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Hobbyking H4 Copter Multi-Rotor Quadcopter Frame 470mm (USA warehouse)

Hobbyking H4 Copter Multi-Rotor Quadcopter Frame 470mm (USA warehouse)
Hobbyking H4 Copter Multi-Rotor Quadcopter Frame 470mm (USA warehouse)

The Hobbyking H4 Copter offers the ideal aerial video platform thanks to its innovative design. Traditional quadcopters tend to obstruct the view of cameras with the frame arms. The H4 eliminates this problem by positioning the arms perpendicular to the main frame in an "H" shape. This offers maximum field of view for your camera.

The H4 is constructed from lightweight yet rigid glass fiber and aluminium. It features raised mounting plates great for electronics placement, as well as alloy landing skids giving the frame adequate ground clearance. The glass fiber motor mounts will accomodate a wide range of motor sizes (16~25mm motor mount bolt holes). The arms of this model conveniently fold in to the sides, a great feature for transport and storage.

We offer a full line of multi-rotor electronics such as multi-rotor control board, ESC, motors and more, so it has never been easier or more affordable to get a quad in the air!
All necessary hardware is included, just add your own electronics.
Weight: 453g (frame only)
Width: 470mm (motor shaft center to motor shaft center)
Height: 116mm
Ground clearance: 72mm (bottom of frame)
Motor Bolt Holes: 16~25mm
Your own 4 channel transmitter and receiver
Multi-Rotor control board
18~35A brushless ESC x 4
3S 2200~3000mAh lipoly battery
28-XX/35-XX brushless motor x 4
10~12 inch propeller (2CW & 2CCW rotation)

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Weight: 873g Quantity: 
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 Customer rated
Total of 6 discussions.
abdulsalam  1 points - 1/28/2014
why 35-xx motor does not fit?
Arthur  3 points - 12/21/2013
Do I need a special flight controller for this config or do I setup the FC to run in the X config??
 Parker 8 points
Normal X should work fine, as long as the motors are the same distance apart it should be ok.
Jeff  8 points - 11/6/2013
No build instructions??
 geckoman413 31 points
The international H4 page has a great manual in the files tab:
blueprintu  1 points - 8/23/2013
I ordered this with D2830-11 1000kv, Plush 30A ESC's and a set of 8045 and 1045 props for testing. What battery recommendations for optimal flight time? Also whats a good charger but not too expensive?
 MultiRotorManiac 2255 points
There are tons and tons of lipos to choose from. Find a price point you want to be at and then choose a 2200-5000mah 35C or greater 2-3s lipo for the 1045 props and the same capacity/C rating 4s lipo for the 8945 props. Higher capacity will give you more flight time but also more weight so there is a point where the additional weight will have a negative effect on the flight time. It's going to be a trial and error thing until you find the sweet spot especially if your adding additional weight with stuff like FPV equipment, GoPro, Etc. The 1045 props with 3s will most likely give you better flight times and lifting capacity. If your planning on using this for FPV, and casual/sport flying then I would consider using lower KV motors in the future for better efficiency, longer flight times and larger prop options. Any of the LCD balance chargers found in the Charger and Accessories > Battery Chargers category will work well like the IMAX B6 and Accucel-6 ($24-$26) and require an external power supply (start at $10, found in Charger and Accessories > Power Supply category) to power off AC or any 12v car battery.. The IMAX B6-AC comes with the power supply built in for $45. Good luck with your build and happy flying!
 Blue Angel 5 169 points
MRM. Best Answer? And longest too. Holy ship! Just kidding.
 MultiRotorManiac 2255 points
Hey, my grandfather always said, "If your gonna say something, make sure its worth saying. Otherwise, keep your mouth shut!"....haha, love that man. Happy Flying!
SoMoney  219 points - 8/14/2013
Painless360 does a great youtube review of this bird ( uBFniZ97A3c ). I'll hold off for a version with stiffer. less flexible motor mounts, and slightly taller wire managemenbt space along the green rail. Or after market upgrades...... Whichever comes 1st.
 jsrock3 497 points
They sell metal motor mounts for this multicopter on ebay for cheap just FYI.
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nice looking frame a bit on the heavy side but it fly's great , i was able to put the esc's in between the top and bottom plates for a nice clean look

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Overall Rating
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Very nice looking, only took me about an hour to build without instructions and that included mounting the FC.

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Overall Rating1/12/2014
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sturdy frame...loose the awful motor mounts tho, mount directly to the arm

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Overall Rating2/8/2014
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I picked this up from the warehouse last week. Overall very good quality. The only negatives are that the main body tubes do not give you enough space to use the mounting holes for a standard flight control board like the KK2 or Multiwii, as well as using the motor mounts caused bad vibrations. To overcome these things, I had to dremel out the main body tubes to be able to use the flight control mouting holes and not use the stock motor mounts and attach the motors directly to the arms. Overall it's a pretty nice frame...a little on the heavy side though.

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