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HXT Simple Lipoly Monitor 2S~3S. A must have for all lipo users!

HXT Simple Lipoly Monitor 2S~3S. A must have for all lipo users!

HXT Battery Monitor for 3S lipo.

This device plugs into the balance port on your battery.
Should any one of your cells fall below 3.3v the light will change from Green to Red, indicating an unbalanced pack and that your battery should not be discharged further.

Discharging your pack to its normal level when you have an unbalanced pack will cause one cells capacity/voltage to drop too low, resulting in a faulty cell which will very quickly reduce the packs performance.

A properly balanced pack can last 600 cycles or more. However, unbalanced packs rarely make it past 100 cycles before at least 1 cell becomes faulty.
We strongly urge all customers to balance and discharge packs properly.

With this device, you will know immedietly when your pack is unbalanced and should not be discharged further or balanced.


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Weight: 17g
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 Customer rated
Total of 16 discussions.
argha_d  78 points - 3/16/2013
Thanks. It helped me a lot.
argha_d  78 points - 3/11/2013
How do one use this?
 __Thai 52 points
You plug it into the balance connectors on your 3S lipo.
 Charles 10 points
it works on 2s lipo packs too
theplanesmith  2 points - 4/16/2012
Hey guys, I'm thinking of using this monitoring system for fpv gear inside of a full sized car that I'm working on, but I dont know wether or not this system stays on as long as it is plugged. Or if it shows the reading then turns off. Can you guys help me out?
 Schorhr 227 points
I ordered this a thousand years ago, but I suppose it is still the same :-) It will display the status all the time, and turn red.
 WTWUK 3774 points
The LED's stay on whilst there is a lipo connected to it. Green for full charge and red once a cell hits 3.3v.
 Eva 4 points
The LEDs stay always on, but change color with different voltage.
Mudumbai  4 points - 3/11/2012
How far away can you see the LED lights on a bright day? Thanks in advance for your answer.
 Danixel 46 points
hello, you can not see the LED lights in flight, are very small, you can see from the ground state of your battery, it works well, but not bright
 Heli Baby 6 points
In flight you can not see the voltage indicator.
He is very small and lightweight.
Regards Joerg
JREUING  29 points - 2/1/2012
Have they got these devices for 6's??? J
 Danixel 46 points
Hello you then use it to observe the first and after the remaining 3S
 Jan-Egil 17 points
This particular monitor is only made for up to 4S. I recommend using the monitored linked to below instead. It does the same job and more :) Recommended! You can have it connected while using the battery or just connect it and check when you feel like it
Customer Reviews
Overall Rating
56 thumbs up!
Excellent item, barely weighs 3 grams with leads to battery. I have found that if you remove the SMC resistor connected to the red LED, the LED is ALLOT more brighter. Before I removed the resistor it was a dull red when the voltage drops below 3.3V/per cell, now it can't be missed, either during day or night flight.

I also found out that my charger was not balancing my cells properly and one cell would drain faster then the others, this item indicated that one cell was drained compared against the other cells. Save me from completely destroying my Lipo packs :-).

One down side to this item is that it does not provide a way to determine voltage between 3.7-3.3V/per cell. If the LED color could transition to green, yellow, orange and then red at 3.7V, 3.55V, 3.40V and 3.3V per cell (respectively) this would make this item much more impressive and useful.

Still great tool to have on board.

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Overall Rating
17 thumbs up!
Works as advertised. I use mine to spot check packs before charging on my balancer. Cheap and handy device. FYI, this works on all my HXT (Hextronic) and Great Plane's Lipo packs. Also, this can be used to test 2S packs. Keep the positive polarity right, and just let the 3rd negative hang off the side. Next time, I'm buying a 4S for this reason.

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Overall Rating
Mike Roberts
16 thumbs up!
Small, low cost, lipo monitor. The LEDs are driven at 2-3ma. Hence bright enough for indoors, might struggle to see outdoors. The switching points (LED first on and full brightness) were as follows:

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Overall Rating
Sanja cowan
13 thumbs up!
A nice item indeed.
Well made & lightweight design.
Easy to use & instant L.E.D read outs.
Plug & play,keeps you in informed while flying or quick checks at the field/home.
An excellent investment.

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Overall Rating
Joachim Manner
13 thumbs up!
I've already sold about 50pcs of these tiny gadgets. It is more than worth its prize.
Every customer who buys a new helicopter-set with a 3s battery buys this monitoring device.
It's so simple to use and robust. If you put it into the JST plug the wrong way, nothing happens. Just turn it around and it works.
The only thing to keep in mind is, that you unplug it while storing the battery. Otherwise a deep discharge occurs.

Everyone should use it. Totally satisfied, very much recommended.

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