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Got an old brushed motor laying around and want to put it to good use?
The Turnigy brushed ESC is an excellent speed controller with a linear throttle curve, Lipoly/NiMh ready and programmable braking.

The break function can be turn on/off by the jumper
Battery type can be chosen by a jumper
For Lipo the threshold for each cell is 3.0v, less than the threshold ESC will gradually reduce the output power
PWM frequency is 2KHz
Over heat protection over 110C
Throttle signal loss for 1sec will gradually reduce the output power, after 2sec completely cut-off

Cont Current: 30A
Burst Current: 40A
BEC Mode: 5v/1A
Lipo Cells: 2-3
NiMH : 4-10
Weight: 21g
Size: 45x21x8mm


Weight: 39g
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Price  $9.03

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 Customer rated
Total of 215 discussions.
Gerald  3 points - 8/31/2015
this esc has reverse?
Thomas  2 points - 7/25/2015
Jan  2 points - 7/21/2015
With what I can use this regulator pls?
 John Banion 157 points
Two wire DC(brushed) motors, bulbs, Nicrome wire. Basically most anything that will run on a variable DC source.
carlomedicus  28 points - 6/25/2015
Has anybody tried it with 4s LiPo ?
 Juan José 4 points
I don´*t have this esc but you´*ll burn it if you use it with 4s LiPo
 Sondre 14 points
Im not totaly sure, but i think it is the amps that burns a ESC, not the voltage, of cause with more volts there will be more amps. I think if you calkulate it well there will be no problem, but ive not tryed it... yet.
 primero 3 points
Burned it with 3S
Robert  16 points - 5/19/2015
Does this esc have reverse?
 Robert 16 points
Nvm, just noticed you could expand the comments. TY all for your feedback.
 Microguy 39 points
You learn something new every day!
 Quintin 2 points
I must have missed it, does this ESC have reverse?
 Hasibe 1 points
No, no reverse. Just on/off brake.
Customer Reviews
Overall Rating
39 thumbs up!
Compre 4 de estos, los 4 funcionan muy bien, son mas pequeos de lo que me esperaba lo cual esta muy bien ya que use uno de ellos en un Striker y no hay mucho espacio, la respuesta de estos esc es muy buena y del precio, pues simplemente insuperable...

6 comments. Reply..

Overall Rating
doug gough
36 thumbs up!
great little piece of kit at a price that you cant say no to, I connected this to a hot can motor and ran it up to a 30amp draw for 5 mins and it didnt even get warm, Im very impressed at this price

4 comments. Reply..

Overall Rating
29 thumbs up!
I am very satisfied with this speed controller, very good quality for small price. I give 5 stars!!

No comments. Reply..

Overall Rating
25 thumbs up!

Most of my planes are actually brushless however, recently I decided to use stock can motors for a project. Of course, I needed a speed controller for brushed motors so I went looking around for a decent ESC around 30A. I happened to visit HobbyCity and found the Eagle 30A Brushed ESC and figured for the price, it is defiantly worth trying. My gamble paid off big dividends as the speed controller works great! Wish I had purchased most of my electronics from HC.

No comments. Reply..

Overall Rating
Marcelo Vaccaro
14 thumbs up!
Excelent product for the price...just $7.5

It comes with the option to turn break on and off with just a jumper.
Also suitable for Nimh and Lipo with also just a jumper.

My Super-Cub motor is pulling only 16amps so can't test the limits to the rated 30amps.

In spite of that the ESC stays pretty cool.

Just awesome product

4 comments. Reply.. here to see all reviews
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