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ASP FS61AR Four Stroke Glow Engine

ASP FS61AR Four Stroke Glow Engine

Tired of all those electric planes infesting your local club?
If so, then Four-stroke glow powered engines should be ticking all the right boxes! And there is nothing like the smell or sound of a 4-stroke glow powered plane thundering through the sky.

Fly to the sound of your very own 4-stroke glow powered symphony and bully those little electrics off the airstrip with our new range of glow engines!
Full-Featured 4-Stroke Engine
One-Piece Crankcase
Rear-Mounted Updraft Carb w/Choke Valve
Right Side Exhaust
Dual Ball Bearing-Supported Crankshaft and Camshaft
CNC Machined Components
Iron Ringed Aluminum Alloy Piston
RFS (Ringed Four-Stroke) Engine
Overhead "Poppet" Valves with Cover

Displacement: 9.95
Bore: 24.80mm 
Stroke: 20.60mm 
Suggested prop: 11*7
RPM: 2,500 ~ 11,500
Weight: 450g 



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Weight: 784g Quantity: 
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Price $119.99

  • ASP FS61AR Piston Ring

    Combo Price: $3.48   IN STOCK

  • ASP FS61AR - Piston

    Combo Price: $4.72   IN STOCK

  • ASP FS61AR - Cylinder Head Assembly

    Combo Price: $23.51   IN STOCK

  • ASP FS61AR - Muffler Assy

    Combo Price: $9.66   IN STOCK

  • ASP FS61AR - Cylinder

    Combo Price: $5.26   IN STOCK

  • ASP FS61AR - Carb Assy

    Combo Price: $13.96   IN STOCK

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 Customer rated
Total of 117 discussions.
Thierry  5 points - 8/29/2014
Is the muffler shipped with or must I buy "ASP FS61AR - Muffler Assy" ?
 Daniela 1 points
The muffler is included Therry!
Alexandre  51 points - 8/20/2014
Maiden flight
 ANTONIO 3 points
congratulations for the plane and the beautiful video! I have a beaver of this same king and my hobby is electric! did not know he wore glow! congratulations!
 Alexandre 51 points
Thanks Antonio!!
purwanu  71 points - 8/18/2014
What is the size of shaft thread?? I'm trying to find the right prop nut.
Alexandre  51 points - 8/17/2014
Beaver superscale with ASP 61 4 strokes engine
michael  2 points - 8/8/2014
Why dow my motor overheat?
 Napstr 1160 points
Hi Michael there are many reasons why your motor may be running hot - starting at the fuel mixture mentioned by aussiepaul below but there is also amount of engine in the airstream versus a fully cowled situation - a fully cowled engine always runs hotter and needs cooling air directed over the cylinder to prevent overheating. There is also the amount of running an engine has had - to get the best performance you need to run 5 to 10 tanks of caster fuel through the engine to bed all the moving parts in (synthetic oils are great but are so good the engines won't bed in due to the superior lubrication). You also need to check the prop isn't too big as that will overload the motor and cause overheating. Then you run down to things like ambient temperature - if it is really hot where you are running it then the engine will run hotter and can't be pushed as hard.
Customer Reviews
Overall Rating
48 thumbs up!
I bought two of these engines , both started straight away and run perfect even down to a low idle using 10pcnt nitro - plenty of power using a
12 x 6 propeller and economical on fuel.
smooth transition from idle to full throttle.
i am very happy with the motors for the price.

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Overall Rating
27 thumbs up!
This engine is out standing. It started on the first try, no problems. It was pre set from the factory so I didn't need to do a lot of adjusting to it. It's worth the money believe me.

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Overall Rating
15 thumbs up!
Wow! super engine. I use mine in a 40 size low winged trainer. Plenty of power, easy to start and running clean. Would recomend this to anyone! Perfect to use later on a 40 size acro plane too. nice!

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Overall Rating
13 thumbs up!
Great engine , I was suprised how well is runing .I am having it in a Texan .46 and 12x7 prop.
I will buy the .91 too.

2 comments. Reply..

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Overall Rating
11 thumbs up!
Great engine - very happy. Make sure you prime it until it is literally soaking in fuel and then it starts easier than any other engine I have come across. With a 500cc fuel tank I get around 15 minutes of mostly full throttle running a little on the rich side with a 11x7 prop.

6 comments. Reply.. here to see all reviews
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