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Hobbyking SS Series 40-50A ESC (Opto only)

Hobbyking SS Series 40-50A ESC (Opto only)

The Hobbyking SS series comes with a limited range of programming functions and are designed to be plug & play.
A perfect ESC for those looking for something simple to use and economic.

Please note you require a seperate receiver power supply.

Weight: 39g
Cells: 2-4S
Max Current: 40A
Burst: 50A
BEC: None (Opto Only)

User Programming options:
Battery setting
Throttle Range
Brake setting 4 options: Direction and Cutoff Type
Timing Mode Setting: 1 / 7 / 15 / 30
PWM setting: 8K/16K


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sven  3 points - 4/30/2015
worked fine many flights. then it smoked my engine. nothing to do whit my ubec. setup was the same as always.
Patrick  21 points - 4/30/2015
Love this esc works great but some things u need to know! It's opto so u need to buy a ubec but I found out it only works with 3.3v ubec other wise bad things happen to motor and esc. It has cooling fins stock and stays nice and cooled on a 4s with a dt-850 motor
Clint  1 points - 4/21/2015
I have a BNF Durafly Vampire and fried the standard ESC that comes with it and my Turnigy Rx. Can anyone tell me if the Hobbyking SS Series 40-50A ESC (Opto only) will work. It has more wires coming out of it and it is OPTO only whatever that means.
sven  3 points - 3/9/2015
had this for a wile and worked fine. then after installing on a new build plane smoke came out of the engine after connecting a 3s. tested the engine whit another esc and stil worked... but became a spare engine. the esc is doing something very wrong to the motor. no id what. anyone?
 Patrick 21 points
Probably powered the esc with 5v ubec it has to be 3.3v
 sven 3 points
this was not the problem. setup was the same as always. thanks for your effort
Warren  1 points - 1/18/2015
Thank you very much Chris for your response. I am still somewhat of a novice (3 years) at RC airplane flying. I got caught up in the description as this ERSC being simple to use. The ESC requiring a BEC is new to me. In laymens terms what is the function of a BEC and what is required for this particular ESC?? I had a live chat with Hobbyking about this ESC and was not told anything about my problem being the result of not having a BEC. Again Thanks Chris.
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como programar HK-SS50A
Overall Rating
David Bacon
349 thumbs up!
Bought 2, installed 1, and I found complete programming info elsewhere, so now I have it running fine. Do a search for "50 Amp Esc" and you might find the answers as I did.
Don't give up until you have located the programming sheet and set it up properly.
Also make sure you supply proper control voltage, as it doesn't have BEC. I started with 6V, and it would beep-out complaints, 4.5V seems to work fine. Just in case you don't want to find the programming info, I will see if it fits in this review:
2. Turn on Rec, ESC, then Xmit with throttle on full, listen to beeps:
3. Musical tone, then 1 beep indicates that battery type can be programmed. This is repeated three times, then same but 2 beeps, then 3 beeps, 4, 5, and 6, all repeated three times, and it starts all over again. When you hear the one you want, go to 1/2 throttle. Here is what they & Cutoff
SIX=PWM setting
4. Next you select the choice within that option, with beeps coded to say where you are, again each choice is repeated three times, and when you hear the one you want, go back to full throttle, here they are: (Short-Long)
1-1 = NiCd
1-2 = 7 cell LiPo
1-3 = 6 cell LiPo
1-4 = 5 cell LiPo
1-5 = 4 cell LiPo
1-6 = 3 cell LiPo
1-7 = 2 cell LiPo

2-1 = Auto throttle range
2-2 = 1.1ms to 1.8 ms from Recvr
2-3 = Accelerate Fast
2-4 = Accelerate by ramp-up

3-1 = No brake
3-2 = Soft brake
3-3 = Med

9 comments. Reply..

Overall Rating
David Bacon
344 thumbs up!
Darn, the programming instructions didn't all fit, here is the rest:

3-4 = Hard brake

4-1 = CW rotation
4-2 = CCW rotation
4-3 = Cutoff soft (When battery low)
4-4 = Hard cutoff

5-1 = 2 to 4 pole motors
5-2 = 6 to 8 pole motors
5-3 = 10 to 14 pole outrunner
5-4 = Hi RPM outrunner (I think >20k)

6-1 = 8 kHz PWM for low RPM
6-2 = 16 kHz for outrunners

When done either:
A-Go full throttle to select another
B-Go low throttle to end and save
and you will get a long beep, and "Bob's your uncle"

Next startup will give 2 beeps to confirm all is OK.

If you know more about the diagnostic beep, please share that with everybody, I could not find a list...

6 comments. Reply..

Overall Rating
62 thumbs up!
Be Aware!!!!
Default settings are:
Battery: 7S Li-Po (25.9V) 21V Cutoff Voltage
Throttle: Auto Throttle Range
Brake: Soft Brake/Hard Cutoff
Timing: 2-4 Pole Inrunner Motors. I would highly recommend to change this to match with your Motor, it used to cutoff at half throttle with my 3800 out runner @ this default setting
Sounds easy to hear that it's a plug&play,please do program it as per David Bacon Advised "top" before using it.

1 comment. Reply..

Overall Rating
27 thumbs up!
Its a good ESC. I use mine with the HXT BEC. It doesnt get hot at all. Im running mine on a suppomodels 2826-6t motor. It pulls about 45 amps WOT with a 4000 12c pack and a 14x7 true APC prop. I will buy a couple more if they ever stay in stock.

4 comments. Reply..

Overall Rating
Howard Smith
17 thumbs up!
This controller does not work as advertised. The controller will only initialize on up to 4S. On 5S, 6S and 7S, the controller WILL NOT START UP. I've been fighting with HC for a month to get this resolved, but the only solution they will offer is for me to send it back, my expense, and wait while they sort out what to do about this. I can't justify the shipping cost and time wasted (it'll be 8 weeks before I get anything back) to send this back. Don't buy this for 5Splus applications, it doesn't work even though HC claims it will. I've spoken to others with this controller and they confirm it.

5 comments. Reply.. here to see all reviews
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