors for the price.

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Overall Rating
27 thumbs up!
This engine is out standing. It started on the first try, no problems. It was pre set from the factory so I didn't need to do a lot of adjusting to it. It's worth the money believe me.

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Overall Rating
15 thumbs up!
Wow! super engine. I use mine in a 40 size low winged trainer. Plenty of power, easy to start and running clean. Would recomend this to anyone! Perfect to use later on a 40 size acro plane too. nice!

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Overall Rating
13 thumbs up!
Great engine , I was suprised how well is runing .I am having it in a Texan .46 and 12x7 prop.
I will buy the .91 too.

2 comments. Reply..

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Overall Rating
11 thumbs up!
Great engine - very happy. Make sure you prime it until it is literally soaking in fuel and then it starts easier than any other engine I have come across. With a 500cc fuel tank I get around 15 minutes of mostly full throttle running a little on the rich side with a 11x7 prop.

6 comments. Reply.. here to see all reviews
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