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Turnigy Mini Lipo Battery monitor (2S~6S)

Turnigy Mini Lipo Battery monitor (2S~6S)
Turnigy Mini Lipo Battery monitor (2S~6S)

Turnigy 6S Mini Lipo Battery monitor.
An excellent and very accurate voltage meter.

Functions and Features:  
Measure and display the voltage of each cell and total volatage of the 2S-6S Lithium battery packs. Flashing light to indicate low volatge. Large-sized LED segment display with clear and legible characters. High contrast gradient segment suitable for outdoor environment. Compact in form and light in weight, Suitable for use both on the gound and in your model. Power-saving mode specially designed for real-time monitoring of voltage when installed on the model.
Insert the contact pin of the volatge monitor into the balance charge socket of the lithium battery pack. Becareful that the cathode pin must be inserted right into the cathode of the balance charge socket. Isertion in wrong direction or misallignment should be avoided.
Battery Applicable: 2S ~ 6S Lithium battery   
Measuring Voltage : 2.7V ~ 4.5V/cell
Measuring Accuracy :0.01V
Current : dispaly on : 50ma max
Dimensions : 48x18x8mm
Weight : 6g


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 Customer rated
Total of 12 discussions.
Dhrup$  2 points - 11/27/2014
Best product for constantly monitoring the power supply voltage. You can also see the voltage drop across battery terminals due to battery's resistance on heavy loads.
pica_pau  55 points - 12/4/2013
Great Device! When available in European warehouse?
SKY79  8 points - 6/17/2013
Semplicemente fantasticooooo!!!!!!!
 pica_pau 55 points
Pena é* estar sempre esgotado no armazé*m Europeu!
Ashley  19 points - 5/9/2013
Hi HK. So is it the high accuracy one *with* the power saving switch or is it the half priced .03 accuracy one without the switch? The spec here clearly ready with the switch and with .01 accuracy- but the suggestion in the discussion is that the maker may have duped (us). Can someone check? thanks!
slvrsleeper  16 points - 3/27/2012
Can this be calibrated? If not this thing sucks! Accuracy is way off, on some cells it is as much as .06v off. None of the cells read the same at all.
 LHM74 18 points
No unfortunatly you can't calibrate it.
 PIQUET 4 points
affichage très lumineux mais ne supporte pas l'inversion de polarité.... le mien à cramer... dommage... mais c'est de ma faute !
 maverick51 58 points
Super éfficace avec 6S
 knifeedge63 30 points
You are reading different cell voltage simply because the battery cells where not balanced correctly.
 slvrsleeper 16 points
Doh! No that isn't it. This thing reads different on every cell even after balance. I've even compared it with one a buddy has and his reads alot more accurate.
Customer Reviews
Overall Rating
Markus Layr
13 thumbs up!
Great item.
Easy to use.
More accurate than the "Battery Monitor 2-6S".

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Overall Rating
9 thumbs up!
The function of the Assan 6S Lipo Battery is quite similar to the "Battery Monitor 2-6S".

The display features is bright and crisp and due to the big digits you can also install it in your heli to know the cell voltages during flight.

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Overall Rating
6 thumbs up!
This monitor much better than the "Battery Monitor 2-6S." This measured in steps 0.01v and the other to 0.03v.

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Overall Rating
5 thumbs up!
This is very nice product. It's bigger and heavier than "Battery Monitor 2-6S", but it has bright display with big digits and power save switch, so that you can fix it to your heli or plane and monitor voltages on the fly with minimum current drain. Quality is better and its reasonable (accuracy is about 0.01v/cell) to pay an extra $2.

Thanks to you can buy high quality product and you don't have to pay 20$ for it from LHS !!!

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Overall Rating
Mark Strahlendorf
3 thumbs up!
Super simple to use.
Just plug balance lead in with negative wire to bottom of monitor (labeled on side of monitor)and it reads total voltage then cycles through individual cell voltages.
Switch on power saver and it cycles through voltages three times then switches screen off. Screen comes back on when any cell voltage gets to 3.4V.
Weighs 13 grams.

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