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Turnigy Head Lock & Standard Gyro (Digital/Analog)

Turnigy Head Lock & Standard Gyro (Digital/Analog)

Turnigy Piezo Head Lock & Standard Gyro.
The TR302-AD is compatible with both Digital and Analog systems.
Ultra small & light
Drift Cancel Circuit
Temperature Compensation Circuit
Head lock and standard mode.
High quality & very precise
Specifications :
Small Size piezoelectric ceramic gyro
Voltage used : 4.2 - 7V
Power consumption : Approx 33mA
Operation temp : -5C - 60C
Built-in Drift cancel - circuit
Temperature compensation circuit
Dual Mode : Head Lock and Standard


Weight: 48g Quantity: 

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Total of 122 discussions.
bagija  11 points - 2/25/2014
shopping at hobbyking number 2008669092 $ 115.24 Received orders, payments received but goods not delivered, contact customer support also can not, how responsibilities hobbyking??? Your credibility we have repeatedly questioned ...... I sent an email but no response, careful shopping at hobbyking, because you will always long to wait ... hobbyking is no customer care.
 ezr168 5 points
Use live chat. It's the only way I've been able to get any service and even then keep hounding them and eventually you will get it done!
 Joao Henrique 21 points
I had to wait about FOUR MONTHS to receive my items in Brazil. Following the tracking number, I realized that it was shipped fast, but the customs stopped my items in my own country just to make some money. Sad, but true.
 jorge 3 points
Once paid and sent the only thing to do is wait for the post office to do their work, often to blame for the delay of the custom house of your country.
ueiger  1 points - 2/14/2014
Can i use this giro in my truggy 1/8 in turns? or if not, What gyro does this function?
 Gerry01 4232 points
I have tested this gyro with a 1/10 electric car, and works very well. Assuming you set up gyro gain, because if it's too high the car becomes unstable. But once you set up ok, it works very well, not only in turns, it really helps to keep car straight while you apply brakes.
Bryan  8 points - 1/12/2014
Great gyro, working with the TGY-306G on the tail of my HK450 GTPRO belt version, and holding it on rate and heading hold mode.
thomas  3 points - 1/8/2014
how is this gyro on 600 size heli? any help?
 Gerry01 4232 points
Thomas, any heli size can be controlled with this gyro, because the heli size only impacts in tail servo size (that is external to gyro) and gain, this last parameter can be set, so it will work well, as long as you can use a 5v tail servo. For a 600 size heli this is normal.
crispyspa  18 points - 12/15/2013
This is my first gyro and it is installed onto an RC airboat. I'm liking the gyro part of it, but not the head lock part. is there a way to disable the head lock, keep high gain and still retain the gyro part. I'm using a 3 channel pistol radio that is not a HK brand....(starts with an "S". I can't name it here because my question will be deleted) . Would a different gyro be better? Something without head lock? I tried putting the yellow wire on the 3rd channel but that didn't seem to work.
 Gerry01 4232 points
When you leave the yellow pin open, the gain potentiometer works on both ways. At center position, gyro is disabled. To one side is head hold, to the othe side is yaw rate. If you use the yellow pin you can control the gain from the Tx, but you need a proportional channel, not an on-off switch.
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Not Digital and Analog Systems
Overall Rating
120 thumbs up!
THE BEST!!! i have tested the kh401B, but the Turnigy/telebee is much better(for me)!..
the correct position for this giro is: with label for Front or Rear!!!!!!! NOT for left or right...

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Overall Rating
42 thumbs up!
I haw to buy one, from another store. It's really small and very good, work with towerPro 9G servo ant 22mm horn(recommend min. 21mm horn!!). Flying in Screamer 450 about a month (8 hour) and I can say only good about this gyro!
At -6C work fine :)
Of that price I thing the best one.
Here you can look my flying video:

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Overall Rating
20 thumbs up!
per me manuale un po difficile.Ho appena iniziato a provarlo sul tarot 500 e funziona egregiamente e paragonabile al GY401,la differenza e nel prezzo molto conveniente.per il momento lo
abbinato a un servo HGD 250 Carbon Gear Digital BB - 18.12g / .12s / 2.5kg

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Overall Rating
14 thumbs up!
Just fitted this into a T-rex 450. Perfect. Excellent head lock performance yet very responsive with piros. Have put it through some mild 3D and it's holding its own. The best value for money gyro I've come across.

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Overall Rating
13 thumbs up!
I put this on the HK450. Remember to place it so the label is upright, not laying down like the 401.

I matched it to a cheap digital servo (e-Watts DG-BB901) and set it to DS mode. That was no good as the servo would glitch on way every few seconds without any input. Not great in flight. I turned the Gyro back to STD mode (analogue) and it now works good without any glitching, so beware of cheap digital servos. The ATV pot is Very Sensitive.

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