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HobbyKing X-Car 45A Brushed Car ESC (US Warehouse)

HobbyKing X-Car 45A Brushed Car ESC  (US Warehouse)
HobbyKing X-Car 45A Brushed Car ESC  (US Warehouse)

This 45A brushed ESC is a great replacement for your model's stock ESC or for setting up a new brushed power system in your car or truck. It features a low voltage cut-off for use with lipoly batteries. Its compact and lightweight design make it ideal for use in 1/10 scale drift cars utilizing brushed motors.

• Low voltage cutoff for use with Lipoly batteries
• Compact and lightweight design
• 5.6V/2A BEC

Continuous Current: 45A
Burst Current: 320A (10sec)
Suitable Car: 1/10 on and off road
Battery: 2 cell Lipo (5-6 cells NI-xx)
BEC output: 5.6V/2A switch mode built-in
Motor type: brushed
Operation: Forward/Brake/Reverse
Dimension: 38x28x22mm
Weight: 40g

PRODUCT ID: 9261000018

Weight: 55g
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Price  $10.67

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DutchRC  370 points - 4/1/2015
Hi there! I just made a foam wire-cutter using this kind of ESC.. Maybe usefull to you, so I thought I'd post a video of it :)
Andy  5 points - 12/30/2014
Hello, I am having trouble turning off voltage cutoff. I am using in a Legends car with one cell lipo and a Turnagy voltage booster. Car will run briefly on a fully charged battery then dies. VOM shows 6 V to receiver from booster and only 4.2 volts from 1 cell lipo.Older speedo's without voltage protection work fine in car. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance for your reply! AW
 Mark 11 points
Turn off the inline power switch and then hold the set button while turning the power switch back on. One beep means it is off and two beeps means lipo protection is on.
Steven  1 points - 11/27/2014
This will work with a 12V car/motorbike battery. I removed the power wire pin from the center of the servo connector and used an external BEC. I did not try the built in BEC as is. This is a Car battery driving a 24V motor on a rascal for a project. The motor seems to hang for a second when switching quickly from one direction to another. I can reverse the hang direction by switching the leads on the motor wire. The flashing indicator light goes solid at this time. This may be because of the braking function. If I wait for a half a second to change direction it works fine. I'll try with a 7v battery and a speed 400 motor to test it at some time. Changing to crawling mode - the motor runs for a few seconds and locks up, never to return unless the unit is rebooted. again, maybe the braking function built in? It would be nice to omit the braking all together for a project like this. Here is a video:
 Steven 1 points
The 24V DC motor is drawing 3A from the car battery.
 Steven 1 points
It only hangs when quickly reversing in ONE direction. after that i can quickly stop and continue in the same direction, or go the other direction. it just hangs from CW to CCW if I switch the direction quickly, solid red light.
 Steven 1 points
Fixed by following FourDollarRacing's programming tips. Set to crawler mode. Works perfectly now. Thank you. Great product for quick and cheap "Giant servo". If you don't need centering.
Alec  1 points - 11/17/2014
I can't seem to get reverse to work on mine. Forward is great but when I put it into reverse it just blinks the light. Not even attempting to run the motor. Am I missing something? Maybe the reverse is faulty somehow? I'm not even sure what else to try. I even put it in the steering channel so I could control throttle with the TX steering, but that didn't help (same symptoms).
 Adamkpost 4 points
For me reverse is delayed. I have 3 of these ESCs and they all act the same way. I wait about 3 seconds before reverse engages. If that isn't the case I would try going into the different ESC modes and see if that helps. If not, I would say you might have a fault ESC or your radio isn't properly configured.
poindexter  2 points - 10/12/2014
Phillip - does this (instant direction change) also occur when you go directly from Reverse to Forward? If not, and the motor actually stops when you try to go directly from Reverse to Forward, then it is simple matter of reversing part of your system (xmtr throttle channel or motor connections typically). I mention this because this is what I had to do with my installation. I had to reverse my motor connections because the ESC would not auto-cal the neutral point if I tried to reverse the throttle channel on my xmtr.
 Steven 1 points
I wonder if this is happening with the project I'm working on. I get a solid light if I quickly change directions, but only in ONE direction.
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This brushed ESC is an excellent "sport" speed control. It is easily programmable, but has very limited functions. The case-size is relatively small, and will fit most 1/16th and 1/18th cars. I have successfully tested this speed control with sealed-can motors, and SPEC motors as low as 19 turns. So, it should power two crawler motors, wired in parallel with NO FEWER than 40 turns ….

The Low-Voltage Cutoff works very well; however, it must be carefully programmed to avoid changing the drag-brake mode. Release the programming button, immediately after the first “beep” or “beep-beep”, to program the LVC. If you wait until after the arming song, this changes the drag-brake mode instead.

The “practice” programs no drag brake, reverse delay, and reverse, for buggies and touring cars. The “climbing” mode programs forward-drag brake AND reverse-drag brake, with NO reverse delay in either direction, for rock crawlers.

The standard bullet motor connectors and Tamiya battery connectors are compatible with most electronics, and I haven’t even bothered to install low-loss connectors. I still have this item on my wish list, because it is a great value, and works as intended. The only thing missing is reverse lock-out, for racing….

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Nice little brushed, reverseable ESC. Worked great resurrecting my RC10T with an old 27 Turn stock motor. Easy to setup via the instructions found on this site and would buy it again vs. the name brand ones.

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Overall Rating

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awsome esc work well with lipos and with brushed motors.

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Overall Rating
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Just installed this in my old/very old Tamiya Boomerang. Running a 7.2 NiMh and can I say WOW! This was an upgrade from the original MSC, which couldn't handle the 20T motor. This buggy now runs faster than it ever has and programming the ESC was a snap. Also I am running this on my ancient Futaba Magnum JR 72Mhz radio and receiver, the BEC works flawlessly though I did need an adapter plug to fit the receiver $3 no big deal. A great ESC for the Brushed crowd! It completely resurrected this buggy that I love so much. Thank you HK

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I bought this for a Traxxas Rally 1/16.Running a Titan 12T 2s lipo in it and so far so good.Not to much heat and plenty of power to run the rally.Hard to beat anesc for less than $10 with LVD.

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