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Turnigy USB Charging Adapter 2-6 Cell LiPoly - 2Amp Output (XT60)

Turnigy USB Charging Adapter 2-6 Cell LiPoly - 2Amp Output  (XT60)
Turnigy USB Charging Adapter 2-6 Cell LiPoly - 2Amp Output  (XT60)

The Turnigy XT60 to USB charger is the Swiss-army knife of the digital age. This handy tool allows you to use any 2-7 cell LiPoly battery to charge virtually any device that uses a USB charge cable, and at a whopping 2000mAh output can even handle large tablets or two devices at once!! And if you head to your flying club with one of these there can’t be any more excuses the phone battery died, so you will be home on time for dinner and with that pint of milk.. Ummm wait forget I said that.

• Safe rapid charging
• Compact size, Durable construction
• 2~6S Lipoly input
• 5V/2000mAh USB output
• Convenient field charging of any USB based device
• Compatible with Apple devices

USB Output: 5V/2000mAh
Input Voltage: DC 7~30V
Input Cut-Off Voltage: 2Cell and 3Cell

PRODUCT ID: 9332000022-0

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Weight: 54g
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Price  $6.99

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pica_pau  42 points - 2/18/2015
Take care people, HobbyKing is sending as brand new ones, used/returned and malfunctioning items. What is more, they are sending returned items without being tested. I do not care in receiving reconditioned items, provided that it is working! The problem, for me, it is that it has been reconditioned, the problem is that the returned items are sent to someone else without being tested. Else, why it simply does not power up and LED does not light up. As a result of this, things are traveling around the globe, til someone does not test it and stay with it. Consequently, people have to pay shipping on items to be returned, to pay customs on that, and to pay the shipping to return it. In the meantime, people have to wait, be without the money, and does not has the goods on his possession.
Daniel  1 points - 1/24/2015
I got this a few months ago and been using it for small projects. I just tried to use it to charge a tablet that needs 2A to charge and I am only getting 500mAh, does anybody know why? Do I need to use a "power only" USB cable?
 Paolo 53 points
I tried it charging a Nokia Lumia, and the phone tell me "slow charging"... I think that 2A is a non real value...
Alex  1 points - 1/21/2015
Whats the exact size of this charger
pica_pau  42 points - 10/29/2014
When available in European Warehouse??? Only when the stock of "Lipo to USB Charging Adapter" (Input: 2S 7.4V (LiPoly/LiFe/LiIon)) is exhausted in European Warehouse???
dever  1 points - 8/22/2014
Anyone knows the general efficiency of this device? I will absolutely use my LiPos as a power bank if this thing is anywhere near 60-70% efficient. Charging a off the shelf power bank at 5v and 2a is something a modern human doesn't have to live with.
 Lindsay 1 points
The manual (in the files tab) says around 80%. I haven't tested this personally but it is probably about right.
 James 2 points
It uses an lm2596 to provide the five volts, it's efficiency can be found on this graph (look at the 5v output line) IC is capable of pumping out 3amps but a lot of usb things don't seem to take over 1a or 500ma without some manner of special signal that there's a branded charger it's attached to.
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Hallo, top teil. geht mit iphone und ipad. bei 6s 5000 lipo kann mann rechnerisch mehr als 15 mal das handy iphone 4s laden :-) einfach lipo stecker und dann an usb das gerät anstecken schon wird geladen. genau das richtige für lipos die keine druck mehr zum fliegen haben. MfG Joachim

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Works great ,only the input cut off for cell protection (to low discharging) is only working for 2 and 3 cell battery's ,while the maximum number of cells battery you can use on the usb charger is 7 . That's something to keep in mind .

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works great up from 6,5 Volts but you need at least 3S when using LiFePo Output ist between 5,00 and 5,09V Far better as most of the step up converters which usually are around 4,7 to 4,8 V output on the lower side of USB-specs. Think about using it in car environment, no matter about 12v oder 24V board voltage.

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This really works, charged my iphone 5 from 0 to almost full in an hour with a 2.2 mah 3s turnigy nano tech, it sucked less than a 5pcnt of the battery charge, handy, handy, handy

Size of a milky way chocolate

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Great product and easy to work. All you need to do is plug a battery (nearly any electric guys have a bunch of work 2-7 cells) and your device to charge and you're done! Doesn't feel like it is getting hot, even with 2 iPhone 4S's attached

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