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Towerpro MG996R 10kg Servo 10kg / 0.20sec / 55g

Towerpro MG996R 10kg Servo 10kg / 0.20sec / 55g
Towerpro MG996R 10kg Servo 10kg / 0.20sec / 55g

This is essentially an upgraded version of the famous towerpro MG995 servo. It now has a redesigned PCB and IC controll system which makes it far more accurate. Its internal gearing and motor are also upgraded to improve dead bandwith and centering.
All specifications are the same as the previous model MG995, however this servo is far more accurate, and safe to use in aircraft which require precise servo movements and perfect centering.

Weight- 55g
Dimension 40.7*19.7*42.9mm
Stall torque 10kg/cm
Operating speed 0.20sec/60degree(4.8v)
Operating voltage 4.8-7.2V
Temperature range 0_ 55 
Servo Plug: JR (Fits JR and Futaba)


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 Customer rated
Total of 65 discussions.
airbiscuit  239 points - 7/21/2016
Is this digital?
ianobre  17 points - 4/29/2016
This is a 360 degree or not?
Oleg  5 points - 12/17/2015
Hi All. Does this servo contain metal potentiometer? like this on the picture target=_blank>
 Oleg 5 points
 NewToHobbyKing 17097 points
Oleg well all the gears are Metal but the potentiometer is plastic.
NewToHobbyKing  17097 points - 11/23/2015
Please help. I have one of these servos (sadly not from HK), and it only rotates Left and not right. I am thinking, the servo, is wired (inside) wrong. It really seem, the sensor is wired incorrectly. It wants to be rotated 180 degrees(which you cannot do) . There are 3 wire going to the sensor. Could someone, look inside and tell me if the 3 wires, come straight from the board to the sensor or is there (like mine) they are meant to be, a crossover, in two of the wires! Thanks
 NewToHobbyKing 17097 points
Well I fixed it myself. The wires are just One to One Two to Two and Three to Three.
mover  4 points - 11/2/2015
This servo came with poor fittings leaves me wondering on quality! Looks like a poor copy. HXT 10kg come with good fittings and consistent performance better choice.
Customer Reviews
Review Blogs for this item
Toward Pro 996R Servo. (Not Tower Pro)
Overall Rating
Juan Alberto Matador Romero
49 thumbs up!
Hola, he comprado varios de estos servos. Van fenomenal, en comparación con los anteriores 995 son mucho mejores, no silvan y van más rápido. Los he abierto y la electrónica no tiene nada que ver, es mucho mejor.
Lo único igual son los piñones.


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Overall Rating
Jon McLendon
35 thumbs up!
These servo's are GREAT!!! they enter very well, and are SUPER strong. The servo arms are very beefy, and show very little signs of flexing. Also, the servo wires are very thick compared to most standard servos to handle the peak currents required for high torque servos. Servo connectors fit snugly on my receiver, and won't come off in the air or in a crash. BTW, very nice set of rubber bushings with brass inserts. Should protect the servos from vibration. (yes, that can damage electronics)

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Overall Rating
Juan Banos
34 thumbs up!
Despues de probar durante un tiempo la generacion anterior y satisfecho con su fiabilidad, pese al ruidillo caracteristico, he pasado a usar estos, para mi son el equipamiento estandard para todo uso.

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Overall Rating
30 thumbs up!
Excelente servo, compre dos y he quedado totalmente satisfecho, centran perfecto y no hacen mas ruido del que debe de hacer un servo, la electronica esta mucho mas cuidada que en la generacion anterior, lo he usado en un rustler de traxxas en la direccion, en un tc3 touring y un mini cooper con un excelente rendimiento.

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Overall Rating
rafael pozuelo fernandez
17 thumbs up!
buen servo, parece que han mejorado el centraje y los pulsos de busqueda, en cuanto a los piñones parecen ser los mismos

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