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Turnigy 80-100-A 180Kv Brushless Outrunner (eq: 70-55)

Turnigy 80-100-A 180Kv Brushless Outrunner (eq: 70-55)

Its a monster!
The largest motor we have ever had!
Tight, thick copper windings and 48SH magnets make this motor a real powerhouse. The v2 motor also has screwed end-caps due to the amoung of torque this motor produces!

Model: TR80-100-A
Maximum Power: 7000W
Resistance: 17ohm
Idle Current: 3.5A
ESC: 150A
Input Voltage : max. 48V 
Kv : 180 rpm/V
Weight: 1812g
Shaft: 12mm
Voltage Range: 20-48v
Non Load Current: 3.3A
Equivalent: 60-80cc Gas Engine



Kv(rpm/v) 180
Weight (g) 1812
Max Current(A) 0
Resistance(mh) 17
Max Voltage(V) 48
Power(W) 7000
Shaft A (mm) 12
Length B (mm) 106
Diameter C (mm) 80
Can Length (mm) 76
Total Length E (mm) 220
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Total of 36 discussions.
taravuth  2 points - 2/18/2016
when you have this Turnigy 80-100-A 180Kv
renato  1 points - 5/12/2012
Hello, I am new at this type of thing, but i am thinking of running this motor in a mountainboard !! I need to know else the engine, what products do I need and what specs ?? Thank you !!
MiniMoni  9 points - 4/13/2012
I have this motor and K-force HV version what is the best timing for this motor? from 0 to 26.25
Hogwit  41 points - 3/19/2012
Can anyone explain this... V=IR If 48=I(17) 48÷*17=I 2.8235....=I 2.8235...*48=135.
529.... So
135 watts...not 7000 I think there is a typo... I am planning to run this on 12 volts (3s lipo) to get a really low rpm, have a really cool motor, and be able to (with two motors/driven wheeels) have a direct drive on a scooter...but if the resistance is too high, I won't be able to run it with such a low voltage.
 EwaltFPV 15 points
If you run this motor on 12 Volts , with a ( probably heavy) scooter in direct drive , Its most likely you are going to burn up the Esc.
This motor is tested at peaks of 7000 watt using a Watt meter and it is equal to 55 -70 cc gas engines IF you run it on - 48 Volts , Its best to use this motor only in Geared mode on a scooter or e-bike with caution.
 Hogwit 41 points
About 20 me at about 150...I did actually find out how many watts *12v, and it is less than I currently I have designed a different one, and will have it setup for 1 or 2* initially it will have 1, then in a few months by a second, and gear up the scooter.
 Emre 34 points
No, it's not going to burn anything if you run the motor at very low voltage because this motor has high resistance. You're just going to get very little power out of it. If your calculations are correct, and you get 135 Watts, then you're going to be wasting all the potential of this motor. If you want 135 Watts, you're much better off getting a much smaller motor rated for 135 Watts and use gears to get the desired RPM range. It will cost you a LOT less, 135 Watt motors cost a fraction of this one and they are a whole lot lighter.
Hans Andersen  6 points - 1/6/2012
I am lokning for a motor for my 1/3 scale Fokker DR1. Would this one be the one to go for?
 stearmanpt17 139 points
Yes it would be a good motor for DR1. or dth 80-100-A 130 kv would work to.
 Hans Andersen 6 points
Them we Can just wait and see if it ever come back ó*n stock again. It is a little crazy how tings are going right now, here I am thinking ó*n the email notifikations.
Customer Reviews
Review Blogs for this item
incedible motor
Overall Rating
Ronny terBeek
70 thumbs up!
Gas to electric conversion on a 34pcnt 100cc size Katana.

12S 2P 5000Mah lipo
100A HV turnigy sentilon esc
prop 25" x 10" xoar wood prop (biggest prop I could fit given the ground clearence)
25lbs to 30lbs auw (to be confirmed)

The electric conversion turned out about 1 to 2 lbs lighter than the original petrol (gas) setup when I weighed the components.

Motor simply bolted straight onto existing motor box.
The whole Install took just 30 minutes for motor, esc, batteries.
The original gas setup took me over 20 hours.

Hover at one click over half throttle !

get 2 x 5 minutes mixed flying on one set batteries leaving 32pcnt in the packs.

Flys MUCH better than the original gas setup, and sounds just incredible.
I swear it sounds like a P51 going overhead with supercharger.

Pleased with my first prop selection havn't bothered even trying other props yet because it goes so well.

8 flights last weekend, all very very enjoyable, motor 60 degrees C on the bearing case after a hard fly.

My conclusion from this experiment is that gas to electric conversions get way cheaper and out perform the larger you go.

Brilliant motor.

The only con I can find is to make sure to tighten and maybe locktite motor grub nuts before the prop goes on.
I think I pulled the shaft through a little. I felt the motor tighten up as I tightened the prop nut down.
The shaft is still pulled a little, but it goes so well, I wont bother pulling it apart.

Deans plugs wi

2 comments. Reply..

Overall Rating
Dominic Mitchell
41 thumbs up!
Intended for 85" Yak. Probable AUW 14lbs. Don't need power of previous reviewer so started tests with 20" props. Real figures below that I took standing in a snow storm. That's committment. Enjoy.

First test on 10S and APC 20.5x12 EW prop.

33.99 Volts
61.2 Amps
2135 Watts
5520 Rpm
15lbs 11oz Thrust

Second test on 12S and APC 20.5x12 EW prop.

38.55 Volts
75.46 Amps
2909 Watts
6150 Rpm
22lbs 3oz Thrust

1 comment. Reply..

Overall Rating
26 thumbs up!
Gotta luv this motor! New V2 version is designed better than the original motors(V1). 2 Turnigy 4500mAh 6S2P 30C LiFePo4 Pack batteries(38-40volts total) Turnigy Monster-2000 200A Brushless ESC 24 x 10 zinger wood prop pumped out 24lbs of thrust. This number can go even higher with a bigger prop. Did not record amps but this speed controller has plenty to spare. Waiting for Xoar electric 3 blade 26x10 to arrive. I will update when it arrives

No comments. Reply..

Overall Rating
16 thumbs up!
The current version of the 80-100 is very different and addresses all the issues I had with the old one. The type with screws around the outer casing is a far superior design:
Rear bearing is very large, almost the full diameter of the can.
No longer uses tiny circlip for retaining the shaft.
Quality and quantity of adhesive retaining the magnets improved.
Four bolt gas style prop adapter, no tightening torque transferred to the bearings.

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Overall Rating
Savuth Yen
11 thumbs up!
This motor is just as big as it is powerful.. It came in earlier today, and went right into my blackjack 55" catamaran... Powered by my PolyQuest 12S1P 5000 mAh 25C, makes a beautiful combo.. This thing is HUGE!!! I will definately purchase more of these for my 1/5th scale land vehicles.. Great Job HobbyCity..!!

4 comments. Reply.. here to see all reviews
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