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Boscam Pan/Tilt Camera Mount for HD19 ExplorerHD FPV Video Camera

Boscam Pan/Tilt Camera Mount for HD19 ExplorerHD FPV Video Camera
Boscam Pan/Tilt Camera Mount for HD19 ExplorerHD FPV Video Camera

This is a pan/tilt mount for the Boscam HD19 ExplorerHD FPV Video Camera. It includes two high quality digital metal gear servos which provide smooth, precise control for your FPV camera. This mount has been designed specifically for use with the HD19 so no modification is required to fit this with your camera.

All mounting hardware included.

*Note: Boscam HD19 ExplorerHD camera not included. Sold separately

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Price $39.88

  • Boscam HD19 ExplorerHD Full HD 1080p FPV Video Camera with Integral Recorder

    Combo Price: $109.95   BACKORDER

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Hugh_AH  59 points - 8/13/2014
My pan/tilt came in today. The tilt servo is bad, it only buzzes, even off the assembly. The gear rotates by hand when disconnected, but it doesn't respond to input on any channel on a clean "model" on my Taranis, so I diagnose that as "bad". Any thoughts? All I have in stock is 329's, so I'll have to order a replacement. The Tarot "10mm tube hanger" arms do not fit the top plate of this mount without drilling (the top plate). I found it easier to mount them after removing the plate from the top gear. It may be designed to mount to a "clean/dirty" plate assembly, but HobbyKing doesn't seem to sell one to fit it. I have no issue with the pan servo on this mount. It seems perfectly strong enough to pan the lower assembly nearly 180 degrees. The camera moves easily, so an identical servo should be adequate for tilt also. I can't see how anyone could use this unit without adding servo extensions, and some weave-tube will keep all the wiring out of the way and still flexible enough allow a clean pan and tilt.
Hugh_AH  59 points - 8/2/2014
Does anyone know if those top mounts fit the Tarot 60mm-spacing arms designed to clip onto 10mm tubes? Without good dimensions on the arms or this kit it's hard to tell. I have the camera, and I have the mount and arms on order, so when it all gets together I'll know and report. I just thought someone probably already did it. If one part is too short, I'll just cut an adapter plate, so it's not a big issue I'm sure. And is this a KIT? I've seen it on YouTube videos as a kit, and coming out of a box "intact". And people are asking about servos, but it's supposed to come with both servos already, right?
Robert  1 points - 6/17/2014
can the new Boscam TR1 FPV All-In-One Camera and 5.8 GHz Transmitter with HD Video recorder be used with this Boscam Pan/Tilt Camera Mount for HD19 ExplorerHD FPV Video Camera.
 Wingnut&Washout 8 points
Yes Robert it can. I just received my Boscam TR1 FPV All-In-One Camera and 5.8 GHz Transmitter with HD Video recorder and it fits perfectly on the Boscam Pan/Tilt Camera Mount. Cheers!
Chris flory  16 points - 6/17/2014
interested in the explorer camera for FPV on a glider (like a bixler for example). Can this pan / tilt mount me used the other way up or must it 'hang' ? I'm wondering if the camera only fits one way up.... obviously the mount could just be flipped over but that's no good if for some reason the camera will only fit when 'upside down'.
 GaryGadget 24 points
You can fit the camera to suit yourself I always fit to make access to the sd card easy the picture can be flipped in the camera software settings.
everfree  1 points - 2/22/2014
i am using Walkera Devention DEvo RX701 receiver for my radio...does anyone know where should i plug these 2 servo cable ? any one can advise ?
 hotwire 24 points
I think this radio has only one pot.The Rx channels 5,6 or 7 should work. Check which are using the pot and the three channel switch. its not a perfect solution but it should work for some functionality.
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