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ASW28 EPO Electric Glider (PNF)

ASW28 EPO Electric Glider (PNF)

A beautiful, sleak, light weight yet strong ASW28.
Moulded from EPO foam and reinforced with a carbon fibre spar, this 2mtr wingspan glider is agile and reslient enough to take the roughest of landings.
Cleverly built, the ASW-28 includes such features as a snap lock canopy, unique servo horn system providing zero drag and a neater appearance plus a carefully designed foam manufacturing mould keeps the skin of the plane smooth and mostly free from ugly [spots] found on other models.
This models simple and cleverly designed features combined with it's A1 quality (evident from the EPO moulding through to the no expenses spared 3M high adhesion joiner tape) make this an excellent choice for fussy pilots or those appreciating quality in a bulletproof PNF package.
Simply screw in the tail piece, connect your Rx, plug in the battery and you are ready!

Wing Span: 2000mm
Length: 880mm
Wing Area: 21dm2
Wing Loading: 24.7g/dm2
Flying Weight : 520g
Power system : Brushless motor,1000mAh 7.4V Li-Po
Radio: 4 channel, 4 servos.
ASW-28 Glider
All servos pre-installed
Motor pre-installed
ESC Pre-installed
No additional fabrication or building required.
Receiver/Transmitter 4Ch
1000-1300mAh 2S Lipoly.


2 1:IC/2:Elec 4 Channel 2000mm (78.74in) 880mm (34.65in) 520g (1.144lb)

This product is no-longer available. CLICK HERE TO SEE A WIDE RANGE OF SIMILAR ITEMS

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 Customer rated
Total of 109 discussions.
snipe75  7 points - 5/13/2013
Hello, can somebody please tell me how to remove the spinner on this plane ? Motor is shaking, I removed the 2-part prop with screws, but I can't get the spinner off. Thanks :)
DUPUICH  5 points - 4/28/2013
type du moteur brushless pour le remplacer ??
3DADDICT  51 points - 4/26/2013
I feel for you guys.. I think its disgraceful policy to still sell a product when its actually Discontinued. I can still buy it today and NEVER get it. Customer service of the lowest order ..
Electric  90 points - 4/15/2013
Just contacted HK kit discontinued so have cancelled order
 BuzzBat 17 points
Shame was such a good glider I would have bought another one as it was so good. Please say it it not so! : O ( Jammy
 Electric 90 points
Ended up buying the same glider off Ebay paid a lot more but a great glider
carvileal  20 points - 4/13/2013
The patience is exhausted,order since February 26,today nothing. Hobby King This disappointed me
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Overall Rating
33 thumbs up!
This ST MODEL ASW28 is a good and cheap gliding trainer. After appropriate trimming and weight balancing it will fly nicely with no to moderate wind giving a nice scale look. It needs 90-100 grams battery - the 2S 1000 mAh will need some extra weight as a tail heavy setup will cause easy stall, especially when the motor is running. The motor is rather weak. Don't expect it to climb vertically but it will be just enough (full throttle only) to gain the height needed to glide within 40 - 60 sec. Although mine came with a faulty left wing edge, it was easily repaired with some balsa and epoxy. I think the manufacturer should consider to improve the power setup and maybe add a landing wheel (although landings are very easy and soft). With a 2s 1050 mAh 30 C Battery the motor draws 7,97 A (8,09 V - 64,9 W) and gives a full 10 - 14 min flying time (full throttle climbing for 3-5 minutes w/o thermals). Over all it is a recommended product.

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Overall Rating
Matthias Mergeay
28 thumbs up!
Very nice glider, looks very fragile but is relatively strong and pretty crash resistent (flew at high speed in a huge tree without consequenses)... I'm very pleased with this glider. I used a 2s 2200 lipo. Flew it last sunday with a lot of wind and it performed very good, also when doing some basic aerobatics like loops.

Thumbs up, keep up the good work!

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Overall Rating
25 thumbs up!
I am using this plane without any modifications because I like it the way it comes. The included 2-cell 1300 mAh packs are heavier than the recommended 1000 mAh so you have to move the CG back. Here are 2 videos showing it fly in calm winds. It handles best when you make coordinated turns with ailerons and rudder. Otherwise it slips or skids. Thrust is

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Overall Rating
19 thumbs up!
Beautiful. I got the the tx/rx ready unit. I'm a novice. Made all the flying surfaces easier to move by cutting out 60pcnt of the hinge in small sections and sanded all surfaces smooooth.
Flies great, rolls, loops AND it thermals really well .. but .. needs more power for punching back into the wind. Many club guys commented on how 'scale' it looks, when flying. Needs to adjust cg approx quarter inch aft. Going to modify fuse to move battery aft.

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Overall Rating
17 thumbs up!
available under the cockpit so one must arrange everything very tightly underneath, in order to be able to lock the cockpit in place.
This plane is a beautiful and sleek flier, and with the configuration it comes it consumes only 55 watts with static full stick thrust, so it can stay in the air for quite long periods of time. The most captivating moment is when you perform a fast and close fly-by with no motor, the whistle the plane leav

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