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BMS-705MG Low Profile High Torque Servo (Metal Gear) 6.0kg / .18sec / 34g

BMS-705MG Low Profile High Torque Servo (Metal Gear) 6.0kg / .18sec / 34g

BMS-705MG Low Profile High Torque Servo (Metal Gear) 6.0kg / .18sec / 34g
It was designed for F3A high performance of low profile, better precision movement and low electric impedance, the low profile servo is a great choice to move your retract gear in the realistic manner that you want it to.
This servo comes with JR/Hitec S Connector also known as a "Universal Connector". Even thought this servo comes with JR/Hitec S Connectors, this servo is electrically compatible with Futaba receivers.
1. Metal gear
2. curve gear with smooth.
3. Double M9.6 ball bearing (si-oil)
4. 3 pole strong torque of motor with low signal affect and success get CE certification.
5. Rubber fitting case for waterproof
6. Same with Futaba 25 tooth spline
7. Heavy duty servo case
Weight: 34g / 1.19oz
Dimensions: 42 x 21.5 x 22 mm / 1.65 x 0.85 x 0.87 inch
Torque At 4.8V: 6.0kg/cm , 83 oz/in
Torque At 6.0V: 7.4kg/cm , 112 oz/in
Speed At 4.8V: 0.18 sec / 60° at no load
Speed At 6.0V: 0.16sec / 60° at no load


Weight: 61g
International Warehouse
Price  $15.15

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 Customer rated
Total of 8 discussions.
yorkie  16 points - 10/5/2014
is this servo digital ???????????
telixx  32 points - 7/27/2013
Hi I need A high torque servo to have a good pressure on the brake linkages on a 1/8 high speed road car ... What kg of torque on a servo is recommended ?
Murphy  43 points - 12/12/2012
Bonjour, questions : Est-ce que ce servo a un dé*battement proportionnel ou tout ou rien ? Le dé*battement total est-il de 60°* ou de 180°* ?
luis  2 points - 12/10/2012
hola, quisiera saber si este servo sirve para la direccion de un camion r/c
Anden86  63 points - 8/25/2012
is this waterproof?
 chris23 17 points
No, but it can work under the water :) without any damage.
 AnthonyLong 106 points
Working underwater is waterproof. But this servo is not. Water will get in. BUT it is very easy to waterproof this servo - just do a search in Youtube - lots of video showing you how to do it.
 crazycarmaniac 525 points
silicon glues is a easy one cos it can be sent for repair by pulling it all of. just like ribber
 M 1 points
This is not waterproof.
Customer Reviews
Overall Rating
4 thumbs up!
First thought: Excellent!
Then: Dang it has a lot of torque.
Next came: This is sweet, its got more torque than a "same spec" hitec servo PLUS metel gears for a third the price! (running 6v pack)
Then came: crap, I just shorted the thing out =( need to go buy a couple of backups.

Operated my .60 retracts in a Corsair with odd linkages perfectly. No complaints except no short circuit protection. :P I will certainly be buying more.

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Overall Rating
1 thumbs up!
good servo for retracts. solid, strong and perfect centering. I will buy more

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Overall Rating
hobby nice
1 thumbs up!
Quick test of the BMS-705MG Low Profile High Torque Servo.
Good, quick respons. Strong. Good for my CAP 232 60

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Overall Rating
1 thumbs up!
how high is the power consumption?
what's the stall current for this servo?

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Overall Rating
Like it?
utilis pour un train rentrant. puissant et rapide (trop rapide pour mon train ...).
Bon rapport qualit prix !!!

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