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EDF Ducted Fan Unit 7Blade 5inch 127mm

EDF Ducted Fan Unit 7Blade 5inch 127mm

EDF Ducted Fan Unit 5  7 Blade
Blade Diameter: 127mm / 5inch
Outer Case Diameter: 135mm
Wall Thickness: 3mm
EDF Length: 98mm
Motor Mount Holes: (Adjustable, from 22~37mm)
Blade Type: 7
Shaft Size: 6mm
This fan will take up to a 49mm diameter motor.

Made from high strength reinforced plastic.
Spare propellers available.
Designed for a range of electric motors around the 540 size.

Recomended Motor: 45-70  Turn (22.2v)
ESC: 120A
Rpm: 1,000kv
Power: 1500~5000g Thrust

PRODUCT ID: OR003-00113-7B

Weight: 230g
International Warehouse
Price HKD232.41

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Karim  62 points - 10/11/2014
so it isn´*t compatible with 8mm shaft Motors? Credit rewarded
Louis  7 points - 9/29/2014
I bought the Turnigy 600 series 1220kv brushless outrunner motor for this unit. The problem I'm running into is that the wires are located on the top and I can't fit the motor in without cutting the housing. Can someone give me a better idea on this?
Epic Onslaught  1 points - 7/23/2014
The reason would because there will be an obstruction 1 inch behind the fan. With this said, I need the motor forward instead of aft of the fan. I have piping to extend the duct as needed. But, I am still concerned if it physically possible to mount the motor in front of the fan. I have seen other EDF in this configuration. Examples would be the Mercury 90mm and 74mm sold here if I am not mistaken.
Epic Onslaught  1 points - 7/12/2014
Can the fan be mounted backwards(rotated 180 degrees) so the motor is ahead of the fan? In this configuration the motor would mount in the housing as expected. The housing would be installed rotated 180 degrees so the fan would operate in pusher configuration.
 Lukasz 51 points
I don't see the point. It may affect the efficiency of the edf because the 'tube' part would end just behind the fan hence the air will be spread to the sides instead of being pushed straight. Of course, it's not the case if the unit is built in the fuselage and only if there's a fit tube running from the back of the edf to the rear of model. But seriosly, edfs are so compact that there's no point in doing that.
Misha  1 points - 10/14/2013
Hallo I have this fan and TopFuel LiPo 30C-LIGHT 4500mAh 5S Can tell me motor for best performance of this complect and what will be thrust? Thanks
 ARCDIRECT 230 points
Mish most if not all 120mm edf runs better on 10S 0r 12S , but you want go with 5-6S your best choice is to look under heli,s motor section there is a out runner turnigy T-600 with 1400 kv motor which i tried and got good power of about 2533 Watt at 115 Ap on 6S nenotech 35-70 C rate 4500Mah .You might have to do some sanding to get that motor fit but it,ll do the job ,other wise you got go to 12S and 800 - 950 KV and HV ESC then you,ll get close to 4000 Watt power at much lower Ap with thrust over 12 LB .
 ARCDIRECT 230 points
correction 550-650 kv on 12 or 10 S will be the rite kv for this fan ,as the blades are extreme pitch that needs lower rpm ,and by the way 49mm housing that spec says will take motor i,m guessing for in runner as the out runner 49mm will not fit unless you do some grinding both on motor and the housing , for out runners the dia should be around 45mm to fit in .
 Karim 62 points
give him a credit
Customer Reviews
Overall Rating
29 thumbs up!
just received edf. It was my first, read the reviews and thought ok, it may needs balancing but let's try it at low voltage... 10V was the setup with a 100A sentilon ESC-1200kv motor, on a bench. It was badly unbalanced! I tried it a few times but all of the sudden 2 of the blades flew away!!!??? and the thing started vibrating like crazy. Going to return product for a replacement. Shaft seems to be a problem too. Without the fan, this thing vibrates badly!!!

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Overall Rating
27 thumbs up!
Hallo. Leucht leider bei mir unrund. Benutze eine KB45-12L 1400kv Brushless Inrunner. Der Fan k├Ânnte besser entgrattet sein. Vielleicht eine schlechten erwischt. Aber sonst ist Hobbyking super. Gruss aus Deutschland

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Overall Rating
rc technics
20 thumbs up!
I'm tested this Fan unit using a KB45-17XL 700kv Brushless Inrunner, TURNIGY Sentilon100A HV ESC on 10 cells and I'm getting 2,300 watts at 70Amps. Need a bit of balancing using epoxy resin.


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Overall Rating
Soren Hyldeqvist
14 thumbs up!
great fan for the money, a bit out of balance thats the reason for just 4 stars

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Overall Rating
david lester
1 thumbs up!
Exellent edf! light and produces enough thrust plus plenty to spare!!
although the correct motor/speed controler combination is vital to get the most out of it!

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