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X8D 2.4GHz trainer port X8-hack module (PPM Only)

X8D 2.4GHz trainer port X8-hack module (PPM Only)

Now you can convert any PPM transmitter to 2.4Ghz with the new X8D X8-Hack module!
Provided your transmitter has an inbuilt PPM board (99% of radios do), all you will need to do is solder 3 wires, insert the X8 unit and plug in the antenna!
This is especially useful for any non-module based PPM transmitter. Such as the Multiplex EVO.

Channels: 8
Range: 800m+
FCC, CE and RoHS approved.



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Nikolas  2 points - 4/10/2016
Hi. I have an Ace Nautical Commander (ACE8501). Would this unit suit?
 crashnburn 9 points
It will work just fine. The Nautical Commander is a PPM system so you will not have a problem. There are a couple of how tos on RCGroups**** .
Panagiotis  5 points - 3/28/2016
Hi everyone , i use the sanwa m-zechs tm-1170 fm for my mini inferno ,will this module **** sanwa in order to use the X8R3 3Ch 2,4GHz Receiver ? Thank you in advance.
stephen  1 points - 6/7/2015
I have purchaced this hack module a year ago but have been reluctant to install it as after purchace I am thinking , is this for flying foamies or can it be used for bigger gliders and fuel engined aircraft? Thanks for any replys
 aws1310 29 points
i have this one in a mx 12 and i fly anything whit it even a pylonracer and i did not have any clitch whit this system
LALLART  5 points - 5/26/2015
Hello, will this item (and the Assan range) be available in the european warehouse?
roberto  26 points - 4/24/2015
Hi, I own a graupner mx12 ... and it is possible to insert this form? . Thank you
 aws1310 29 points
yes i did that years ago in a mx 12 look the web for how to do that it is not that hard to do
Customer Reviews
Overall Rating
331 thumbs up!
Hi Guys,

Got my Assan Hack module and got my Futaba 6EX converted. Here is the link to my Review and step by step guide.

This hack is really good.

Cheers !!!

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Overall Rating
102 thumbs up!
The ASSAN hack module works absolut perfect!!! Have tested now all three modells from ASSAN in different radios!

The last module I bought i assembled in a FF7 futaba radio switchable between 35 MHZ(or another HF frequency that is used in your country) and 2.4 Ghz. Works absolute SUPERB !!!

You will find the details, pictures and manual for the assembling on the internetadress

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Overall Rating
pete xprt
57 thumbs up!
Just mounted this in the popular Futaba T7CP. It fits perfectly behind the existing 35 Mhz module. I mounted it with a switch so I can switch between 35Mhz and 2.4 GHz modules. To prevent any issues, I cut the wires instead of unsoldering the connector from the 35MHz board, but for the rest the Futaba T7CP looks now exactly like <a the module built-in you cannot see the green and red led, but this is not a problem since the module also beeps during initialisation and binding procedures.

I also measured the current in both modes: 200 mA with original 35MHz module and 110 mA with 2.4 GHz. This means that the transmitter battery will last nearly twice as long when using 2.4 GHz, compared to the original 35MHz. Great improvement!

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Overall Rating
32 thumbs up!
I received my X8D Hack module and installed it in my JRX2610 TX with a DPDT switch to use both ASSAN 2.4 and JR 35 MHZ Modules. The conversion worked perfectly with first time binding to the X8 R7 7ch receiver. I then tested the radio on both 2.4 and 35 Mhz models. The 2.4 ASSAN system was used with a Multiplex Easy Star with range up to 1km with perfect functionality and no glitches. Rock Steady! On the same day I flew a MS Composite swift on 35 Mhz with terrible interference and glitching!! Excellent Product and Excellent Pricing. Will be replacing all of my 35 mHZ receivers from ASSAN/Hobby City. Thanks for a great solution at an excellent price!

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Overall Rating
Christian Sulzer
29 thumbs up!
to install the X8D mudule in my EVO 9 transmitter, I had to cut off a bit of the shrinking tubing, then it fits in. The gold antenna socket fits very tight between the Hf-module connector and the battery connector. A grey 5 pin MPX connector works fine to install the wiring (starting from the top, pin 1 orange, pin 3 red, pin 4 brown) I got this info from the support team.

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