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Q Brain 4 x 20A Brushless Quadcopter ESC 2-4S 3A SBEC (US Warehouse)

Q Brain 4 x 20A Brushless Quadcopter ESC 2-4S 3A SBEC (US Warehouse)
Q Brain 4 x 20A Brushless Quadcopter ESC 2-4S 3A SBEC (US Warehouse)

The Q Brain provides the perfect power solution for your quadcopter by incorporating 4 x 20A ESCs into one single unit. This keeps the wiring very tidy and allows you to mount this unit in the middle of the frame instead of having to mount an ESC on each arm.

With adjustable low-voltage protection, startup mode and motor timing, the Q Brain is not short on programming features. This and its ability to operate on 2~4S lipoly or 5~12 cells Ni-XX makes it a very versatile ESC.

The Q Brain keeps things simple by having all of the motor leads pre-installed and terminated with 3.5mm bullet connectors. There are 4 x signal leads (one with power) that will plug directly into your flight controller's ESC output ports. A throttle hub is also included for use in applications requiring the use of a shared throttle signal.

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• Convenient all-in-one ESC design
• 4 x 20A output
• Adjustable low-voltage protection
• Fully programmable

Input Voltage: 7.4~14.8V (2~4S lipoly)
Cont. Current: 20A x 4
Burst Current (10 sec): 25A x 4
BEC Type: Switching
BEC Output: 5V@3A
Motor Wire Length: 250mm
Dimensions: 70x62x11mm
Weight: 112g

This ESC is compatible with the Turnigy BESC Programming Card (sold separately). Please see related items below.

PRODUCT ID: 9020000001

Weight: 143g
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timsyrny  1 points - 8/19/2015
hello - on this unit q brain ** is there an order in which you hook up the motors ** example ** front to back **- or is that determined in the programing step tim
ferd  4 points - 6/12/2015
hello all, this is my first quad copter build...this is what i have: q brain, multiwii pro and turnigy 9x transmitter. does anyone know the process to setup and configure all of this hardware together? i've watched plenty of youtube videos and i'm more confused more now. any help would be greatly appreciated.
Gregory  1 points - 1/22/2015
Can anyone tell me what firmware is on this and will it work with the dji naza m lite fc. Thanks
chris  25 points - 11/5/2014
So I got this Quran, and when I calibrated it with the Hub through just a receiver, it seemed to work well while I was in a hover. However, I did notice that when I raised the throttle just a little, only 2 opposite corner motors would spin. Raise the throttle more and they all would be spinning. It seemed to lift fine, so I took my quadcopter for its first outdoor flight. within 3 seconds of traveling forward, it began to oscillate violently and loose altitude. I managed to land it somewhat gently. every time I tried to fly with any speed this would happen. I researched the problem and found no answer. so I decided to try the only thing I could do without buying new parts. I recalibrate the esc with the kk2 throttle pass-through. That did the trick!! it now works perfectly. overall very happy with the Q Brain.
Bill  5 points - 11/1/2014
Hi Everyone So I bought the Q-Brain 25a and I cannot get it into program mode. I have set the throttle to max, connected at the wires to the throttle hub, plugged it into the receiver, powered up the TX and then the ESC which also powers the receiver. I instantly get rapid beeps from the motors. SO I plug each one separately into the receiver and the one with the BEC (3-wires) gives me all rapid beats and the others with just the signal wire give me nothing at all, and yep, I am powering the receiver with a separate battery Setup is: Taranis Plus TX X8R receiver Multistar 4225-610kv 4S Zippy 5000MaH
 chris 25 points
try plugging into different channels on your receiver. I had the same problem. I was plugged into the roll channel instead of throttle like I thought. it will beep like that to indicate that your throttle is not at zero or 100 on power up.
 chris 25 points
Also I tried using the Hub to calibrate the esc and it didn't work perfectly. my quadcopter hovered but when I traveled in any direction the esc was going nuts and I almost crashed. if your using the kk2, you can do the throttle pass through to calibrate the throttle range.
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I got mine a couple of days ago and installed it on a custom 500mm quad. Before getting into that let me say that I am very pleased with it. The quality of workmanship and overall appearance is excellent. My first thought when I took it out of the packaging was that is was heavier than I expected. After weighing it however I found that it was almost exactly the same weight, including the installed 3.5mm bullet connectors, as the four Blue Series 20A ESCs it replaced. The wire length was greater than I needed, so by cutting them down I could get the weight down but decided not to do that. I was at a loss about how to install the Q Brain on my quad because there are no mounting holes. I wanted it mounted securely so elected to remove the back of the case and attach it to the deck using nylon screws to avoid the possibility of an electrical short. I then re-attached the case to the back plate using the orig screws. Note that doing this might void your warranty. My quad has 16mm carbon tubes for the arms so I was able to route the ESC wires through the tubes to the motors. Installation was much easier than using individual ESCs. On finishing it I was struck by how clean and neat everything looked with no exposed wires. I have completed several successful flights with the quad and everything worked perfectly. Throttle and control response is very smooth and fast. I h

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It appears Kaptondave is a lying POS! In his review on 8/19/2013 he clearly states how pleased he is & how clean the build looks & even says he has "several successful flights"! On 9/22/2013 CarbonComposite writes Kaptondave & tells him he likes his review & politely asks him if he has video or pics of his quad & as surprising as it seems Kaptondave writes back on 9/22/2013 (later that evening) an clearly states he can't provide photos because (QUOTE) Have not built it yet! (End Quote)! It really disgusts me that folks blatantly lie like this & sad too, because initially I thought , "cool" this is a good product but then you catch them in their lies & you don't know what to believe. Do us all a favor "Kaptondave" & keep your reviews to yourself! Nobody respects the opinion of a lying POS!

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If your quad can use this, I don't see any reason it shouldn't have it. Saves a decent mount of weight, and great to be able to program all 4 ESC's at the same time.

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Ordered two of these for some quad builds I was doing. Very good esc's for the price. They work great! Using them with the 2728 1000kv motors on a few builds and no issues! It makes wiring very easy and clean. I will be ordering more!

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Finally installed mine in an X525 quad frame. It's sandwiched between the top and bottom frame halves and held in place with double sided tape. When exactly centered, you can still fold the quad arms. Hooking it up to a KK2.1 flight controller board should be straight forward but it's not. The KK board requires that M1 connector has the power lead in order to power up the board. The issue is that the Qbrain has it's power lead on ESC 2 or M2 on the KK board. When building with discrete ESC's this in not an issue because all of them have power leads.. You will need to swap the power and ground pins on the connectors of the Qbrain from M2 to M1 leaving the signal lead in place. Then follow the legend on the Qbrain for hook up. I have read a lot about flashing and or programming the Qbrain. I have 2 tri rotors and 3 quads using either Turnigy Plush or Multi Star ESC's and this new one using the Qbrain. I didn't have to calibrate the throttles or use the programming card on the Qb, they come ready for use out of the box for quads (except for the M1-M2 issue). So what's on this quad? KK2.1 FC, Qbrain 20 amp, Orange 6ch Rx, NTM Prop Drive 2826 1200kv and 8x4.5 props. Powered by a 4S Nano tech 2650. It's a 3D rocket and tracks like it's on rails!! I do endorse the Qbrain.

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