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Boscam Pan/Tilt Camera Mount for HD19 ExplorerHD FPV Video Camera

Boscam Pan/Tilt Camera Mount for HD19 ExplorerHD FPV Video Camera
Boscam Pan/Tilt Camera Mount for HD19 ExplorerHD FPV Video Camera

This is a pan/tilt mount for the Boscam HD19 ExplorerHD FPV Video Camera. It includes two high quality digital metal gear servos which provide smooth, precise control for your FPV camera. This mount has been designed specifically for use with the HD19 so no modification is required to fit this with your camera.

All mounting hardware included.

*Note: Boscam HD19 ExplorerHD camera not included. Sold separately

PRODUCT ID: 263000016-0

Weight: 137g
International Warehouse
Price $39.88

  • Boscam HD19 ExplorerHD Full HD 1080p FPV Video Camera with Integral Recorder

    Combo Price: $109.95   BACKORDER

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arizmendi  13 points - 10/23/2014
We need to know the weight of the product ..! HK CAN you tell us ?
Riotnuts  733 points - 10/13/2014
what are the mounting screws spacing ?
Riotnuts  733 points - 10/9/2014
what is the net weight ???
Brian  49 points - 9/28/2014
Has anyone tried fitting this inside a Go Discover FPV Plane lens or a Skua FPV Plane lens, with a hole cut in bottom of the fuse and hot glued lens to fuse and the gimble suspended above it? I was hoping to get enough of the camera to get about a tilt angle off 30-90 degrees down and maximum pan angle.
Hugh_AH  129 points - 9/10/2014
Based on the dimensions and the three alignment pins on both the HD19 and TR1, I'd say this mount can work for either one.
 BrianB192 1512 points
yes,,Its true, & i use this In kit form ,with Hk servos.tho In that form. its $13.50 as kit. so You would expect Metal Gears in this, but no ,.I found Good fit, but tight, Makes Hard to Get to Buttons, So I hang it upside down, in front of plane,, tho not the best Place If it gets to touch the ground .id mount next up in front able to still see down at 45* at minimal. & pan is exceading Makes it touchy. well suited , i got now 2.i want to Mount Mobious ,after Lens change i will make a Mount tray to fit, after servo movement limiting , and speed slower to Movement,in Setup of 9xR,
 Hugh_AH 129 points
It's best to limit servo movement using the Mixer function in your radio. You just reduce the min and max values to less than -100 and 100. The tilt servo on my unit was burnt/buzzing when i got it, so I replaced that servo. Now tilt is nice and smooth but pan is very jerky. I don't know if replacing the pan servo would resolve that. It looks like the gearing is one-to-one, and gears were only used to shift the rotation point to the center. There are other pan/tilt units that may fit a Mobius better, and now you can load Mobius guts into a "GoPro-style" case (look at New Items pages). Overall, that would probably be better for a Mobius than adapt this as it is not really a stellar product worthy of that much alteration. I'd be very interested in just a TILT mount. I have rudder! What is the value of PAN?
 BrianB192 1512 points
yes . if your Like Myself . you dive on New Items such as that ,, I tell you Mate ,i just had a fly in FPV using 130* on the turnigy recorder camera. it s realy nice view with that lens and new Sky zone goggles ,its amazing better diversity head set, with the range i get now if good increase all Up value. As I was first worried they didnt seam better quality than the Older range Preditor. kept coming back out, untill i worked out the best Lens Combo. And did you get the New 32ch1500mw VTX ,,in new items. is Ausom ,it stoped me getting a Plane this week. Upgraids all round Instead. good stuff nice to chat with you ...
 BrianB192 1512 points
Ha aH yeah Do use that frequancy,, as that i have truble with always did . I went bck to Immersion or that same frequancy . beacause its Longer range.!
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Overall Rating9/17/2014
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Sorry , I can only give this a 3 overall. Both servos chattered and were moving on their own. save the extra cost and buy the kit without servos on amazon.I replaced the servos with these. Turnigy TGY-R5180MG 180 Degree Metal Gear Analog Servo

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