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Turnigy 2200mAh 3S 25C Lipo Pack

Turnigy 2200mAh 3S 25C Lipo Pack

The new number one in performance and price!
The new Turnigy Lipoly packs deliver full capacity at the said C rate.
You wont find a better deal in Lithium Polymer batteries anywhere!

Minimum Capacity: 2200mAh
Configuration: 3S1P / 11.1v / 3Cell
Constant Discharge: 25C
Peak Discharge (10sec): 35C
Pack Weight: 188g
Pack Size: 105 x 33 x 24mm
Charge Plug: JST-XH
Discharge plug: XT60

This battery like all TURNIGY's, will discharge at the said rate without voltage sag. Unlike other packs that call themselves 25 or 30C but really drop voltage 10-20% when pushed to the limit.

PRODUCT ID: T2200.3S.25

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Capacity(mAh) 2200
Config (s) 3
Discharge (c) 25
Weight (g) 188
Max Charge Rate (C) 4
Length-A(mm) 105
Height-B(mm) 33
Width-C(mm) 24
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Weight: 227g Quantity: 
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Price $10.60

  • Nylon XT60 Connectors Male/Female (5 pairs) GENUINE

    Combo Price: $3.75   IN STOCK

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Total of 205 discussions.
vanilson  1 points - 7/28/2014
poso pagar no boleto
 Bruno 4 points
acho que nã*o. Sö* paypal. Isso aqui nã*o ali express garoto.
junseok  4 points - 7/4/2014
is it possible to use with quadcopter with kk2.1 board and 20A Motors*4? and how long it will flight? Thank you..
 Tom 25 points
Hi Junseok, the battery you wish to use for your quad-copter has nothing to do with which flight controller you have unless you want to use the voltage monitor. In the case of the KK2.1 nobody seems to know the exact maximum voltage it will take, but you should be fine up to 4S (14,8 Volt) for sure. You can calculate the maximum amount of Amps a battery can supply by multiplying the number of Amp Hours of capacity with the C Rating : for this battery 2,2 * 25 = 55 Amps. With your setup of 4 * 20 Amp motors you would need a battery that can supply at least 80 Amps. I would recommend looking into a battery with a higher C Rating, if you still want to use a 2,2 Ah Lipo you need a C Rating of at least 35-40. As far as flight times go, there are A LOT of variables here so there is no way of accurately predicting how long it will stay in the air on one battery. But remember that higher voltages (4S etc.) and big props (11" and so on) will be more efficient. Happy flying, Tom
 AlexRaz 115 points
Quick answer: Yes, it's possible. How long will the flight time be? Depends on a lot of things ranging from the all-up weight to the electronics you have on there to the humidity, climate and how far above sea level you are.
mccoy88  2 points - 7/3/2014
hi alex, Ive seen Registered airmail but it cost me $40 for maximum of 2kg. Fedex is much cheaper that is why I tried it. but if that is the case that i will be paying 1.5-2k for my package when it is arrived in PH then maybe it is much better to go for Registered Airmail.
 AlexRaz 115 points
I see what you mean. I tried loading 7 lipos at check out and it only gives the two options. You can try registered airmail but it takes 2 to three weeks longer than FedEx. Not only that, once it gets to the post office, there's a good chance the customs guy might still charge you a minimum of 1K. Why? Because the package will contain several counts of the same item. They will automatically assume that you will re-sell them locally and will charge you documentary fees, processing fees, declared value tax and VAT. When I want 3 or more of the same item (like LiPos and motors, and ESCs), I break them up into multiple orders and add low value items so they will believe that I'm ordering only for personal use (which I actually do).
mccoy88  2 points - 7/2/2014
alex, how to reply your link? di ako makareply. anyway, ganun ba? kung 7 ang binili ko mga ilan kaya ang babayaran ko? Sisingilin kaparin ng fedex kahit nagbayad kana ng $24 sa shiiping? wala kasi akong makita na registered mail. Fedex ang pinkamura.
 AlexRaz 115 points
7 pieces ng Lipo? Dami nyan ah! Sisingilin ka pa rin ng FedEx ng storage fee, processing fee saka tax. On top of the $24 (shipping fee lang yun). May posibilidad na lumusot yung tax pero rare mangyari sa FedEx yun. Yung tax, depende sa declared value. Tancha ko (estimate lang ha) sisingilin ka ng 1.5-2K ng FedEx.
 AlexRaz 115 points
Btw, sisingilin ka nung fees upon delivery. Di ko gets kung bakit yun lang ang available na shipping option. Triny mo na bang I-check out? Wag mo lang paabutin dun sa final step hehehe.
mccoy88  2 points - 7/2/2014
alex, saan mo nakuha ang item? meron kapa bang babayaran dito sa pinas? salamat
 AlexRaz 115 points
Yung first order ginamit ko FedEx kasi maraming kasabay. Within 5 days nasa bahay na kaso siningil ako ng FedEx ng tax saka fees totaling 1.3K. Lugi, pre. Yung susunod na order ko registered mail with Lipo na lang. $7 shipping fee ng hobbyking tas pag dating dito, nag padala ng notice yung post office na pick-upin ko sa kanila yung parcel. Siningil lang ako ng 50 pesos.
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Overall Rating
8 thumbs up!
Ordered 5 battery's, and only one failed after about the second use. 1/4 the price of others, and 4/5 of them are still plunging away and have massive power punch. I have nothing really bad to say, great deals.

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Overall Rating
7 thumbs up!
Sono perfette per t-rex 450 ,volo benissimo senza aver speso un capitale

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Overall Rating
7 thumbs up!
Mine puffed after 20 flights :(.
But I ordered them right after they came out so it might have been caused by some bad first peaces. Btw I charge to 4,1V and discharge to 3,73V per cell so It wasn't my fault. Now they have 40 flights and are slowly more puffing but they can still deliver enough power for my HK-450. We will see how much more they can take.

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Overall Rating
6 thumbs up!
it every good.but some price not balance and deat cell. it is good to check you battery before shipping.

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Overall Rating
6 thumbs up!
Bang for a buck. Unfortunately wrong connector for me. Please HK leave the connectors away from these batteries.

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