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HobbyKing X-Car 45A Brushed Car ESC (US Warehouse)

HobbyKing X-Car 45A Brushed Car ESC (US Warehouse)
HobbyKing X-Car 45A Brushed Car ESC (US Warehouse)

This 45A brushed ESC is a great replacement for your model's stock ESC or for setting up a new brushed power system in your car or truck. It features a low voltage cut-off for use with lipoly batteries. Its compact and lightweight design make it ideal for use in 1/10 scale drift cars utilizing brushed motors.

• Low voltage cutoff for use with Lipoly batteries
• Compact and lightweight design
• 5.6V/2A BEC

Continuous Current: 45A
Burst Current: 320A (10sec)
Suitable Car: 1/10 on and off road
Battery: 2 cell Lipo (5-6 cells NI-xx)
BEC output: 5.6V/2A switch mode built-in
Motor type: brushed
Operation: Forward/Brake/Reverse
Dimension: 38x28x22mm
Weight: 40g

PRODUCT ID: 9261000018

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 Customer rated
Total of 50 discussions.
FourDollaRacing  95 points - 2/9/2016
Fly away Deal! 30% Off! Get some....
Kable  2 points - 11/30/2015
Can I use a 3 cell Lipo with this?
 FourDollaRacing 95 points
No, the BEC will be destroyed unless you disable it! Try PRODUCT ID: 020000036-0 for a safer option. Hobbywing Quicrun 60A 2S-3S Waterproof Brushed ESC for 1/10.
Glen  1 points - 11/21/2015
Will it work using 24vdc?
 FourDollaRacing 95 points
No, 24vdc is the equivalent of 20 NiCad or NiMH cells, wired in series. Try finding a boat speed control from Mtroniks, for single brushed-motor applications. Or, a monster truck speed control from Traxxas or Novak, for dual brushed-motor applications.
Airoso  4 points - 10/13/2015
Hi which is the limit of engine turns
 FourDollaRacing 95 points
Not stated. I've had success with all sealed-can motors, 27t - 19t. I've also used a 19 turn mild-modified without problems. Others have used the Traxxas 12 turn Titan, but keep in mind that is a 550-size can. We could be more scientific and test the current-draw, under load, or check the temperature with an infrared heat-gun, but why bother for a ten-dollar speed control!?
 FourDollaRacing 95 points
Try PRODUCT ID: 020000036-0 Hobbywing Quicrun 60A 2S-3S Waterproof Brushed ESC for 1/10 for a lower motor limit.
Jim  1 points - 9/23/2015
what is the LED for?
 Craig 1 points
Indicates the motor controller is ON (red) also flashes during mode changes I think it also flashes during use (indicating if it is transferring voltage to the motor or not (then solid red)
Customer Reviews
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This brushed ESC is an excellent "sport" speed control. It is easily programmable, but has very limited functions. The case-size is relatively small, and will fit most 1/16th and 1/18th cars. I have successfully tested this speed control with sealed-can motors, and SPEC motors as low as 19 turns. So, it should power two crawler motors, wired in parallel with NO FEWER than 40 turns ….

The Low-Voltage Cutoff works very well; however, it must be carefully programmed to avoid changing the drag-brake mode. Release the programming button, immediately after the first “beep” or “beep-beep”, to program the LVC. If you wait until after the arming song, this changes the drag-brake mode instead.

The “practice” programs no drag brake, reverse delay, and reverse, for buggies and touring cars. The “climbing” mode programs forward-drag brake AND reverse-drag brake, with NO reverse delay in either direction, for rock crawlers.

The standard bullet motor connectors and Tamiya battery connectors are compatible with most electronics, and I haven’t even bothered to install low-loss connectors. I still have this item on my wish list, because it is a great value, and works as intended. The only thing missing is reverse lock-out, for racing….

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Overall Rating
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Nice little brushed, reverseable ESC. Worked great resurrecting my RC10T with an old 27 Turn stock motor. Easy to setup via the instructions found on this site and would buy it again vs. the name brand ones.

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Overall Rating

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awsome esc work well with lipos and with brushed motors.

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Overall Rating
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Just installed this in my old/very old Tamiya Boomerang. Running a 7.2 NiMh and can I say WOW! This was an upgrade from the original MSC, which couldn't handle the 20T motor. This buggy now runs faster than it ever has and programming the ESC was a snap. Also I am running this on my ancient Futaba Magnum JR 72Mhz radio and receiver, the BEC works flawlessly though I did need an adapter plug to fit the receiver $3 no big deal. A great ESC for the Brushed crowd! It completely resurrected this buggy that I love so much. Thank you HK

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Overall Rating
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I bought this for a Traxxas Rally 1/16.Running a Titan 12T 2s lipo in it and so far so good.Not to much heat and plenty of power to run the rally.Hard to beat anesc for less than $10 with LVD.

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