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TowerPro L40-acro 40Amp Brushless Speed Controller

TowerPro L40-acro 40Amp Brushless Speed Controller

Amp rating: 40A (max 45A burst)
Voltage: 2-3 Cell Lipoly (5 - 12v)
BEC Current: 2A/5v
Size: 55x38x20mm
Weight: 24.5g

Heli/Airplane mode
Brake (off/v-soft/soft/medium/hard/v-hard)
Timing (0~30deg)
Frequency (8,16,32khz)
Cut-off selection(2 or 3 cells)
Cut-off type (Slow down motor / stop motor)
Throttle Curve (Auto / manual)
Timing Monitor (Prevent motor burnout)

This is one of towerpros newest and most advanced ESCs. With more functions than their normal range.
You must use the acro programming box to configure it.

You wont beat an ESC at this price with these features!


Weight: 75g
International Warehouse
Price  $22.75

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 Customer rated
Total of 13 discussions.
pirulelo  16 points - 8/16/2010
Can I use the programing card :
whit this ESC. Thanks
 Emil 12 points
that one didnt work for me! I also want to know witch programmer to use!!
Emil  12 points - 8/14/2010
I have three of these and the simple TURNIGY BESC Programming Card witch I also got cant program the ESC. Witch programcard should I use??
sglnichols  15 points - 7/21/2010
What programming card are people using from hobbyking? Thanks
mapiso  17 points - 4/14/2010
Somebody can help me? I buyed in Italy the Tower Pro L 40-acro but I'm not able to find its programming box or card.
I don't find it in the "programming box" the HC sells.
(ELCOS) Pablo  17 points - 4/13/2010
Only possible to program Airplane Mode. No heli mode works for programing.

Customer Reviews
Overall Rating
Mike Roberts
30 thumbs up!
Make sure you do a range check with the motor running. I found only 10-20pcnt of range without motor. Swapping in a jeti controller put it to 80pcnt of no motor running. Putting a choke in the Rx lead do not cure this. Neither did using a separate rx battery (pos removed on ESC lead). So defintely RF problem. Adding some 10nf 0805 smd caps from each output to ground (easy as ground points are next to where motor leads are attached) put it back up to around 60pcnt of full range. Still not comfortable using this on my Spitfire.
Note this is after having good layout - all power components up front, Rx, servos behind wing, leads to motor halved in length.
I don't like giving poor rating but I feel this has potential to crash models.
If someone has experience of getting good airborne range please add the feedback.

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Overall Rating
10 thumbs up!
As said, The TowerPro L40 has a rich set of programming options, you really need the programming box.

But the most important is : IT CAN HANDLE A123 LiFe batts !!!
The second thing is : IT CAN HANDLE A LOT MORE THAN 12V !!!
Today I flown with 6S A123 !!! The CutOff worked very well. And the BEC was OK.
The specs are wrong.
I hope they will make a 100Amps version...

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Overall Rating
Alf Johansson
9 thumbs up!
The TowerPro L40 has a rich set of programming options. And programming with the programming box (sold separately) works well and is very easy. The big heatsink is for the BEC and makes the speed controller a bit heavy and bulky. But the BEC can be moved/removed to make the package flatter. Total weight is 43g (not 24.5 as in the ad).

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Overall Rating
Rocco Grilla
8 thumbs up!
In reply of Mike: Yesterday i try this speed controller and i have had the same problem of Mike.
After take off my Gemini go in an tonneaux, very hard to control the model, all return to normal condition after i have cut off the gas, landig the model forunatelly w/out crash it.
I use the TP L40 with Turnigy Bl motor 35-36 1300, my receiver is a Hitech single conversion HFS06MT, with this receiver i don't never had problem.

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Overall Rating
Jim Berry
8 thumbs up!
I see a lot of people are having interference problems. Just for the record. I'm using three of these esc's and have had NO interference issues at all. However, I'm using a 2.4 Ghz SPEKTRUM radio. The problem may show up on the lower band radio only.

The bottom line.

If you're using a Spektrum or any other 2.4 Ghz radio it should work great. Don't forget to also get the programming box if you order this esc!

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